10 Ways to Maximize Your Tokens at PCHGames!

One of the biggest questions we get asked all the time, is “How can I earn more tokens?”

Well, good news everyone! Here is the end-all-be-all-slam-dunk-surefire-top 10 ways to earn more tokens on PCHGames!

1.) Be sure to play while you’re logged in!

If not, you won’t be banking all of those great tokens! (If you don’t have a login yet,   create one now. It’s fast, easy and FREE!)

2.) Play more games per day!

This one is simple. More games means more chances to score big and earn tokens! And speaking of playing more games…

3.) Did you know there’s a daily attendance bonus?

You can use the calendar on your profile to help keep track of your progress!

Maximize your Tokens

To earn these tokens….                   Play this many games!

2,500 tokens                                    1-9 games every day for a WEEK

5,000 tokens                                    10 or more games every day for a WEEK

10,000 tokens                                  1-9 games every day for a MONTH

20,000 tokens                                  10 or more games every day for a MONTH

500,000 tokens                                1-9 games every day for a YEAR

ONE MILLION TOKENS             10 or more games every day for a YEAR

ONE MILLION TOKENS?!?         Are you up for the challenge? Why not start today!

4.) Play the Daily Instant Win Path first!

In addition to chances to win cash, you could wind up with a pile of tokens for playing  each game. When you’ve completed the path, all games will grant you twice the amount of tokens!

Maximize your Tokens at PCHgames

5.) Check out the Featured Token Games

In addition to features on the homepage, clicking “Token Games” at the top will link you to all of our token games. Right there at the top of this page shows you a selection of games with 10x or 5x token payouts!

Featured Token Games

6.)  Play the Instant Win Games as well!

Many games have high valued token payouts as big prizes.

7.) Check out the upcoming events calendar!

The Events link at the top of the homepage will show  you a monthly breakdown of when you can earn big. If you scroll down, you can see a breakdown of what all of the events mean. Some of the events pay out a pile of tokens  the first time you in. Simply visit us and log in on that day, and score free tokens!

PCHgames Events Calendar

8.) Play in the tournaments!

We generally run 2 tournaments a month. You get a week to play the practice rounds, which will boost your regular token payout on that game. Additionally, it’ll get you ready for the One-Day-Only Tournament.  Submit any score for bonus tokens—PLUS—submitting any score enters you at a chance to win some cash!

9.)  Try your hand at Daily Jigsaw Deluxe!

It has one of the highest base token payouts for the site, AND gives you a chance to win $500! This token boost is also able to be DOUBLED if you play after you play through thee Daily Instant Win Path!

10.)  The Redemption Center has some great chances for those tokens, too!

Spend those tokens on entries to some sweet prizes! Feeling lucky? You can even enter to win 150,000 Bonus Tokens!

As you can see, tokens abound ALL OVER the PCHGames site! What’s your favorite way to earn tokens? Let us know in the comments!

As always, good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
PCHgames Designer

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  1. Theresa Marie Stackles says:

    I am trying to maximize tokens, I love playing to win & love pch

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    I want to win.

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    I want to win $7,000.000 a week for life

  4. Fred Haut says:

    Sorry my phone did not write correctly and I did not read it do you know people don’t give up on your tokens and your status if you stop looking at it you’ll find you will go up and rent real fast it took me 1 year to get 57 million I don’t play them like I should because I’m too busy making them but just don’t give up on your place and make sure you clean your tokens I have a bad habit on I lose thousands a day because I do not claim them Fred

  5. Fred Haut says:

    Do you know people just play within a year you’ll be bringing down my tokens in less than a month every month you got tokens coming out your ears so don’t give up Fred

  6. Douglas Rogers says:

    Douglas Rogers I would like to 3000

  7. Robert Mancuso says:

    I love PCH! It not only passes time, but gives many opportunities through out the day to win cash and collect tokens. Thank you for keeping me entertained.

  8. I want to win 1200 Tokens.

    Edward Miller

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    I want to claim the 10,000 Token from pch gwy. no. 7233.
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