PCHlotto is “Making a Scene” With Manager Lesley S.

Hey Blog Readers,

Just recently, I had the pleasure of joining PCHlotto Manager, Lesley S., at a very special video shoot — and I want to give you a front row seat for all the excitement, too!

So come “on set” with me take a look at …


Doesn’t Lesley S. look fantastic?   And the way the light hits her just right … it looks like she’s out in the sun, doesn’t it?  But — here’s a secret — we were inside the WHOLE TIME!  Can you believe it?!?  Our video team used special lights to make the sunshine appear like magic!



Lesley S. did TWO video shoots in one day, so she had to change outfits in between to look different on camera.  Both looks are so beautiful I can’t decide which one I like better…can you?  Would you believe there’s a team that works together to pick out the wardrobe for our videos?  It’s amazing!  I can barely get myself dressed in the morning, let alone pick out such perfect styles for someone else!  But they do it all the time — and as you can see, they’re great at what they do!  :)


See that green “T” near Lesley’s feet?  That’s called “The Mark”.  Lesley S. had to stand there the whole time so the camera could film her properly…

And speaking of the camera…even though you’re on set, sometimes you just want to see what a shot would look like on TV…so there’s always a monitor close by.

PCHlotto Video Shoots

Looking at the TV, you can tell that Lesley’s always on “the mark”!


There’s lots of on-set action that you won’t see in video, blog readers, like touch-ups:


And surprise SPECIAL GUEST visits like this one from my favorite female Prize Patrol Elite Team Member Danielle Lam…


We were SO happy to have Danielle stop by … and I’m so glad I got this photo because these PCH ladies are picture perfect!


That’s a wrap for my behind the scenes look at Lesley S. and our video shoot.  I hope you enjoyed the “show”! Remember to keep on playing your PCHlotto cards and you could see a new video real soon.

Happy Gaming!
Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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