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Hey PCH Fans!

Boy do I have some EXCITING news for YOU! If you love playing free slots online at PCHSlots, you’re going to LOVE playing slots on your Smartphone with the BRAND NEW PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots App! The Play&Win Cash Slots App, which is accessible from either your iPhone or Android device, is your newest way to win REAL CASH PRIZES from the comfort of your own phone!

Listen up…all you have to do to get in on this newest way to play AND win is simply go to the App Store on your mobile device and download the Publishers Clearing House Play&Win Cash Slots App. It’s absolutely FREE to download and will give you a SUPER fun way to play, even if you’re on the go! Here’s what the game is all about.

1) Once you open the game, you will be asked to either sign in through FACEBOOK, or provide your EMAIL. After that, you’re ready to get your game on!

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2) Once you’ve logged in, hit PLAY and let the game begin! Similar to the slot games you would find on PCHSlots, you will begin your game with 500 chips. Each time you press the spin button you will bet 25 of your chips! If the images on your board match, you will gain more chips!

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3) Bonus Spin! Every four hours, you will be given the chance to spin the Prize Wheel where you will be awarded whichever amount you land on! If you land on chips, you will automatically get those chips to use in the rest of your game!

Prize Wheel

4) Continue playing the game until all of your chips are gone!

Spin To Win

Play more to win more! If you run out of chips click the more chips button on the main menu to keep those reels spinning!

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I hope you’re all as excited about this as I am! You can now have fun and win big wherever you are! Download PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots today and see how awesome it is for yourself!

Happy Gaming!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you like the new PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots App!

30 thoughts on “Win Big On Your Phone With The PCHPlay&Win Cash Slots App!”

  1. PCH I wants to Win big with the slots I play on my phone it sucks gwy 4900 $1million and $15,million gwy4651 and upgrade $45,000,000 triple prize exclusive golden access $10 million life changing

  2. WINNING “FOREVER_5,000__Week_Gwy No Authorized Approval Entry_2_Person_Same _Opportunity #4900 _With Gwy _1,000,000.00 Qualified Entry Eligible Comfirm PCHGWY No 4950 Confirm 8/9/15 to 8/31 /15 Prizepatrol Elite Officially Claim …I’m Winning A Beautiful Dream Come True …

    1. Kim says:

      Do you mean Arizona, the one state in the SW of USA? I thinking of the correct spelling. Have a great day!!! :-)

  3. Ivy Holmes says:

    I have downloaded every app that has to do with Publishers Clearing House and have not won a single penny. the 2500 cash prize goes with the pch cash slots and the 25000 cash prize goes with the prize central which I cannot get into or play the 500 cash prize slot there because it tells me it is under development, but I can do the win it all slot which it doesn’t make any sense to me since I have been doing it for 2 or 3 years without any problems. I called customer service and they told me to clear the cookies which I did. I also uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but that didn’t help either. It telling me you are or I am in development mode and I need permission from the app to go into the site. It is restricted to me. I don’t get it because I e had my carrier check it out and said it e the app itself. Customer service was a little rude and said it was working because he got on it. He also told me to put Facebook in public mode and no one does that. I have never had any problems in the past so I am asking you to put my entry in for me if you would because I really want to win June 3Oth and be the new superprize winner on my granddaughters birthday so I can get what she needs along with my family. Please help me correct this problem because I truly want t win this superprize. God bless you all at pch for making others dreams come try.

  4. Hi my name is Patrick Harrison I’ve been playing on my phone but I can’t get through for the mega grand prize sweep stakes, how do I get in it .

  5. Carla M Antee says:

    I love to win Big with my cell phone app

  6. tiffany says:

    I have had this app downloaded for a while. It has worked great on my s3. All of a sudden, today (10/15/14) it wont open. It starts too. Screen goes black. then returns to home menu on phone. I have tried everything and it will not open. Is there a fix? Help. Really dont want to lose my 13,000+ tokens.

  7. Kathy mossinger says:

    why isn’t there more than 1 slot game 9n 0ch cash slots?

  8. nicona says:

    Pch I already sign in already for the pch sweepstakes grand prize so hopefully I be the next big winner

  9. nicona says:

    Can you really win playing these games I dont think so its just a get over cause I try minds landed on three cherries in a row jackpot and they didn’t give me my money what’s really going on pch

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