Share your fond BINGO memories with us at PCHplay&win

Bingo memories

Hey, my game-loving chums!

Are you a traditional Bingo fan, like me?  Compared to those big, noisy casinos, there’s just something so warm and friendly about pulling up a chair at the local Bingo hall with game cards, markers and (maybe) a good luck charm in your pocket!

I asked some of my PCH pals to talk about old-time Bingo and how it’s been part of their happy family memories …

Amanda reminisced about her family’s lovely tradition of playing Bingo every New Year’s Eve

“I used to love turning the handle on the Bingo cage and looking to see what number would come out next. And then when all those red chips filled up the board – that was the coolest feeling in the world!”

 I then caught up with Debbie, who smiled as she talked about the annual Bingo Night held in her daughters’ elementary school:

The cafeteria was filled with families, and there were so many prizes –we would play until they were all gone! They sold those giant foam  fingers before the games, and every time a person won, everyone would wave their “fingers,” shouting “One more time”

In fact, here at PCHplay&win, we love BINGO so much we created PCH Instant Bingo just for friends like YOU, so that you can play all day and all night for BIG cash jackpots and INSTANT cash prizes, too!

PCH Instant Bingo

Just like traditional Bingo, it’s easy to play and serious FUN. The big differences are that our jackpots are for thousands of dollars … playing is absolutely FREE – and every time your card gets a “BINGO,” you get a PCH Sweepstakes entry for stupendous prizes – we’re talking Millions of Dollars here, people.

But, getting back to my original question: what about YOU, my friends? Can you share how playing friendly, old-fashioned games of BINGO played a part of YOUR family tradition? We’d be thrilled if you’d add your memories below!

Did you know that the game of BINGO has roots dating back to the 1500s? Well, it’s still going strong in 2014 at PCH Instant Bingo, so be sure to check it out!

Let’s BINGO!


PCH Creative

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