PCHlotto PowerPrize Insider News For Fans!

Hey Blog Readers,

Just recently I got the amazing opportunity to interview the very talented Product Manager, Alex D. – and get a behind the scenes look at the PCHlotto PowerPrize ! I also scored some “secret” intel about what’s coming next, so keep on reading!

Laurel: So Alex, first things first… How long have you been on the PCHlotto team?

ALEX: I’ve been with PCH just over 3 years and joined the lotto team about 9 months ago.

Laurel: Wow, 9 months and you’ve done so much already! You must really love PCHlotto… what’s your favorite thing about the site?

ALEX: It’s free to play and that we have winners everyday!

Laurel: I bet that’s what our fans love most, too! And speaking of what fans love… tell me, how did the team come up with the idea of having a PowerPrize?

ALEX: Well, after our last very successful Bigger Bucks promotion we wanted to do something bigger. Something that grew by larger increments and to a much larger prize over time. PowerPrize allows us to offer those larger jackpots to our players.


Laurel: Interesting — can you tell me more about why they should be excited about the PowerPrize? 

ALEX: Because they get multiple entries per day (up to 12 if you play on Desktop, mobile web and in the app) and seven days’ worth of entries for the weekly drawing for or largest (and growing) jackpot ever!

Laurel: That’s amazing! But, tell me, are there any stories you can share about creating the PowerPrize for our fans at home who really want to get “behind the scenes”?

ALEX: Oh yes, as with any development effort, we went back and forth on fonts and colors for the logo and definitely had many other names before we settled on PowerPrize. The logo was in fact green and blue until about a month before release.

Laurel: Sounds like there were lots of details to iron out… but what about the basics like the Power # Match Game?

ALEX: The power # match game can be played after your daytime lotto cards for a shot at $10,000 instantly, and after your Twilight cards for a shot at $20,000 instantly ($25,000 in the Lotto App)!

Thank you so much for this very informative interview, Alex!

Fans at home – comment below and let Alex know you liked hearing him! And if you want to win the PCHlotto PowerPrize, make sure you play as often as you can! Remember, drawings are every Thursday and if there is no winner of the PowerPrize jackpot, it will increase by just over $26,000 every week.

Happy Number Picking!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. I asked Alex if there is anything else coming up soon, and here’s what he had to say…

Yes, there is an exciting new PCH site in the works for fans that want to ‘play all day’!

Can you guess what it is? Keep your eyes open for updates!

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