It “Pays” To Play More At PCH!

Hi there PCH gamers! Playing games at all our PCH sites is always easy, fun and FREE! But, did you know that we have special rewards in store for our most frequent players? It’s true! Our most frequent players qualify for VIP programs, which means additional prize opportunities. I guess you could say that it “pays” to play more at PCH. Read on to find out how to reach VIP status and maximize your chances to win at your favorite PCH sites! Loyalty program

At, the PCHRewards Loyalty Program has rewards for fans of every level! As you know, is all about playing games, entering sweepstakes, winning prizes and earning tokens! The more you do those things, the more you can get rewarded. You see, your token totals count towards your Loyalty Program Status — the higher your status, the better the rewards! There are eight loyalty statuses in all. Start with Bronze, and work your way up to Black Diamond by doing what you love and enjoy more rewards for each level you reach.

PCHlotto MVP Card

At PCHlotto, you can become a PCHlotto MVP when you play 20 or more cards at PCHlotto within 7 days. With all the amazing themed PCHlotto cards, that’s easy (and fun) to do! Once you become a PCHlotto MVP, you can get access to THREE additional daytime cards at, where a $100 winner is guaranteed every day. If you love PCHlotto (and who doesn’t) this is definitely not to be missed!

PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault

At PCHgames you can become a Pro Gamer by playing 50+ games from our Token Game section in any given month, and get a daily chance to unlock up to $2500 instantly in the Pro Gamer Prize Vault. Become a Pro Gamer early in the month to maximize your opportunities all month long.

Wow! With all these great opportunities for VIPS, it really does “pay” to play more at PCH! So don’t wait – head on over to, PCHlotto and PCHgames and get rewarded now!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative.

P.S. Did you know you can also get rewarded for searching at PCHSearch&Win? The most frequent searchers through the PCHSearch&Win email program can expect special notices featuring SuperSearcher rewards  like additional SuperPrize entries and special sweepstakes for VIPs only!

PCHSearch&Win SuperSearcher

If You Want More Luck, Take More Chances!

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Download Mobile Games Now And Win Real Cash from PCH!

OK — Who’s ready to hit the jackpot? Right now, we’re giving away $1,000.00, $2,500.00 and even $5,000.00 to PCH fans who love gaming on the go! If that’s YOU, then it’s time to download mobile games now! PCH CASH SLOTS is a great place to start. It features 15 pay lines, exciting bonus symbols and [read more…]

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