Express Yourself With PCHgames Avatars!

If you like games and you like winning, PCHgames is the place for you!  PCHgames is the ultimate destination for free online gaming, and to make it even better, you can make it more personal with your very own PCHgames Avatars.

Have you created one yet?  I just did it and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Take a look — this is my PCHgames Avatar for when I’m at work:


… and this is my Avatar for my day off …

Avatar 1

They’re so easy to make and I’m going to show you how right here!

Step 1:  On the PCHgames homepage, access your profile toward the top right hand corner of your screen. (If you don’t have a profile yet, don’t worry! Just click the “register” button in the upper right corner to create your free account!).

Avatar 2

Step 2:  Once you’re in your profile, click “View Avatars” on the left hand side of your screen

Avatar 3

Step 3:  Get Creative!  Click “Create A New Avatar” and you’ll be able to choose boy/girl, hair color, eye color, costumes, clothes … there are DOZENS of options and everything you need to make your Avatars amazing — AND level up your PCHgames Rating!

Avatar 4

Step 4:  Don’t forget to SAVE your Avatar (you’ll be asked to give it a name).

Avatar 5

5) Want to create more than one Avatar? No problem!  Just select which one you want to display…

Create your own Avatar at PCHgames

And it will appear as your profile picture:

PCHgames Avatar

Looks fun, doesn’t it?  So what are you waiting for?  Start expressing yourself on PCHgames with your very own PCHgames Avatars!  And let me know which Avatar styles are your favorite by commenting below.

Happy Creating!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative



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Kanika Loeung said...

I had fun when I made my won picture.

Natasha Davis said...

Hi Laurel, I did that a week ago and It was fun doing it … it was awesome. And thanks for the amazing blog of course. I didn’t know I could make more than 1 avatar so I will be sure to head there and get it done. Thanks again Laurel =).

quitta said...

Nice, bout to get started on the games now.

Deb MarFan said...

I am a big kid, kinda fun to make my own avatars but my avatar creator isn’t working right. May be my old, slow, computer’s fault. Got one on there though… :)

carolinejinks said...

I had a fun playing but now I want to win

Kanika Loeung said...

It is fun for all ages.

Dorothy Turner said...

I have one of me and made my friends faces too

Crystal Offermann said...

I keep having games freeze at bad times. Today I was doing the token vault and it froze. When I got back I was told I had already played today. Your site is such a disappointment. One time the Casino said I won something and then immediately froze. I am monitoring end dates and want to see if there really are winners…

Crystal Offermann said...

I have been having a really suspicious problem with Dice Dice Baby. Each time I have scored a good game destine for about 400 tokens, the program crashes. This has happened about TEN TIMES in the last three days.

This is NOT FUN. I have had soooooo many times that your programs have caused crashes…then the site tries to tell me that I need Flashplayer. I already HAVE FLASHPLAYER I have noticed that some of those times Flashplayer tells me througha popup that it has been put through a dangerous action and must close done…your fault. Then my security programs are consistently telling me your site has maleware…

Crystal Offermann said...

Dice Dice Baby is crashing on practically every game now. Why? I get a good score going and suddenly blank screen. NO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!