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The Newest Of Our Fun Apps To Download: The PCHPlay&Win App!

Hey Gamers,

I’ve got some GREAT NEWS!  PCH is taking the world of fun Apps by storm with the brand new PCHPlay&Win App — and we want to make sure you blog readers get in on the action right away!

You see, the PCHPlay&Win App combines everything you love about PCH — lotto cards, scratch cards, games, sweepstakes and more — and brings it all together in one place!  Take a look at this video to see what I mean:

Wow! Did you see that?!? With up to $25,000.00 in Instant-Win Cash Prizes on the line, a daily token leaderboard and so many “missions” you can complete for big prize opportunities, this is one of our fun apps to download that I know you won’t want to miss!  But before you start playing, let me tell you a little more about it…

Once you sign in to the PCHPlay&Win App, you’ll enter the area shown below — where you can choose to play one or all of your “missions” for the day.  What are “missions” you ask? Good question! You see, each of those little boxes is a mission that gives you fun ways to win and will ultimately let you go for the prize shown.

PCH Play&Win App

You’ll want to keep playing these missions because when you do, you’ll get big Sweepstakes Entries as a Mission Reward…

Fun apps to download_Mission Reward

And unlock bonus games for even bigger Instant Win prizes and token payouts…

PCHPlay&Win App

Plus, when all your Missions are done, you can play our casual games all day long — like our newest addition Bank Shot — that lets you swipe to score baskets and earn tokens on the spot!

Play&Win App_Bank Shot Game

Earning Tokens by playing our casual games can help you take the Top Spot on thePCHPlay&Win App EXCLUSIVE Daily Token Leaderboard, where you could win our daily cash prize…

Fun apps to download

But that’s not the only way to earn Tokens.  Explore our Token Offer Wall anytime and you’ll get a big Token Score just for trying new Apps! Click the box that says “Tap to earn more Tokens” to check it out!

Play&Win App

And, you can use your Tokens anytime right in the PCHPlay&Win App!  Just click on the “Tap for more chances to Win” icon!

So, what are you waiting for?  Download the PCHPlay&Win App in the Google Play Store or App Store now, and you could be playing for FREE in no time!

Play&Win App AndroidPlay&Win App iPhone

Good luck, happy gaming and remember — for fun apps to download and big prizes there’s no better place to play than PCH!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

P.S. Have you played the PCHPlay&Win App yet? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Hurry — There’s Only One Week Left To Enter To “Win It All”!

Win It All

Yes, it’s almost here. Our huge “WIN IT ALL” Special Early Look Prize Event for June 30th could make a lucky someone very HAPPY indeed! Our Prize Patrol is ready to award $2,000,000.00 at once … PLUS $10,000.00 A Month For Life … PLUS A Brand New Luxury Car!

Just one entry could be the one that turns you into a millionaire! Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for you? And it would continue on for life! If you love games of chance, why not be in it to win it? All you have to do is to enter to “Win It All” on June 30th.  But hurry. The final deadline to enter is Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015. That is the absolute, last day to get your entries in — and it’s exactly one week from today!

Since this is such a BIG, life-changing amount of money, I want you all to be sure you get in as many entries as you can by next week!  And I want you all to know that there are so many ways to do it (bet you don’t know about a few). Just check out this helpful link that shows you All The Ways To Enter To Win at PCH! — it could end up being just the trick for you to get in your winning entry by the deadline., PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, PCHgames, PCHFrontpage, PCHBlackjack, the PCH Fan Page on Facebook — these sites offer you more winning opportunities — not just for the BIG prize, but lots of other exciting prizes to go for, too. We give away prizes every day — we wouldn’t have it any other way — so don’t miss out. Stop procrastinating and enter today! We could be adding YOUR name to our growing PCH winners list very soon!

Best of luck,

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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My Tokens Aren’t Showing On The Leaderboard At PCHgames

Hey Gamers,

Did your mama ever tell you that “Good things come to those who wait…”?  Well, mine sure did.  And now that I’m a mom, I find myself saying that a lot, too.  So, when I started looking into why my tokens aren’t showing on the leaderboard at PCHgames, you’d think I’d be smart enough to listen to this classic motherly advice, but of course, I didn’t … and here’s what happened.

First, I opened Galactic Gems, a game I’ve never played before, found the Leaderboard and saw that I wasn’t on it at all — which made sense because I had no score to share…

My tokens aren't showing on the leaderboard_1

But then I gave it a try (what a fun game!) and found that my name didn’t appear after I played!

My tokens aren't showing on the leaderboard_2

What gives?!?  I thought for sure once I played I’d see my stats.  So I had to find out why my Tokens aren’t showing on the Leaderboard right away.

Now, as a PCHer, I know the best way to find answers to all my questions is to search through our FAQs… and here’s what I discovered:

1) If you have never played a game a PCHgames, you will not appear on the Leaderboard for that game.
2) If you have played the game, you will appear on the Leaderboard regardless of your score.
3) You can customize the view by clicking on the buttons at the bottom “Tokens/High Score”; “Today/This Week/All Time”; “Everyone/Friends Only”
4) If there’s a tie, both names will be displayed in the order that they received the tie score.
5) It can take up to 15 minutes for your Tokens and score to appear/update on the Leaderboard!

Ah-ha!  Now we’re getting somewhere!  I didn’t wait 15 minutes…I hardly waited at all!  After reading that, I went right back to the Leaderboard and my stats appeared!

My tokens aren't showing on the leaderboard_3

So, if I had just waited like my mama said, I would have seen my name AND could have been earning more points instead of reading FAQs!  But I’m glad I read them, because I learned something else you Gamers are going to love…

The top 3 token earners for the week (ending at 11:59PM EST on Sunday) will receive a “trophy” and 500 tokens. If more than 3 players tie on the leaderboards, each player who achieved this ranking will be awarded 500 tokens.

I’m so glad I looked into why my Tokens aren’t showing on the Leaderboard at PCHgames, because it helped me discover this really cool way you can score even more Tokens for playing the games you love!  Are you going to go for it?  Let me know below and remember, “good things come to those who wait” — so keep on playing, practicing and going for the big win you’ve been waiting for — it could come sooner than you think!

Happy Gaming,

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

If you could only play one Token Game, what would it be?

PCHgames_Token Games

There’s no better place to get your game on than at PCHgames, where you can always find an exciting variety of games to play any hour of the day or night, any day of the week. It’s all about having fun and getting lots of winning opportunities each time you log on — plus the chance to earn tokens for even more opportunities to win exciting prizes!

I’m sure each one of you has a favorite token game though. C’mon, please let us know in the comments section below: If you could only play ONE PCHGAME for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Tough question? Maybe you haven’t had a chance to try your hand at some of the token games.  So head on over to PCHgames now and check out a few, then let us know which game you really loved once you tried it. If you’re already familiar with the lineup, or you’re having trouble picking just ONE game, then follow me and maybe I can help narrow it down for you.

Do You Like Word Games?

Token Games_Word Games

You probably love Crossword if you like to challenge your vocabulary skills. Or maybe you like to beat the clock at finding as many words as you can before time runs out. Then Word Search is for you, with 10 exciting levels!  If you love word games and word puzzles, you know how addictive Hangman can be. You only get 7 guesses total for each round before you end up in a noose! The faster you play, the more points you’ll earn figuring out how two related words are spliced together in Spliterature!

Are Fun & Games In The Cards For You?

Token Games_Card Games

The king of all solitaire games, and maybe the most challenging, is Spider Solitaire. If you want to try a twist on classic solitaire, then Addiction Solitaire gives you access to all the cards in the deck and you have to arrange them in suits from 2 to king by shuffling cards to open spaces. Maybe working against the clock is more your speed. Then 52 Card Pickup is for you. You only have 2 minutes to remove every card from the pile!

I asked around the office to find out what my fellow PCHers loved to play, and here’s what they had to say: Mary Beth H. says, “I can’t stop playing Monkey Gems! Helping BenBen fight off those evil snakes is fast fun!”  Fred P. tells me that Roulette is his game. “I have a lucky set of numbers that I always play that work the same on PCHgames as they do in the casino. I bet points and earn tokens — and the best part is I won’t ‘lose my shirt’ doing it!” Debbie K. says she likes to test her knowledge with Trivia Games and explains that it goes back to when “I was a contestant on the TV show ‘The $20,000 Pyramid’ many years ago!” I guess it’s all a matter of personal taste and skill, so you really need to pick a game that’s right for YOU.

I’ve only scratched the surface folks — there are lots more games to consider. So give some a try today, and don’t forget to let us know your favorite in the comments section below!

Game on, gamers!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

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