Fall into Halloween Season with a Game of Spider Solitaire at pch.com Games!


Hello fans and friends!

YES! Fall has arrived, which means cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkins and all things pumpkin spice, and of course, good old-fashion ghoulish fun — like Spider Solitaire at pch.com games.

Out of all the solitaire games out there — Klondike, Freecell,

Tri-peak, Pyramid, etc. — to me, Spider Solitaire is definitely “King” because it’s the most challenging and addicting. (But what do you think? Have you played them all?

The goal of this game is to assemble 13 cards of the same suit, descending from King, Queen, Jack, 10, and all the way to the Ace.

PCH Spider Solitaire


Once you’ve successfully completed the full sequence, the cards move off the board, making room for new stacks to be built. But, what happens when you’re at a card-stacking standstill?

Don’t panic. When you get to a point when you cannot make any more moves, you’ll need to deal yourself a new row of cards; but be warned, these cards will now block other cards in play, which means you’ll have to move these new bottom cards before you can use any cards above them — so, deal new cards sparingly.

PCh Spider Solitaire

Here are some other tips — a simple “how-to” guide to help you win at Spider Solitaire:

  • Empty your columns. The more columns you free up, the more flexibility you have, and the higher your chances are to win.
  • Build on higher-ranking cards first. If you start low, you won’t have much room to build.
  • Expose faced down cards quickly. Flip those “hidden” cards fast by playing off columns with the least amount of card on top.
  • Be fast and efficient. The less moves you make, the more points you earn.
  • Undo your mistakes. Oops! Wish you hadn’t made that last move? Click “undo” at the top and make the right play — it’s better to go back than continue down what could now be a losing path.

Best yet — signing on for a game of Spider Solitaire is the perfect excuse to come inside from the cold and snuggle up to a cup of homemade hot apple cider while you play! What’s better than that?

So, go ahead and get tangled in this web of solitaire-y fun – you deserve it!

Happy Gaming!

Nicole T.
Online Creative

P.S. How will you celebrate Halloween this year? Let PCHSearch&Win help you find a costume, plus decorating ideas and devilishly yummy recipes that will make you the hit of the party.


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