What’s YOUR Good Luck Routine?


There’s no better place to bring your most sure-fire good luck “charms” than right here at pch.com, where going for prizes you can really win is the name of the game!

People’s good luck routines can be as unique as their personalities. For instance, my friend Sue keeps the receipt for her son’s first haircut tucked into her wallet – 23 years after the fact! And my pal Kevin continues to wear his “lucky” New York Mets cap that’s now so faded, you can barely make out the lettering!

What about you? Is there a special good luck charm, keepsake or saying you’ve always used when you really wanted to “go for it,” – whether you were taking a test in school, entering a competition or going on a job interview?

My long-time acquaintance, Theresa, is constantly buying state lottery tickets, and she uses all kinds of “lucky numbers” to play to win – her mother’s birth date, the license number on her dog’s collar tag – and once, the time on her digital clock when she woke up one morning.

Theresa spends a LOT of money to buy all these lottery tickets, and I’m constantly telling her to save her cash and try her luck with all the prizes up for grabs here at PCH, where ALL our contests and games are 100% FREE to play for a chance to win – including PCHblackjack, PCHlotto and PCHslots.

And you really want to keep your lucky bottle cap, troll doll or grandsons’s dinosaur drawing nearby when you go for our special early look Sweepstakes event: $10,000 a Week For Life – or take $10,000,000 all at once!  (If the matching winning number  isn’t returned in time, we’ll definitely award a cool One Million Dollars on December 23rd in a second chance drawing, definitely a stroke of good luck.)

So tell us: what’s your own personal G.L.R. (Good Luck Routine)? Make logging on and entering to win here at Publishers Clearing House a part of it. Because you could really, really win!

Holding on to my own personal lucky Buffalo Nickel …

Publishers Clearing House

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