$10,000.00-A-Day is Being Given Away for PCHlotto Twilight!

Hey Blog Readers,

You wanted more opportunities to WIN BIG and PCHlotto answered with more cards and more ways to win than ever before thanks to PCHlotto Twilight!  And to start it all off we’re giving away an incredible, GUARANTEED $10,000.00 Nightly Prize for 10 days on our EXCLUSIVE PCHlotto Twilight Scratch Card!

What is PCHlotto Twilight, you ask?  It’s a way you can win “after hours” with brand new cards that you can only play after 5PM, ET.  That’s right, play your daytime cards, and you’ll get to play again on exciting PCHlotto Twilight cards like these!



No matter how cold those winter nights get I’m sure a Million or Three would warm you right up!

PW_12_4_Lights Out

Don’t forget to turn on your nightlight so you can see all that money pouring in if you’re the $25,000.00 winner!


I bet you’d be singing, too if you won a BIG $10,000.00 prize like this one!

PW_12_4_Wishing Star

There’s nothing better than looking at the stars on a cool, clear winter night…and looking at this star nightly could bring you a $5,000.00 FORTUNE!


Oh, what a kiss can bring!  And if you play Mistletoe Dough Nightly it could bring you a BIG $3,995.00 Cash Win!
Start the New Year off right with $1,000.00 in New Years Eve Cash we’re awarding on 12/31!

PW_12_4_Fuse Funds
Light up the night with an extra $100.00 in your pocket!  A winner is guaranteed nightly!

So, what do you think of these new PCHlotto Twilight cards?  I sure think they’re going to make the night a whole lot more exciting for you gamers out there who really want to win!  And remember, starting tomorrow night, you can get in on the $10,000.00-A-Day PCHlotto Twilight Giveaway!


Scratch your way for a shot at an INSTANT $10,000.00 Prize between the hours of 5PM-11:59PM, ET from 12/5-12/14!  Make sure you play nightly — and let me know what you think of these new PCHlotto Twilight cards in the comments below!

Here’s wishing you some Lucky Days & Winning Nights thanks to PCHlotto & PCHlotto Twilight!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you don’t have a chance to play by day, don’t worry, you can play your daytime cards and nighttime cards all at once between 5PM and 11:59PM, ET from your desktop computer.

65 thoughts on “$10,000.00-A-Day is Being Given Away for PCHlotto Twilight!”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    May I be considered. Thank you

  2. Harland Payne says:

    What have you against me? Every time I click on the continue button of the pchlott Twilight page I get taken to PCHSLOTS. This has happened Every Day for more rhan 2 weeks.

  3. Elvis Morgan says:

    Thank you so much. I play everyday.

    1. Larry Lawson says:

      HOPE TO WIN !!!

  4. Larry Lawson says:


  5. Carmen Keister says:

    $10,000.00 pch prize sounds great. I’d like to win it. Have a positive attitude.

  6. Old number twelve got me again,, The page says’This is surprising, It appears that your last card was not able to be processes. Just what is up with these games anyway!

  7. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    Yes yes yes PCH, i wanna wanna Winnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Misbah says:

    Thanks , if we have all these links at one place like a Vip app it will become very convenient . Please do it like that for people like me plus make all if ur site compatible with iPhone and iPad . Many of it does not open in iPad or iPhone than it’s too disappointing . Thanks

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