Today Could Be Your Lucky Day!

Hello PCH Fans and Friends,

Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky? Stories of good luck can be found as far back as ancient folklore. One tells of Celtic tribes who hung horseshoes over front doors to ward off evil spirits. To them, the horseshoe resembled the Celtic moon, God’s Crescent.


The horseshoe as a lucky emblem has survived for centuries, but there’s still some debate over the proper way to position a horseshoe. Some believe that the two ends pointing up collects good luck and keeps it from falling out, while others state that the two ends should point downward so that luck pours onto those who walk through the door. What do you believe?

horseshoe quote

Perhaps the American playwright Tennessee Williams said it best! But I wonder which way he would have positioned the horseshoe over his door?

The idea of having a positive attitude and good luck is a big deal at PCH! You can almost feel it in the air at our headquarters. Besides asking people around here, I used my favorite search engine, PCHSearch& and learned there are hundreds of ways to say Good Luck in as many languages. Here are just a few…

  • Afrikaans: Sterkte
  • Chinese: Haoyun
  • Czech: Hodne Stesti
  • Dutch: Veel Geluk
  • French: Bonne Chance
  • German: Viel Glück
  • Greek: Kali Tihi
  • Hebrew: Behatz Lacha
  • Italian: Buona Fortuna
  • Latin: Bona Fortuna
  • Norwegian: Lykke Til
  • Portuguese: Boa Sorte
  • Romanian: Noroc
  • Russian: Udaci
  • Spanish: Buena Suerte
  • Swedish Lycka Till
  • Turkish: Iyi Sanslar

Can you add to this list? We would love to see what you come up with. Comment below!

Now that you know different ways to say Good Luck, what are you waiting for? Give your luck a try at all our fun and free-to-play games at PCH Games, PCH Lotto, PCH Slots, PCH Instant Bingo, PCH Blackjack, the PCH Lotto Blast App, PCH Play&Win App and more! Because remember, today could be YOUR lucky day!

Have a great day, and of course, good luck today, tomorrow and always!

Emmi H.
PCH Creative

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