The PCH Prize Patrol Shares Their Lucky Numbers!

PW_2_21_Prize Patrol Lucky Numbers

10 … 6 … or 4? Can you guess each Prize Patrol Member’s lucky number? Keep reading to find out!

Hello everyone! Do you have a favorite number? A go-to number when you’re hoping for some extra luck … especially if you’re choosing numbers at PCHlotto?  If anyone knows all about luck, it’s the PCH Prize Patrol! First of all, they’re lucky enough to have an amazing job that allows them to spread cheer all across the USA. Secondly, no one meets more lucky winners than they do!  I caught up with Todd, Danielle and Dave  to find out what their lucky numbers are and why they chose them. This is what I discovered:

” There are 4 people in my immediate family, so 4 is my lucky number.” — Todd Sloane

“I chose 10 as my lucky number because 10 is the birth date of someone close to me.” — Danielle Lam

“Eight of the 11 places I have lived in my life (all wonderful) have had the number 6 in the address, so 6 is my lucky number.” — Dave Sayer

Of course, there are many reasons why numbers are considered lucky. Check out some lucky numbers from around the world:

3 — The number 3 is important in a lot of world religions. For this reason, in Italy, and other parts of Europe, 3 is considered to be the “perfect number.”

7 — From 7 days of creation in the Judeo-Christian tradition to the 7 Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology, to the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the number 7 is perhaps the world’s most famous lucky number!

8 — In Chinese and Japanese culture, the number 8 signifies prosperity and wealth.

9 — The number 9 is highly significant in Norse legend.

So, tell us. What’s your lucky number and why? Write us a note in the comments section below and let us know! And don’t forget to keep playing your cards at PCHlotto … because you never know when your luck is going to pay off!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

123 thoughts on “The PCH Prize Patrol Shares Their Lucky Numbers!”

  1. Kimberly Weeks says:

    15-7 for dec

    1. I would to register owner paper for gwy4900 5000 a week you did not give a lad number and also gwy 5035 thank you

  2. I’m claiming to win a millionaire prize

    1. My numbers are millionaire prize

  3. Dave Moynihan says:

    David M.:
    My lucky number is 6 and so is dave Sayers, an omen? I take a chance!1
    Reply Soon I can hardly wait!

  4. john biebel says:

    I’m looking for my lucky number to win the grand prize so if I am the. Winner please lete know

  5. shirley peck says:

    oh my sister passed away on the 3rd , so I can not say it’s my lucky number , so please for give me but I have to pick 7and 2 they are my lucky numbers thank you ,so I hope to win on this please, it means alot to me , god bless,

  6. fiona says:

    3 has always been my lucky number, please activate my entry for forver prize for forever prize of a lifetime…..

  7. Vickie Hale says:


  8. Kimberly Weeks says:

    379 great no. #1

  9. Kimberly Weeks says:

    GQ Thanks KW TMA

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