All About PCHgames Pro Gamer Status and the Prize Vault

What is a pro gamer? It’s the BRAND NEW elite status you can earn every month by playing games at PCHgames! It means you’re big time, a true token taker, upping your game to the next level. In addition to all of the bragging rights of being a Pro Gamer, it also comes with special access to win up to $2,500.00 instantly!
If that wasn’t great enough, remember: like everything Publishers Clearing House has to offer, it’s always free to play at PCHgames!
So, the big question here is: “How do I become a Pro Gamer and get a chance to win up to $2,500?”

Pro Gamer Prize Vault

There answer here is simple. You can play your way to success. Just like you’ve been doing, playing games on PCHgames will move you closer and closer to earning that Pro Gamer status. As soon as you’ve played 50 games each month, you will unlock the Pro Gamer Prize Vault! Once a day, every day for the rest of that month, you can try the Prize Vault for your chance to win up to $2,500 instantly.

PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault

How does the Prize Vault work?
When you’ve unlocked the prize vault, every day for the rest of that month you’ll have the opportunity to become an instant winner! The first thing you’ll need to do is enter 4 digits by clicking on the keypad on the front of the vault. You can put in whatever numbers you’d like – birthdays, lucky numbers, that day’s date, something simple like 1-2-3-4, or even all zeros! If you’re happy with the numbers you put in (remember, you can always hit that green CLEAR ENTRY button and start over) click on the handle to the safe! It will crank open, and reveal the contents of the Prize Vault!

PCHgames Player Rating

You don’t need to worry about playing 50 games all in one day to become a Pro Gamer. Keep in mind though that every month the Pro Gamer status needs to be earned to unlock the Prize Vault. And the earlier in the month you hit your 50 games, the more days you have left in that month to play the Prize Vault for a chance to win instantly!

So, have you become a Pro Gamer yet? What do you think of the Prize Vault? Let us know in the comments!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
Game Designer

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