Who In Your Life Deserves a PCH Big Check?

Big Check

Today is February 27th, a very big day indeed. Why is that? Because someone will DEFINITELY be winning our GUARANTEED “FOREVER” PRIZE, the prize that keeps on giving and giving year after year. We’re giving away an incredible $5,000 a week for the lifetime of the winner, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the lifetime of someone special chosen by the winner!

Who will today’s big winner be? I’m sure most of you are eagerly awaiting that knock on the door today from the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team. And who wouldn’t be?  Especially if you’ve been entering every chance you get!

Now would be a good time to start thinking about “Who In Your Life Deserves a Big PCH Check?  Should you win our incredible “FOREVER” PRIZE today, not only would you receive $5,000 checks for your life, but after that, you would get to choose a beneficiary who would keep on receiving their own $5,000 checks every week for their lifetime, too!  Who would it be? It could be a family member, a spouse, a dear friend, a lifetime partner, whoever you want. It’s up to you!

WHO DO YOU WISH YOU COULD HELP FINANCIALLY? It would certainly be the ultimate gift, one that would keep on giving and giving!

Think about how you could change someone’s life for the better —the possibilities and opportunities that could open up for them in their lifetime or even in their children’s lifetimes.  The money could pay for anything from a college education, to a dream home or luxury vacations. Or the money could simply help someone to finally get out from under the burden of debt, or to afford the medical care they desperately need, to provide the peace of mind that comes with having money in the bank, the resources to fall back on in times of need.

In the end, it would mean NO MORE MONEY WORRIES for you and for someone special that you choose. While you’re enjoying weekly $5,000 checks yourself, you can also feel good knowing you could end up making a BIG difference in someone else’s life in the future. So if you win “Forever” today, who will YOU choose as your beneficiary? Let us know in the comments section below!

And remember: you can “follow” the Prize Patrol as they deliver the “Forever” prize by checking out Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page or the PCHBlog! We’ll be posting clues and updates throughout the day.

Good luck to you all!

Jane M.

PCH Creative Dept.


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