Score A PCHgames Attendance Bonus, Play Every Day!

Hello, gamers!  It feels great to get rewarded, right?  But, it’s even better to get rewarded for doing something that’s lots of fun … that you’d be doing anyway! I’m talking about the PCHgames Attendance Bonus — a great way to score a huge amount of extra tokens at PCHgames.

As you probably know, PCHgames has tons of terrific token games, like Sunken Treasures: Gems of Atlantis, Amazing Sheriff, 3-Point Shootout and so many more! What you might not know is that you can bank LOTS of bonus tokens by playing our token games every day! Play daily for a week (Monday through Sunday) or a full month (starting with the first day of the month) to go for weekly and monthly bonus token payouts. Play ten or more games in a given time period and score even more tokens!

Attendance Bonus

PCHgames Attendance Bonus Payouts!

Play 1-9 Games Every Day For A Week  ……… Score 2,500 Bonus Tokens!
Play 10+ Games Every Day For A Week ……… Score 5,000 Bonus Tokens!
Play 1-9 Games Every Day For A Month ……… Score 10,000 Bonus Tokens!
Play 10+ Games Every Day For A Month ……… Score 20,000 Bonus Tokens

Wow! Since tokens can be redeemed for chances to win amazing gift cards and cash prizes, scoring all these bonus tokens could be quite a windfall! And it’s so easy to stay on track and make sure you don’t miss a day with the handy calendar located on your profile page. Getting perfect attendance has never been this much fun! Claim the Attendance Bonus you deserve! Just head on over to PCHgames and play our token games every day. What games are you going to start with? Spellbound? Black Jack? There are so many Token Games from which to choose. Pick your favorite and start playing. Happy Gaming!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

129 thoughts on “Score A PCHgames Attendance Bonus, Play Every Day!”

  1. edwardst35 says:

    I play every day. Have not missed one day in many months!

  2. Brenda Zaidel says:

    Pch I would like to claim my vip exclusive bonus for 100,000.00 gwy 7232,plus claim 7,000.00 a week for life on apirl 28th gwy 8800.would be such a wonderful dream come true.thanks so much brenda zaidel

  3. George Lopez says:


  4. Michael Bean says:

    Please enter me in the VIP game to Win $100,000.00 Gwy 7223 and to Win PCH $7,000.00 a week for life, Gwy 8800. Please let me let me win. I need for my future wife and girl’s. Thank you PCH for this opportunity to Win.

  5. I want to claim my VIP PCH bonus tokens 3,000. Thank you PCH
    Sincerely Barbara Padilla

  6. Michael Epp says:

    I would like to claim the 100.000.00 VIP Bonus

    1. Michael Epp says:


    2. Michael Epp says:

      I WOULD LIKE TO CLAIM AN ENTRY TO $100,000.00 VIP BONUS GWY. NO 3080 7029. 7233. 7232. 6884. 6650. 8035.

  7. Please put in my entry to win. Thanks so much. Goodluck to me and every one else too

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