Results Are In! Here Are The 10X Games You Voted On For February!

Hi everyone!!


I’m back with EXCITING news! Remember a few days ago I told you that this month YOU get to pick the 10X games at PCHgames (the games that you will get 10X the tokens for playing?) 


PCHgames Poll

That’s right, you the fans, had the opportunity to vote for your FAVORITE game on a poll on our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook. There were 10 fun token games to vote for, and vote you did! All together we had more than 500 votes. THANK YOU for your participation!

And now, I can reveal the results! Drum roll please…

The game with the MOST votes (almost 200 in all) was Mahjongg Dimensions! Congratulations gamers, this will be your 10X game on Sunday, February 16th! Don’t miss it!



In second place, we have Tri-Peaks Solitaire!

Good news, this will be your 10X game on Thursday, February 27th! Save the date!



In third place, we have Sunken Treasures: Gems of Atlantis!

Woohoo! This will be your 10X game on Thursday, February 13th! Mark your calendars!



Next up, we have Carniball!

This will be your 10X game on Friday, February 14th! Awww, what a sweet Valentine’s Day present!



In fifth place we have Klondike Solitaire Gold!

Game on! This will be your 10X game on Monday, February 17th!


And last, but certainly not least, we have Galatic Gems!

This will be your 10X game on Tuesday, February 18th! Get ready to PLAY!


So what do you think gamers? Did you like getting to vote for the 10X games at PCHgames this month? Were YOUR favorite games chosen? Are you going to play? Comment below and let us know. And thanks again for voting!



Until next time,

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

20 thoughts on “Results Are In! Here Are The 10X Games You Voted On For February!”

  1. Pamela Hagedorn says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows who the winners of the Addiction Solitaire Tournament were?

  2. DeLayne Perry says:

    Sunday? I will try to make it. Thanks for the invitation. :D

  3. carolinejinks says:

    I voted for the puzzle I like putting them together I play every day

  4. JOWAL JULIO says:

    hi i love to play PCH , i pray every day to win for me and the person who i love , i wish i can help the person who is in my life ,i just pray gad if i win ,i will help other people and the person who i love ,is to many things is going on in my life now but i belive so thank u PCH

  5. quitta says:

    I love to play sunken treasures. It gets me excited for some reason :)
    Hopefully in a few more days I can wind down and get back into the groove of things….getting my PCH game on :)

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d like to vote the first game.

  7. eyvonne kerns says:

    I like all the games, hope I win one day.

  8. Ruba khalid says:

    I love pch games but my fav is tri peak soliter

  9. ZUBER RAGOW says:

    thanks Amanda C but I want to win PCH Lotto please if I win come to visiting me an won give Hug

  10. Michaela G. says:

    Thanks Amanda C., That is so very cool!!! I love all of them!! I will try my best to play them all!!!!

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