April 29th Prize Day: A Life-Changing Day Indeed!

My hunch is that all you PCH blog readers have been looking forward to today – prize day, April 29th – with much excitement because today is the day that the Prize Patrol will knock on someone’s door and knock his or her socks off – with a Million Dollar SuperPrize! You’re hoping that one of your entries will become “the lucky one,” and you’re praying that “The winner will be me!”

Well, if you are reading this blog in the morning, relax. That knock on the door could still happen, and what a thrill that would be! Just imagine welcoming those familiar Prize Patrol’ers carrying the roses, balloons, champagne and – most importantly – The Big Check! (And remember that you can follow clues as to where the Prize Patrol is headed over on our PCH Blog!)

On the other hand, if you are reading this blog late in the day, chances are we will have surprised our winner, videotaped the “winning moment” and broadcast his or her name for all of America to see.

Some might cry “Boo hoo” and think to themselves “I never win – so why keep trying?”

Yes, some people may get discouraged and stop entering. Well, let me tell you something: those folks will lose for sure! (And what a pity that would be to forfeit the chance for a prize worth millions!)

Winner hopefuls like you, however, will not let one day’s loss discourage them. We’ve stood on many winners’ doorsteps and heard them exclaim for all to hear “I never won anything in my life! But I’m a winner now!” So you see, things can certainly change!

If you are today’s SuperPrize winner, Congratulations!

If your lucky prize day has not yet arrived, we say a hearty “Thank you!” for participating over the last few weeks, and we applaud your positive winning attitude that will keep you entering our sweepstakes every chance you get.

Soon you will see TV commercials promoting one of our next Special Early Look prize event, one of our most exciting prizes ever: $2 Million plus $10,000 A Month for Life plus a New Car! But remember “You’ve got to be in it to win it.” So enter every day , and the winner of that fabulous prize on our next prize day could be YOU!

Keep the faith!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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