Play Sunken Treasures Gems Of Atlantis Now At PCHGames!


Hey PCH Fans!

A few months ago, you told us you wanted one of our mini games, Sunken Treasures, to be made into a full token game. So of course we got to work on building that game, and if you remember, we also held a contest on our Play&Win blog asking you to come up with an awesome name for it! You wouldn’t believe the amount of comments we got suggesting one great name after the next! Picking just one was a challenge and a half, but we eventually came up with four finalists. After fans had the chance to vote for their favorite, the name that came out on top was Sunken Treasures Gems Of Atlantis! Well that has a nice ring to it!


It was so exciting to see you all get involved in the naming of one of our games! And now we’re back with even more exciting news. That game has now been built and is ready for you to play today and everyday at PCHGames!

So how do you play? All YOU have to do is remove as many groups of three or more gems from the board as you can in the amount of time you’re given! Well that sounds like fun, and it sure is! My favorite part is the cool under-water graphics. I feel like I’m on the set of “The Little Mermaid,” one of my all-time favorite Disney movies when I’m playing this one!



I love this game, and I know you will too, so be sure to check it out and play Sunken Treasures Gems of Atlantis at PCHGames today! Then comment below to tell us how you like it!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

30 thoughts on “Play Sunken Treasures Gems Of Atlantis Now At PCHGames!”

  1. I enjoy playing Sunken Treasures…BUT I never earn any tokens ;( oh well can’t always have cake & eat it too ;(

  2. Jessica Treese says:

    I am playing the game but not getting any tokens or at least not very many and sometimes none. How do I get tokens for playing the game?

  3. Special Early look at Ten Million Sunken treasure

  4. Breaking News 10 Million sunken treasure entries 3x the fun Never Ends ended

  5. carla m Antee says:

    Play and win Ten Million Insta winner revealed NBC Event Carla Michelle Antee

  6. CherieAnn says:

    It’d be great fun if every single time I tap 3 gems it would recognize & respond with tokens, sometimes it won’t when I play it fast, it only let’s me get up to a certain point, 780 tokens is the most, it’d be really nice & more exciting & fun if it registered all the times I tapped three or more gems :)

  7. Cindy burris says:

    I like most of pch games so many to choose from but sunken treasures is my favorite

    1. Donna says:

      It’s my favorite game as well. Wish it was

  8. I like playing games like sunken treasure gems of Atlantis

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