WOW! So Many Publishers Clearing House Winners This Month!

Hello fans! By now you all should know just how much we LOVE making our fans big winners here at PCH. Can you believe that so far for the month of April we already had over 800 lucky Publishers Clearing House winners?! How exciting is that? These folks won some great prizes all while playing some of our super fun (and super addictive) games on our family of Play & Win sites.

Not only was the amount of winners exciting, the prize amount total was even more stupendous! Overall we awarded more than $21,000 in prizes! That’s a lot of dough!

So, who are these lucky folks you may ask? Well, let’s take a few minutes to congratulate some of the big winners from PCHGames, PCHlottoPCHInstant BingoPCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App!

PCH Games

Playing for the chance to win has never been so exciting! You’ll have hours of fun with great games like Sudoku, Word Search, Jigsaw Deluxe and more!


So while you are getting your game on, let’s congratulate some of the winners from this month!

Kathy  V.        Iowa Falls, IA                     $500.00
Diane H.        Waterford, CT                       $250.00
Richard K.     Liberty, MO                            $250.00
Anna  Y.        Port St Lucie, FL                  $250.00
Linda  S.        Canton, CT                           $250.00
Richard R.     Sulphur Springs,TX                   $250.00
Cathy H.        Canton, GA                           $250.00
Allan   S.        Glastonbury, CT                   $250.00
Shelley R.     Sioux Falls, SD                    $50.00
Teresa D.       Ankeny, IA                            $50.00


Feeling lucky? Take a chance at one of our 100% FREE and 100% FUN lotto cards! Try one of our daily cards, or even the all-time favorite Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!

PCHLotto Bigger Bucks Millions

So, while you decide which one of our cards is your favorite, let’s take a minute to congratulate some of our newest winners!

Elaine H.         Union Grove, WI                  $50.00
Catherine B. Lake Worth, FL                     $50.00
Robert C.       Miami, FL                               $10.00
Tamara W.     Stone Mountain, GA           $10.00
Richard B.     Brookville, PA                       $10.00
Elisabeth H.  Farmington, NY                    $10.00
Bonnie B.      Janesville, WI                       $10.00
Moses M.       Lubbock, TX                          $10.00
John   C.        West Homestead, PA          $10.00
Forrest M.      Kimberling City, MO            $10.00

PCHInstant Bingo

Love the traditional “Bingo Hall” game? If so, then you’ll LOVE the PCH version! Get ready to yell BINGO and you could have your shot at winning INSTANTLY!

PCH Instant Bingo

Let’s give a shout out to some of April’s big winners:

Benjamin L.   Lubbock, TX              $150.00
Joann L.          Osceola, WI               $100.00
Diane R.        Lebanon, ME               $50.00
Brenda C.      Columbia, SC           $50.00
Kim W.            Chesterfield, MI         $20.00
Therese V.      Norwalk, CT               $20.00
Robert S.        Cincinnati, OH          $20.00
April    W.      Clarendon, PA          $20.00
Janet  F.        Crestview, FL             $20.00
Hubert C.        Falkville, AL             $20.00

PCH Blackjack

Want a chance to win up to $25,000.00 INSTANTLY? If you play your cards right, you could end up one of next month’s big winners with the exciting, high-stakes PCHBlackjack!


Congrats to some of this month’s lucky winners!

Bo G.          Burleson, TX         $100.00
Judith Y.        Surprise, AZ         $50.00
Ray C.          Orlando, FL          $50.00
Don    D        Obetz, OH            $10 Gift Card
Danielle G.     Enosburg Falls, VT  $10 Gift Card
Tammy F.        Georgetown, KY       $10 Gift Card
Janelle S.     Kearney, NE          $10 Gift Card
Robert V.     Byfield, MA          $10 Gift Card
Joseph W.     Westminster, CO     $10 Gift Card
Patricia M.    Las Vegas, NV       $10 Gift Card

PCH Cash Slots App

Always on the go, but LOVE the idea of FREE online slots? If you’re like me you probably have your mobile device on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Lucky for you, the PCHSlots app is available right on your iPhone or Android device for fun anytime, anywhere!

PCH Cash Slots

Let’s give a huge shout out to some of the winners this month!

Brooke P.               Amelia, VA           $100.00
Kenneth B.              Killeen, TX          $20 Gift Card
Candace M.              Grand Prairie, TX    $20 Gift Card
Michael P.              Saint Ann, MO        $20 Gift Card
Deidra D.               Centerville, LA      $10 Gift Card
Kelly E.                New Lisbon, WI       $10 Gift Card
Chance C.               Snowflake, AZ        $10 Gift Card
Rebecca J.              Orange City, FL      $10 Gift Card
Darlene R.              Hawthorne, CA        $10 Gift Card
Brittany M.             Philadelphia, PA     $10 Gift Card

WOW! Look at all of these lucky Publishers Clearing House winners! So what are you waiting for? Start playing RIGHT NOW. Oh, and remember that ALL of our games are 100% FREE to play, always. With so many games to choose from you are bound to find the one that is perfect for you! And you never know, you could end up seeing YOUR name on this list next month.

Best Of luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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