Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?

Why can't I login

Hey everyone!

After looking over some of your most frequently asked questions here at the Play&Win blog and on our Publishers Clearing House and PCHgames Fan Pages on Facebook, one of the top questions was “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?” Well, if you’ve been having trouble with this same issue, it’s important for you to remember that as of a few months ago, you can sign on to both PCHgames and PCH.com using only ONE email and password combination! With so many things to remember nowadays, we thought it was a great idea to only have to remember ONE password to log in to BOTH sites. Don’t you agree?

Another reason you could be having trouble logging in is that you’ve simply forgotten your password! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that. Well don’t worry — we have a simple “Forgot Password” link located under the “Sign In” Box. All you have to do to log in from there is click “Forgot Password” and enter your email address. A password assistance email will be sent to you, which includes a link to reset your password. Simply click the link within the email and enter a new password when it asks for it. Once your password has been changed, you will be able to login to your PCHgames and PCH.com accounts using this password! How easy is that?

So if you’re ever wondering “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?”, hopefully the information we provided above will help! And if this still does not resolve your problem, please contact us through Customer Service.

Good Luck!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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23 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?”

  1. rico flores says:

    I’m a vip member when I do the search it does well no problem when I type in all of my search statement and press (post commemt ) it show up as wanting to know if I’m human or not by key in whatever number or letter wont take the post comment says invaild token security…….are unless pch is telling me I’m out , if that’s the case I understand

  2. Daviid Adams says:

    I have always played PCH Games downloaded to my E Mail. Now everything goes just fine logging in but when game Klondike Solitair comes up The cards are only half showing and are upsidedown. When I select one card whole card shows up and are not upside down. Then when I play a card very slow and leaves a shadow of the card.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello David, thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us by phone at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at 1-800-476-4724 between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Jimmy Rogers says:

    I have a password to play the pch games and I do sign in, but the games keep stopping and some I can’t even play. My computer has been checked three times in the last 2 weeks and it is fine. AT&T must be screwed up. Please tell me what the problem is.

  4. I downloaded some slots while playing pch and I want to know how to redeem and at what rate using those points

  5. theana says:

    I can’t log into new games such as “slotomania” I didn’t forget my password and my pc keeps freezing up! I am getting frustrated still after doing a live chats and contacting pch.com. All I win is tokens when I play stuck on the same slots then I redeem tokens and don’t even know who the winners are?? I feel this unfair as well as I think there are cheaters on this site that sit home all day and play and enter 24/7! (I BELIEVE THERE ARE MULTIPLE PEOPLE PLAYING ON ONE ACCOUNT!)

    1. K. Millard says:

      Slotmania is an ad that shows up on the Publishers Clearing House gamesite. When you play Slotmania, you are no longer part of the PCH contest; you have clicked on an ad and are in the site of whatever entity has that game as s n offering. Possibly one of the online casinos.

  6. Carolyn Walsh says:

    Understand how these other people feel. I have been going through the same problem since started. And feel like some , give up! 1 day it works next it won’t!

  7. Why cant I play Pch games? I havent even played at all today it is 7:00pm Come on now

  8. Amy says:

    I enter my info in the $10,000 a week for life game on play&win app. I hit enter & absolutely nothing happens. I’ve tried other devices, rebooted the devices, turned WiFi off and back on. Same result- nothing. Help!

  9. Alicia odell says:

    Spook tackler won’t play all the other games do

  10. Some of the new games I played this morning won’t let me play now. Why is it being made so difficult? I play regularly because I want to win & don’t think I’m being given a fair chance.

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