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PCHlotto is “Making a Scene” With Manager Lesley S.

Hey Blog Readers,

Just recently, I had the pleasure of joining PCHlotto Manager, Lesley S., at a very special video shoot — and I want to give you a front row seat for all the excitement, too!

So come “on set” with me take a look at …


Doesn’t Lesley S. look fantastic?   And the way the light hits her just right … it looks like she’s out in the sun, doesn’t it?  But — here’s a secret — we were inside the WHOLE TIME!  Can you believe it?!?  Our video team used special lights to make the sunshine appear like magic!



Lesley S. did TWO video shoots in one day, so she had to change outfits in between to look different on camera.  Both looks are so beautiful I can’t decide which one I like better…can you?  Would you believe there’s a team that works together to pick out the wardrobe for our videos?  It’s amazing!  I can barely get myself dressed in the morning, let alone pick out such perfect styles for someone else!  But they do it all the time — and as you can see, they’re great at what they do!  :)


See that green “T” near Lesley’s feet?  That’s called “The Mark”.  Lesley S. had to stand there the whole time so the camera could film her properly…

And speaking of the camera…even though you’re on set, sometimes you just want to see what a shot would look like on TV…so there’s always a monitor close by.

PCHlotto Video Shoots

Looking at the TV, you can tell that Lesley’s always on “the mark”!


There’s lots of on-set action that you won’t see in video, blog readers, like touch-ups:


And surprise SPECIAL GUEST visits like this one from my favorite female Prize Patrol Elite Team Member Danielle Lam…


We were SO happy to have Danielle stop by … and I’m so glad I got this photo because these PCH ladies are picture perfect!


That’s a wrap for my behind the scenes look at Lesley S. and our video shoot.  I hope you enjoyed the “show”! Remember to keep on playing your PCHlotto cards and you could see a new video real soon.

Happy Gaming!
Laurel U.
PCH Creative

My Favorite Games at PCHgames: A Designer’s Perspective

Hi there gamers!

I’ve been a game designer for PCHgames for the past 3 years, and one of the biggest questions I get is: “What games do you like to play?” Well, wonder no more! I’ve picked one favorite game per category, and I hope you find these games as fun as I do.

 Daily Instant Win Games:

Since I had a strong hand in designing all of the instant win games, this question feels a little like picking your favorite of all of your children. But since it was the FIRST daily instant win game our team worked on, Sunken Treasures outshines the others by just a hair for me. And what makes it even better is that all of you liked it too! Based on your request, we even built it into a full game! As you can see below, the design came a long way from our initial concept art.

Final artwork for Sunken Treasures!

Final artwork for Sunken Treasures!

Favorite Games_Sunken Treasures

Instant Win Games:

My favorite of the instant win games has to be Up & Down Words.

This game is a little more on the difficult side, but when you get it, boy do you feel clever! If you get stuck, go ahead and use a clue! It won’t be held against you – plus it gets you to that $250 instant win chance faster!

Favorite Games Up & Down Words

Arcade Games:

 Out of all our fun arcade games, Monkey Gems has me going bananas (in a GOOD way!) This game is balanced really well. It’s just enough of a challenge for new players, but also lets veterans set up high scoring combo chains. I like unlocking the different chapters as you play though for the first few times. It’s much better than simply choosing “Easy, Medium, or Difficult” when you start. It teaches the tutorial very clearly, and had a great character – BenBen!

Favorite Games Monkey Gems

Card Games: 

Card games are known to be quite addicting, and Addiction Solitaire gets me every time! This game is proof of one of the best design concepts: easy to master, hard to win. I spent a lot of time with the Quality Assurance end of this game, and never felt overly frustrated by playing session after session. Even in a bad game, you feel like you made good progress, and are only a click away from playing again!

Favorite Games_Addiction Solitaire

Casino Games:

This next game must have been sent from heaven! Yes, you guessed it…I’m talking about Heaven’s Sevens. Remember that article about my average day at PCH?  This was one of the games we were updating during that time! Although this game originally came from PCHSlots and has only been on our site for a little while, we’ve been doing a lot of testing & revisions on it and I think it’s better than ever! Play it today and check out all the exciting updates for yourself!

Favorite Games Heaven's Sevens

Sports Games: 

It’s not basketball, but 9 Ball Ultra Pool is what you can call a real SLAM DUNK! This game is a real mix of brains and finesse – and I love that about it. After you learn how to bank shots, you’ll be able to pull ahead of your opponent by scoring late balls (7,8,9) via combos. Go ahead, give it a shot!

Favorite Games 9 Ball Ultra Pool

Strategy Games:

 You know what I always say about Galatic Gems? It’s totally out of this world! I like just about every design choice made for this game. I love the ethereal music, the great looking gems, and how easy it is to play. The matches aren’t impossible to spot, and the power ups feel, well…powerful!

Favorite Games Galatic Gems

Trivia Games:

Part slot machine and part quiz show, Star Quiz has the advantages of letting you feel clever without ever really feeling “stuck”. I think the blast mode and mastery bonus questions are a great design addition that allows the player to add to their score without burning through the 20 question cap. (Want to know a secret? I had to work on these questions A LOT while we were developing this game. The first version was actually much more difficult!)

Favorite Games Star Quiz

Word Games: 

I earned my degree in Professional Writing, and the wordplay in Crossword  has always had a fond place in my heart. It allows you to “lock in” letters as soon as they’re correct, which makes you feel more confident while you’re playing. Plus, as an added benefit, it could even help you enhance your vocabulary!

Favorite Games Crossword

And there you have it! Those are my favorite games in every category at PCHgames. Which of these are your favorites? Is there one that should have made my list? Let me know in the comments!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
Game Designer

PCHGames VIDEO BLOG: Tri-Peaks Solitaire Demo and Tips!


Hey PCHGames friends!

We want you all to “tri” your luck with the Tri-Peaks Solitaire tournament on April 16th! Why? Because you could turn your card skills into BIG MONEY! This is no ordinary “pass the time” solitaire game — the stakes are high!

Here’s how the PCHGames tournament prizes breakdown:

1st Place Grand Prize – $1,000.00
2nd Place – $500.00
3rd Place – $250.00

PLUS, the top three token earners will receive $100.00 each!

AND, two randomly selected tournament participants will receive $150.00 each!

But you don’t have to feel like you’re going into the game alone. We made a special Tri-Peaks Solitaire demo video showing you how to play the game, filled with tons of special tips and tricks that could help you “get to the top” of the tournament rankings!

So what do you think everyone? Will YOU be playing in the tournament? We hope you enjoyed this video blog – and wish good luck to all the tournament players!

-Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What other games would you like to see a video for? Tell us in the comments below!

Like Us on Facebook to Get The Latest PCHgames and PCHlotto News!

Hey PCHplay&win friends!!

Matt K. here, and I have a question: are you like me? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook? I hear people talking about Facebook all the time, and I’ve found myself connecting my whole life there! It is just so convenient to have so much in just one place!

In addition to reading funny statuses or seeing cute pictures of babies and cats all across the country, I also use Facebook to connect with my favorite websites and businesses. Liking their pages is the easiest way to learn the latest news about what’s going on!

So here’s some advice: if you want to get the latest inside information on your favorite Play&Win sites like PCHgames and PCHlotto, then make sure you follow the PCHgames and PCHlotto Fan Pages on Facebook! It’s such an easy way to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the latest PCHPlay&Win news!

PCHgames Fan Page

At the PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook, you can follow the feed to read daily questions, plus find out about token alerts, game info and SuperPrize entry opportunities that you might not have known about!  You’ll also see tabs with “LOL”-worthy pictures, game tips, voting opportunities and so much more!

PCHlotto Fan Page

Over at the PCHlotto Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll hear about ALL the latest PCHlotto jackpot news, entry opportunities (including lotto games, slots, blackjack – you name it!). Then, I can’t forget to mention the PCHlotto Luck Instant Win game, where you could win $25,000.00 in cash! That’s right, you could WIN TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS INSTANTLY right on Facebook!

You see, Facebook can be more than just staying in touch with your family and friends — you can actually put it to work for YOU, with fun games and chances to win some REAL MONEY from Publishers Clearing House!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook and like our PCHlotto and PCHgames Fan Pages today!

-Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – If you won a big prize on PCHgames or PCHlotto, what would your status message be on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below!

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