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All About PCHgames Pro Gamer Status and the Prize Vault

What is a pro gamer? It’s the BRAND NEW elite status you can earn every month by playing games at PCHgames! It means you’re big time, a true token taker, upping your game to the next level. In addition to all of the bragging rights of being a Pro Gamer, it also comes with special access to win up to $2,500.00 instantly!
If that wasn’t great enough, remember: like everything Publishers Clearing House has to offer, it’s always free to play at PCHgames!
So, the big question here is: “How do I become a Pro Gamer and get a chance to win up to $2,500?”

Pro Gamer Prize Vault

There answer here is simple. You can play your way to success. Just like you’ve been doing, playing games on PCHgames will move you closer and closer to earning that Pro Gamer status. As soon as you’ve played 50 games each month, you will unlock the Pro Gamer Prize Vault! Once a day, every day for the rest of that month, you can try the Prize Vault for your chance to win up to $2,500 instantly.

PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault

How does the Prize Vault work?
When you’ve unlocked the prize vault, every day for the rest of that month you’ll have the opportunity to become an instant winner! The first thing you’ll need to do is enter 4 digits by clicking on the keypad on the front of the vault. You can put in whatever numbers you’d like – birthdays, lucky numbers, that day’s date, something simple like 1-2-3-4, or even all zeros! If you’re happy with the numbers you put in (remember, you can always hit that green CLEAR ENTRY button and start over) click on the handle to the safe! It will crank open, and reveal the contents of the Prize Vault!

PCHgames Player Rating

You don’t need to worry about playing 50 games all in one day to become a Pro Gamer. Keep in mind though that every month the Pro Gamer status needs to be earned to unlock the Prize Vault. And the earlier in the month you hit your 50 games, the more days you have left in that month to play the Prize Vault for a chance to win instantly!

So, have you become a Pro Gamer yet? What do you think of the Prize Vault? Let us know in the comments!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
Game Designer

Introducing the Newest game on PCHgames: Cribbage!

PCH Cribbage

Hey there, PCHgamers! Some of you may have noticed our newest card game Cribbage on PCHgames. The game is super fun, but it could be a bit challenging for new players, so we wanted to put together the ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide to help you all along. Read on and up your game!

The first thing to know is that there are 2 roles you will play during Cribbage – the Dealer and the Pone. When you’re the Dealer, you get to score an extra hand (called the “Crib”) made up of 2 cards from your hand and two from your opponent’s.  When you’re the Pone, it’s your opponent’s turn to score more. Here’s a big hint: Never put matching cards, cards that add up to 15, or two sequential cards into the crib when you are the Pone. Most of your points will be scored during this part of the game, so it’s very important to put the right cards in the crib.

How to Play Cribbage

Figure 1: Dealer. We will put the 3 and 8 into the crib, because Ace-Four-Ten and Ace-Four-King can both be counted as a ’15′.

Figure 2: Pone. Here, we give our opponent the 9 and the Jack. Although there's a 1 in 4 chance our opponent gets one peg for the Jack, we're sure to get points for 2 sets of pairs.

Figure 2: Pone. Here, we give our opponent the 9 and the Jack. Although there’s a 1 in 4 chance our opponent gets one peg for the Jack, we’re sure to get points for 2 sets of pairs.

Now the goal of the game is to reach 31 without going over. While you play, you may notice that the pegs jump to show huge distances sometimes, and tiny increments at other times. Wondering why that is? Your score is actually represented by whichever peg is furthest along the track. When you score points, the back peg is counted with the correct number of spaces, and then becomes the front peg. Better moves (or scoring multiple ways at once) show a more impressive, expansive gap.

Want to know how to score the most points? Here’s a list of all the moves that will score you points. This is called “pegging”.

  • ‘Go’ (opponent can’t play anymore) = 1 peg
  • Reaching 15 = 2 pegs
  • Reaching 31 = 2 pegs
  • Pair = 2 pegs
  • Run (sequence of 3 cards) = 3 pegs
  • 4 card run = 4 pegs
  • 5 card run = 5 pegs
  • Triplet = 6 pegs
  • Four of a kind = 12 pegs

But that’s not the only way to score points! The following moves will score you points when the hands are counted.

  • Run = 1 peg per card (minimum 3 pegs)
  • “His Nobs” (This is the jack that matches suit with the card flipped from the deck) = 1 peg
  • Any combination of 15 = 2 pegs for each possible combination
  • Pair = 2 pegs for each possible pair
  • Flush (all 4 cards in the same suit) = 4 pegs
  • Flush (all 4 cards in the same suit as the first card flipped from the deck) = 5 pegs
  • Triplet = 6 pegs
  • 4 of a Kind = 12 pegs

10 is the most common valued card your opponent will have. Here’s another big tip: Try not to start play with a 5 because of this.

Figure 3: Scoring the hands and the crib.

Figure 3: Scoring the hands and the crib.

Knowing that Cribbage can sometimes be difficult for beginners, we’ve set the token scores to be forgiving. So don’t let the challenge discourage you, because most players should still be able to earn tokens even if they are defeated. And with practice (and some of these helpful tips!), you’re sure to only get better and better. So c’mon give it a try today, if you haven’t already and be sure to tell your friends and fellow gamers about it too!

As always, good luck and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
PCHgames Game Designer

P.S. Do you have any tips on playing Cribbage? Any great memories of playing the game with a deck of cards? Let us know in the comments below!

Do You Believe in Horoscopes?

Becoming a Publishers Clearing House Winner Might be Written in the Stars!

Do you believe in horoscopes

Are you like me, and you wake up wondering what is going to happen in the day ahead?  Maybe you wish you could have a preview of what to expect during the day, like you do for a lot of other things in life.

If you want to know how to dress, you look at the weather forecast:

“Oh, today is going to be 90° F? Then I’d better wear a shirt with short sleeves!

When you want to know what to expect at work, you look at your calendar:

A meeting with my boss at 10am? I’d better bring a notepad!

But if you want info on what to anticipate in other areas of your life, you may be into reading horoscopes!

Horoscopes are daily fortunes that are written for each of the 12 Zodiac star signs. Everybody has his or her own sign; it all depends on the date you were born. These fortunes are based on the position of the planets, the placement of stars in the sky, and a number of other factors.

Do you believe in horoscopes? They say you can learn much about yourself while studying your individual star sign. Some people swear by horoscopes, depending on them to help plan their day or even make life decisions. Other people just read them for fun, and like to test their accuracy against what really happens during the day!

Here’s the good news: no one star sign is better than others. Any one of them can run into good luck!

You might be one of our PCHgames faithful players, and you know that sometimes winning a game can be the luck of the draw.


In fact, many of our blog readers have told us they believe in luck. Some carry lucky charms. Others just think positively. But plenty believe sometimes things don’t just happen by chance!

But what if your horoscope that morning said today would be especially lucky for you? Do you think maybe, just maybe, you might try your hand at an extra round of games at PCHgames? Why not, right? You never know!

One great horoscope source that we can recommend is PCH Frontpage – the Homepage for Winners! At the top of the page you’ll find your horoscope for the day! Just click the drop-down box in the upper right, choose the correct sign, and you’ll find all sorts of fortunes on topics like Money, Work, Love, etc!

So whether you believe in horoscopes or not, why not give them a read and see what the stars have in store for you today. And when you’re done, go over to PCHgames and try you hand at some of our fantastic games, like Tri-Peaks Solitaire, 3-Point Shootout and others! You never know,  “the heavens” might just be on your side!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your sign? Are you a regular horoscope reader? Tell us in the comments below!

Throwback Thursday: How PCHgames Became Better Than Ever!

Did you catch our last Throwback Thursday for PCHgames? We talked all about how your favorite free gaming site has changed over the years. And because there have been so many improvements along the way, we’re back with more to show you!

Take a look below to see how the game layout looked back in 2012. Do you notice how some of the core features like the Token Payouts, Five Word Reviews, and of course that all-important PLAY NOW button are hidden behind tabs and use a tiny font?

PW_PCHgames 2012

In the top right corner, you can see a “Spin Now!” pop-up, encouraging you to play the Instant Win wheel. Would you believe me when I said that was the ONLY Instant Win Chance we had at the time? Today, between the Instant Win Path and our entire category of Instant Win games, we have nearly a dozen ways for you to win EVERY DAY!

Now let’s look at our site today.

Huge, bright, PLAY NOW button? Check.
Clear Token Payouts? Check.
5 Word Reviews? “Good Luck to All Players!” (Check.)

PW_PCHgames New and Improved

What do YOU think? It looks a lot better, right?

Before we take a trip down memory lane with the games themselves, let’s look a closer look at the Token Payout tables. In the table below, we can see how the old site awarded tokens. Let’s see, 7 tiers of tokens, paying out between 5 and 50 tokens per play. Not a bad range, and plenty of tokens for our top players, right?

PW_Throwback Thursday Token Count

Well, we here at PCHgames weren’t satisfied. We wanted to reward all of our players with more tokens across the board, especially those who have built up their gaming skills! If we look below, we can see that now the token rewards BEGIN with a 50 token payout, and top out at 250 Tokens! How great is that?

PW_New and Improved PCHgames Token Payouts

Finally, let’s take a look back at how the games themselves were presented. If we look below, we can see Prize Patrol Party game relegated to the left side of the screen, wedged in by a lot of other noise and images.

PW_Throwback Thursday PCHgames

How does that same game look today? Well, it’s front and center, just like it should be! Our new clean design allows you better access to all of your old favorites and the new classic games. Plus, Prize Patrol Party has been upgraded as well! It now has a daily chance to win $100 instantly!

PW_PCHgames Prize Patrol Party

PCHgames has come a long way in just a few years, wouldn’t you say so? What have been YOUR favorite changes to the site over the years? Tell us in the comments section below!

As always, good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
PCHgames Gem Designer

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