The New PCHlotto Awarded $5,000.00 Instantly!

At Publishers Clearing House, we never do anything small. Nope, we’re always looking for ways to make our new and exciting events as BIG and FANTASTIC as possible!

So when we launched our new PCHlotto site, we came up with a wonderful way to celebrate – a bunch of new scratch-off cards that gave away $5,000.00 each day from 8/25-8/30!


That’s right, we’ve been working so hard at making this version of PCHlotto the best one yet, that the only way we could do it justice was to have one of our biggest PCHlotto daily consecutive giveaways ever!

Of course there are prizes given away every day at PCHlotto, but since this corresponded with the launch of our new site, it was extra special! It was so special, in fact, that we decided to chat with some of the $5,000.00 winners to see how they handled their exciting news!

Carolin Radcliff hadn’t always played PCHlotto, but had just started playing over the last few months.

My boyfriend got me into it. He quit, but I kept going! she explained.

It was late one night when she said that the site told her she was an instant winner!

It must have been around 2 AM in the morning, and suddenly a few of the numbers that popped up [just happened to be] my birthday numbers. I figured that must be a good sign and then I hit the scratch-off, it said I won $5,000.00! I was like, what?!’”

She is looking forward to using the money for her health and travel.

Winner John Roberts says he’s never won anything before in his life, except for maybe a TV one time.

But this time is $5,000.00. I mean, cmon! he exclaimed.

John recalls that he was enjoying breakfast with his wife on the morning that he won:

I figured it was time to check the computer, so I logged on to PCHlotto and did the scratch-off. I couldn’t believe it! My wife couldnt believe it either!

John was in such shock, that he decided he had to verify it with customer service!

Then when I got the affidavit in the mail, I knew it was real, he confirms.

John’s plans for the money include getting ahead on some bills, and he hopes to keep playing PCHlotto for years to come.


There are always great ways to win at PCHlotto, each and every day. You can win gift cards, cash, and the huge PCH Bigger Buck$ Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to $3,000,000.00! And of course, you’ll find entries into our amazing SuperPrize!

New PCHlotto Win $10,000 A Week For Life

Just log on to PCHlotto today and either sign on or register to get the game going. You never know if you might just become the next winner we’ll want to interview right here on this very blog!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. I love chatting with winners on the blog. If you were to win, and I were to call you to chat about your winnings, what story would you want to share with me? Tell us in the comments below!

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