Treasure Hunt Tricks & Tips – PCHgames Practice Rounds Begin!

Are you ready for our deep dive into Treasure Hunt?

It’s our next tournament game, and practice rounds at PCHGames are starting today! Did you know that you can earn 10X tokens on every game of Treasure Hunt you complete from now until 4/30? Amazing!

But what if you feel like you can’t make much of a splash while playing Treasure Hunt? Well, read over these Treasure Hunt tricks & tips and you could be making waves with your score (and earning tokens!) in no time!

  • While we call this a “match 3” game, it’s best to match 4 or 5 objects together. A 3 item set will earn you 20 points, but a 4-set is worth 50, and a 5-set is worth 100 points!
    • Want to go bigger? You can do a match 7 for a whopping 200 points!
    • Move around the pieces to set up different combos!
      • You can shift 2 items for a match 3 with a net gain of zero points. This may change parts of the board to allow you to see other close matches.
      • You can move up to 5 items to make a match 5 AND STILL increase your score.
      • I like to work from the bottom of the board to the top. When you make a match at the bottom, new items fall in from the top, giving you a bigger chance to line up easy combos.
      • Work quickly! That two-minute per round time limit waits for no one!

Still not sure what to look for? Take a peek at these high-value combination layouts.

Yes, you could move a ring from the top row left or right, buy why not move the ring from the bottom row up? Keep in mind, this pattern can also be vertical.Treasure Hunt Tips

If you move a pearl up, you’d have a match 4, BUT if you move the pearl on the right in, you get a match 5 for 100 points!

 Treasure Hunt Tips

If you can move a few items into the same shape as these coins, you’ll be able to score the biggest combo in the game. Just move the coin on the left in line with the rest of the coins!

Treasure Hunt Hints

So what do you think? Are you going to try out these Treasure Hunt tips for yourself? Remember the Practice Rounds at PCHgames start TODAY and only run until April 30th! Practice now to test how “ship” shape you are for the cash prize event!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Greg L.
PCHGames Designer

P.S. Do you have any other cool hints or moves you could recommend? Comment below!

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