Top Five Reasons To Play PCHlotto Twilight!

Twilight Lotto

Hey PCH Fans!

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to stay up past your bedtime, Publishers Clearing House has some great news for you! I proudly introduce PCHlotto Twilight! What’s PCHlotto Twilight you ask? Well folks, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to get even more chances of becoming a winner and enjoy even more lotto fun! Every single day after you play your regular PCHlotto cards, you will receive NEW cards after 5PM ET. These new cards are our PCHlotto Twilight cards!

If you haven’t heard about PCHlotto Twilight or just aren’t convinced about why you should play, let me tell you the TOP 5 REASONS why playing PCHlotto Twilight will be the BEST decision you make today (well really, tonight)!

1) MORE Chances To WIN BIG!
This one needs no explanation! I mean who doesn’t love MORE chances to bring home the bacon?!?

2) MORE Lotto Fun!
The thing I love most about PCHlotto, besides the great chances to win, are the colorful and playful PCHlotto Cards! I just love logging on to see what awesome designs they’ll come up with next!

3) It’s STILL Free To Play!
That’s right, just like our daytime cards, the PCHlotto Twilight cards are ALL absolutely free to play! So you’re getting MORE chances to win than ever before, and you STILL don’t have to pay a dime?! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

4) It Could Help You Become A PCHlotto VIP!
Remember we told you that if you play 20 or more PCHlotto cards within 7 days, you’ll automatically become a VIP and get to play more exclusive cards? Well playing PCHlotto Twilight at night could DEFINITELY help you achieve that status!

5) Enjoy It From The Comfort Of Your Home!
And last but not least, you can do ALL OF THIS from the comfort of your own home! That’s right! Forget waiting on line and paying to play regular State Lottery! With PCHlotto, you’ll be able to play the games you love FOR FREE and from your computer! Ahhh the convenience!

There you have it folks! I hope these reasons are enough to “win” you over, but if not, play for yourself and tell us what YOUR top 5 reasons are in the comments section below!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

20 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons To Play PCHlotto Twilight!”

  1. Ninette says:

    I was playing pchlotto twilight and when I scratched the game card @ the end I won a prize. A MP3 player through capitol one. My screen froze so now what? How do I claim my prize


  2. Amorell E newell says:

    I really love to play the lotto & cards every day.

  3. Jean Westphal says:

    I love to play Lotto every day..

  4. believe in your dreams take it happen today by date i have 5 children single mother no car I got fired from a job and I’ve been struggling through but I know God has a plan for me if I could become a millionaire I tried to help everyone single mom children shelterI .now you can buy me my dream home for me and my kidsand maybe like dad I don’t have to go place to place every 3 days I have to figure out where I’m going to lay down my head for me and my kids he’s really draining but I gotta have faith everything happens for a reason I love my children and I will never give up on them II have never won anything in my entire life but the only thing I can say to you I have the blessing of my five children they’re healthy and their allies not sure all matters to me keep your head up same where I keep my head up you have your face you keep on dreaming let no one take your dream away from you is it can happen

  5. James Stangroom says:

    I wish it would work again. It locks and can’t be finished. I couldn’t find any place to let someone know.

  6. Amazon Davenport says:

    i love pch and playing the games for a chance to win for my kids

  7. Hello Amanda I love to play Ochoa lotto because I will love to win then I can help my family include my grandparents future if God thinkin I deserve I can live the legacy for then and I can enjoy my life a little more with no worries thanks to let me enjoy this journey love u

  8. Tina Thomas says:

    Hey Amanda i play your Lotto every night around the same time, i would love to win off your Lotto Card’s i love the card’s they are changed so much it does never get boring, and the color’s of the Black Jack i am a purple freak i love when i get to the game take care .

  9. Dee Dee says:

    Thanks Amanda!

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