Satisfy Your “Spring Fever” With FREE Lotto Cards From PCHlotto!


We made it! The long winter months are finally behind us and it’s time to “spring” into a brand new season (and hopefully some warmer weather).  I don’t know about you fellow gamers, but when those first few warm days roll in, I suddenly get hit with that oh-so-familiar feeling of “spring fever!” Well gamers, I am happy to say that PCHlotto has gotten the “spring fever” too!

So what does my “spring fever” consist of? Well for starters, it’s time for some major spring-cleaning, which usually involves me heading straight to my closet. This process continues throughout my apartment, and let me tell you it is quite a process indeed!

So PCH fans, I bet if you are anything like me the idea of cleaning out and starting fresh feels oh-so-good! Do you know what would make that feeling even better? Well, how about a little extra cash to start your spring season off right?

That’s right! Take a trip on over to PCHlotto and check out our brand new FREE lotto  cards that could have you rolling in some big time cash! Want to know more about the brand new cards for March? Well take a peek below and see some of the exciting cards already up at PCHlotto!

 $10,000.00 Cherry Bomb Cash Out


Play $10,000.00 Cherry Bomb Cashout for your chance to win an explosive cash prize. How sweet is that?

$5,000.00 Stacks O’ Green


St. Patty’s Day isn’t the only day to show off some green! Let the Luck O’ The Irish take over all month long with the $5,000.00 Stacks O’ Green!

$2,500.00 Royal Flush Luck


Give me your best poker face! If you play your cards right the $2,500.00 Royal Flush Luck can make you the big winner tonight!

 $1,500.00 Queen’s Jewels


Who ever said that a diamond is only a girl’s best friend? With the $1,500.00 Queen’s Jewels, guys can get in on the action of this big payout too!

$1,000.00 Dynamite Gems 


Get ready to shine! With the $1,000.00 Dynamite Gems card you’ll have a blast playing for your chance to win big!

Gimme $500.00!


 You’ll love this new take on the traditional “hand-shake” with Gimme $500.00! One of those bundles of cash could be yours!

 Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot


Everyone’s favorite Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is back with a fresh new look! Remember every time someone plays, the jackpot grows up to $3 Million Dollars! So take a break from that spring-cleaning and play for your shot at a SWEET prize!

So gamers, are you ready to try your luck at one of our fantastic new FREE lotto cards? Head over to PCHlotto and play for your chance to win big and remember to go for even more ways to win again at night with PCHlotto Twilight, from 5PM-11:59PM, ET!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

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    Thank you

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  5. Bellakita says:

    What an awesome idea!!!! I love love love the money tree photo with the hands rcnheiag up! $100 to fill up your car? W.O.W. It’s getting pretty close to that here. CRAZY. Great take on our theme.

  6. Dylan says:

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  8. Pamela Doyle says:

    My husband and I play daily. We NEVER miss playing. It’s a way of winding down after a long day. We always carry that hope in our minds of WINNING!!!! We are LOYAL players!

  9. dsi says:

    Hi there, I read your blog daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep doing
    what you’re doing!

  10. Deborah F. says:

    Thank you Victoria, I play as much as I am able too… :)

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