PCHlotto Twilight $10,000.00-A-Day Winners!

PCHlotto Twilight $10,000.00-A-Day Winners!

 PCHlotto Twilight Winners

Hey Blog Readers,

Remember when I told you that $10,000.00-A-Day was being given away for PCHlotto Twilight?

Well, I’m SO happy to announce our Official $10,000.00-A-Day Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to:

Day 1 Winner:  Annie W. of Camp Hill, AL

Day 2 Winner:  Gloria B. of Las Vegas, NV

Day 3 Winner:  Elousie S. of Missouri City, TX

Day 4 Winner:  John M. of Kansas City, KS

Day 5 Winner:  Ernest B. of Whiteriver, AZ

Day 6 Winner:  Steve E. of Myrtle Beach, SC

Day 7 Winner:  Tami M. of Wilmington, CA

Day 8 Winner:  Jack S. of Keller, TX

Day 9 Winner:  Sherie B. of Santa Cruz, CA

Day 10 Winner: Sherrie S. of Silt, CO


And if you didn’t get your $10,000.00 Payday, don’t worry – you can still play to win $10,000.00 from PCHlotto during the day…

PCHlotto Daytime Card

 … and at night (after 5PM, ET) with PCHlotto Twilight …

 PCHlotto Twilight Card

Don’t miss out – make sure you play your cards and you could become our next BIG PCHlotto Winner!

Happy Playing,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

221 thoughts on “PCHlotto Twilight $10,000.00-A-Day Winners!”

  1. Roscoe mobley says:

    Thanks u pch email to me keep going to play pchlotto and pchfrontpage and twil card as nd token ..i hope get win it all i am playing for 2015 and 2016 now. I wanna to coming knock to my door to door. June 30th i saying hope pray pray pray to me. God blessed to me help my two daughter money!!!! Pls god give me my hand i know it tht is all

  2. No.6900,4749,7233,6650,6035,7600,7667,6902,

  3. Hey no 6085,7233,6900,6886,8035,4749,


  5. Well I’m going to play twilight no 6900

  6. Patricia Neasmith says:

    I am yet to see any winners in OHIO. Is the Midwest forgotten? Am I wasting my time doing this???

  7. Mary Grand says:

    Been playing games for some time, In too many occasions the tokens are not credited to my account. Called customer care they said they were having problems and were working on it.I was assured the missing tokens would be added to my account so far nothing has happened. I am missing several hundred of thousands of tokens.

    1. Paul says:

      I have been hearing that for 2 years.

  8. Tina says:

    I play pchlotto & have earned tokens. I receive messages about redeeming my tokens. Where do I go to redeem my tokens? And can I use my tokens towards items on your list of merchandise for sale?

  9. I have been playing the redemption center for Wal mart and others, and haven’t won a thing. Not even with twilight games. I’m still waiting. only tokens. You know I have
    been playing for quite a long time. since Nov. I believe.

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