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Celebrate the Month in Winning at PCHPlay&Win!

WOW! Real people DO win at PCH! And LOTS of them!

We gave away a total of over 46,000 prizes in March on PCHGames, PCHSlots, PCH Instant Bingo, PCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App. Needless to say, it’s been quite an AMAZING month of winning and we wanted to congratulate just a few of our winners here on the blog!


At PCHGames, we give away amazing instant prizes every single day. All you have to do to be eligible to win is to log into your PCH account and play to your heart’s desire! Choose from games like Mah Jongg Dimensions, Jigsaw Deluxe and many more Instant Win and Token Games! Try it today!

Month in Winning_PCHGames

Here are just a few of our PCHgames winners from March:

 Matthew M.    Clymer, NY
Michelle R.    Philadelphia, PA
Tammy K.    Altoona, PA
Peggy L.    Camdenton, MO
Priscilla L.    West Barnstable, MA
Tokilupe L.    Carmel Valley, CA
Gregory S.    Zanesville, OH
Doug S.        Westminster, CO
Diane D.    Paramus, NJ

Joshua C.    Kenton, OH
Paola A.    Farmingdale, NY
Helen J.     West Islip, NY
Dorothy P.    Owensboro, KY
Susan T.    Belt, MT
Albert S.    Freehold, NJ



How can you win BIG MONEY with just one click? With PCH’s Cash Slots, you can play for the chance to win $2,500.00 from the comfort of your own home. Imagine … all the excitement of a real casino, with games like Heaven’s Sevens, Winning in Wonderland and Aztec Wilds. So, come on … spin … and you could win right NOW!

Month in Winning_PCHSlots

And a few of our lucky March PCHslots winners are:

 Caroline L.    West Haven, CT
Tammy O.    Rogersville, TN
Sue N.        Petersburg, IN
Toni D.        Aliquippa, PA
Brenda W.    Fort Worth, TX
Donnie C.    Sacramento, CA
Gloria F.    Detroit, MI
Scott W.    Arlington, WA
Edward G.    Belvedere, IL
Richard D.    Cape Coral, FL
Patricia D.    Jackson, MS
Rodolfo C.    Bremerton, WA
Ronald P.    Webster, MA
Ray S.        Fargo, ND
Robin C.    Lake Havasu City, AZ

PCH Instant Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? Playing Bingo at your local social hall can be so much fun, but quite honestly, it can get expensive buying all those Bingo cards! PCH Instant Bingo is absolutely FREE to play… and you could win over $1,000.00 instantly! The faster you get a “BINGO,” the more cash you can win! Check it out now!

Month in Winning_Instant Bingo

Here are some lucky folks who won Instant Bingo prizes in March:

Jennifer M.    Englewood, CO
Adam T.        Elk Grove Village, IL
Wilson G.    Merced, CA
Jaclynn J.    Ogunquit, ME
Robert O.    Klingman, AZ
Laural P.    San Bernadino, CA
Donna S.    Nyack, NY
Paul P.        Hansville, WA
Carrie B.    Mechanicsburg, PA
Tim L.        Menifee, CA
Leslie R.    Orlando, FL
Doug B.        Lakewood, CO
Terry M.    Ashland, OH
Barbara L.    Mount Vernon, ME
Frederick G.    New Hope, MN

PCH Blackjack

Can’t get enough of Las Vegas-style gaming action? Try this casino favorite, and you could win up to $25,000.00 instantly! This is the largest instant win prize amount being offered by Publishers Clearing House online!  The object? Get a higher combined total than the dealer without going over 21 … get deal a total of 21 in your first two cards, you get a Blackjack! Try it now – and good luck!

Month in Winning_PCHBlackjack

Congratulations to these March Blackjack winners:

Brian V.    St. Louis, MO
Roberta B.    Tallahassee, FL
Clinton M.    Oakboro, NC
Catherine L.    Deerfield Beach, FL
Kennedy M.    Durham, NC
Susan S.    Kenosha, WI
Leticia V.    Yuba City, CA
Kevin W.    Fridley, MN
George G.    Coalton, OH
Robin C.    Idaho Falls, ID
Harold A.    Ballwin, MO
Marcel J.    Wayne, MI
Mark W.        Gardendale, AL
Michelle E.    McKenzie, TN
Fred A.        Sandy, UT

PCH Cash Slots App

If you love playing free slots online at PCHSlots, you’re going to love playing slots on your Smartphone with this cool app. The Play&Win Cash Slots App is your newest way to win REAL CASH PRIZES from the comfort of your own phone! Download it now for either your iPhone or Android device!

Month in Winning_PCH Cash Slots App

Winning was so “app”-ealing for these March PCH Cash Slots players:

Jason T.    Green River, WY
Kathi W.    Fayetteville, AR
Brenda H.    Sesser, IL
Johnnie S.    Philadelphia, PA
Melissa H.    Rose Bud, AR
Megan W.    Decatur, IL
Nicole R.    Rochester, NH
Frankie Y.    San Francisco, CA
Amanda T.    Monroe, NC
Andranika J.    Tuskegee Institute, AL
Mark W.        Lemoore, CA
Anita G.    Tucson, AZ
Trina C.    Brookshire, TX
Frank H.    Lady Lake, FL
Elizabeth W.    Wilmington, DE

My, oh my! What a month in winning at PCHPlay&Win! And remember there were over 46,000 in all! A huge round of applause to each and every one of our lucky winners!

Want to be included in our next winners’ list? Log in and start playing now at all the sites above for your chance to win!

Happy Gaming!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite place to play at Publishers Clearing House? Comment below!

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PCH Instant Bingo From A Winner’s Point Of View!

PCH Instant Bingo

Hey PCH Fans!

Just recently, something very special happened at PCH Instant Bingo, and I’m so excited to tell you about it! Another PCH Gamer has won the PCH Instant Bingo Jackpot! That’s right, Mona D. Of Monticello, MN is our new Bingo Progressive Jackpot Winner who won an awesome $3,960.00! That sure is a lot of money to win just by having fun playing Bingo! All of us at PCH would like to give another round of CONGRATULATIONS to Mona D. for winning such an amazing prize!

We were lucky enough to speak with Instant Bingo Jackpot Winner Mona D. about her recent win and what it meant to her! Mona told us that she first began playing PCH Bingo after it debuted on the website, and now she plays pretty much every single day! I can definitely see how an awesome game like this could get addicting! I was very happy to hear that this was Mona’s very first time winning big. It’s always nice to have a brand new winner. Since we at PCH are always looking for ways we can improve your PCH experience, I asked Mona what she liked most about PCH Instant Bingo. She went on to say that it’s really fun, it always works well, and it doesn’t take too long to play! All very true, and we were happy to hear such positive feedback from our winner!

If you want to be a winner just like Mona, all you have to do is play the game! The quicker your game card reaches bingo, the closer you get to being entered to win fabulous cash and prizes! Our winner, Mona, went one step further with her winning and went for the JACKPOT! If you too want to win the jackpot, all you have to do is go through your game cards, (you get 5!), and hope that mixed in with your bingo balls are the letters to spell out the word JACKPOT! If you get all 7 letters in the word jackpot throughout your 5 game cards, you win the jackpot shown!

Instant Bingo

As you can see in the picture above, I have only gotten the letter C and the letter P so far to spell out the word Jackpot! Even though I can’t win because I work here, if I were to get all the letters, my prize would be $1,441! The jackpot changes all the time, so you’ll be playing for a different amount every time you play!

PCH Instant Bingo is a really fun and easy way for you to not only enjoy the game of bingo, but also gain entries to win cash and prizes! If all goes well, you may even end your game as a winner just like Mona D.!

As always, good luck and happy gaming!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us if you’ve gone for the jackpot! What letters did you find?

Sneak Peek At PCH’s New Free Online Bingo — Instant Bingo!


Bingo lovers, have we got a surprise for you! In the coming weeks, Play&Win will be launching an exciting new Web site — the latest way to win big money  with Publishers Clearing House. It’s called PCH Instant Bingo, and though I can’t give away everything yet, here’s a sneak peek!

Just like regular Bingo and some free online Bingo, PCH Play&Win’s online PCH Instant Bingo will offer you the chance to win CASH! But unlike normal Bingo, which uses balls in cages to call the numbers, with Instant Bingo the numbers are drawn at random and the card is marked for you. It’s faster, cleaner (no messy dabbing), and human error-free. Not to mention FREE in a very important way — you never have to pay to play! Your virtual wallet stays closed, and that’s good for your actual wallet! (I love “FREE,” don’t you?)

You know what else is good for your wallet? Winning cash! And with PCH Instant Bingo, there are multiple ways to do just that!  I can’t reveal ALL of them right now, but I will tell you about my personal favorite…


What’s that? Well every day you play, you could collect J-A-C-K-P-O-T letters. And if you collect all the letters over the course of a week, you could win the progressive jackpot…anywhere from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00! Whoa big money!

PCH Instant Bingo will be launching in just a few weeks, so if free online Bingo is your “thing-o,” keep checking back here at the PCH Play & Win Blog for all the latest!

I’m looking forward to it — hope you are, too!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. TOURNAMENT REMINDER: Today is the PCHgames Klondike Solitaire Gold Tournament! Go play now… you could win up to $1,000.00! And remember — two random tournament winners will also get $150.00 each just for playing!

Love Free Online Bingo? Come To The Bingo Party At PCHGames!

Some people are just crazy about Bingo! My brother-in-law is one of them. Every time there’s a game at his local VFW Bingo hall, he’s there like he owns the place! And he’s lucky, too. I never knew anyone who can win like he does!

Now I’ve heard that people arrange mementos and photos on the table in front of them to bring them luck. Sounds like something I would do!

But my brother-in-law doesn’t rely on talismans. His philosophy is simple: you can’t win if you don’t play. Get in the game regularly, learn how many cards you can manage at once, and understand that Bingo is, after all, a game of chance. No need for complex rules or strategizing. Just sit back with your cards and let the Bingo Balls bounce.

I bet he — and you! — would love PCHgames’ FREE Online Bingo — Bingo Party!

Bingo Party is everything you love about Bingo right on your computer! It’s got real-time multiplayer action, huge token jackpots, and the chance to WIN A WEEKLY CASH JACKPOT OF $250.00! And did I mention it’s FREE! What’s not to love?

Plus, Bingo Party is EASY! At the beginning of each round, simply select the Bingo Room you want to join and choose how many cards (up to 12) you want to play. (If you’re not already registered, you’ll have to fill out a quick form). Then trade in some tokens to get in the game!

As each number is called, your cards will be “dabbed” automatically. Be the first to have your card(s) match the “Winning Configuration” for that game, and you’ll win the Token Prize. PLUS if you get Bingo in less than the specified calls for that “Winning Configuration,” you win $250.00 INSTANTLY!

Best of all, you don’t have to “call” Bingo to win. The game will call it for you!

So sit yourself down, arrange your lucky talismans, and start playing our free online Bingo game, Bingo Party, at PCHgames! With huge token jackpots and chances to WIN CASH INSTANTLY, you won’t be able to stop playing!

Happy “dabbing!”

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Wondering about tokens? Tokens are PCHPlay&Win virtual currency — they can be accumulated and redeemed for entries into other sweepstakes on PCHgames. When you play Bingo Party, you’ll get chances to score MORE tokens with the special slots game-inside-the-game! Tokens you gain are automatically added to your account.

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