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What Can You Do with PCH Tokens?

Don’t you love playing games? If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re a big fan of the exciting games from the PCHPlay&Win family of sites. In fact, it is so easy to get caught up in the thrill of the games and all of the instant win opportunities that you nearly forget you have all of these awesome PCH tokens pilling up in your account!

Sooner or later you have to ask yourself, what am I going to do with all of these tokens?

PW_10_10_PCH Tokens

So, what can you do with PCH tokens?

Well for starters, PCH Tokens are a virtual currency used at many of the Publishers Clearing House sites. They don’t have a real world monetary value, so you can’t use them to purchase products. But they can be used to go for huge, exciting prizes at the PCH Redemption Center! At PCHgames, you can score tokens by playing our token games like 52 Card Pick Up, Black Jack, Crossword and more. And, if you check the Events tab at PCHgames, you’ll discover that on certain days, you can score even more tokens with a token multiplier or log in bonus!

And guess what, you DON’T have to write down your token amount when you earn them. We’ll keep track of it for you!  All you have to do to check your token stash is to look in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You’ll see your current total listed there for your convenience!

Once you have your token amount handy, there’s plenty of ways you can put them to good use!  In fact, we’ve made it so simple by creating a one-stop-shop for all of the ways you can spend your hard earned tokens on things you can get excited about!

PW_10_10_PCH Redemption-Center

Your next stop is the PCH Redemption Center! The Redemption Center is where you can redeem your tokens. Your tokens can be redeemed for chances to win amazing prizes like cash, electronics, gift cards and more. Different prize opportunities have different token values — you can even try to get more tokens! All the prizes featured at the Redemption Center are guaranteed to be given away in daily drawings.

All you need to do is find something you want …then click it to enter! And if you you’ve used all your tokens, you can go play some games to earn more!

It really is that simple!  So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your tokens collect virtual dust in your account. They don’t do you any good just sitting there! Go out and “spend” them on these fantastic winning opportunities!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – If tokens were real coins, where would you put them in your home? In a piggy bank? In a special safe?  Tell us in the comments below!

How to Improve Your Score at PCHGames Token Games

Hey there, PCHgamers! Have you ever wondered how to improve your score at the PCHgames token games? Well, then this blog is just for you! I’ll be providing lots of Hints, Tricks & Tips for all our Trivia and Word games. So put on those thinking caps – and get ready to score some major tokens!


Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol

  • The “PCH Tunnel” doesn’t count as a space – but it does show you that you’re halfway through the board!
  • The van will continue to use up gas, even when you’re answering questions. While there’s no timer on each question, you do want to answer quickly in order to have enough gas to get to the end of the road!

Choose a category

  • Prize Patrol, Pyramid Trivia, and Trivia Rush all use the ‘Choose a Category’ menu before the game starts. Although you may be tempted to pick the same topics over and over again, why not try something new? You may surprise yourself at what you know (or how well you guess) at a different topic!

Pyramid Trivia

Pyramid Trivia

  • Speed is key! Try to read the question as quickly as possible. If you can, try to even think of the correct answer before the choices appear. The faster you make your selection, the more points you get to keep.
  • The number of incorrect guesses are not per game, but per row. If you’re a little brave, go ahead and take a few guesses (2-3) in each row as quickly as you can – without even reading all of the answers. If you’re wrong, you only exhaust one guess, but if you’re right, you can score the maximum amount of points! Since you can’t use the guesses after you’ve left the row, why not give it a shot?
  • With the final question, you only get one chance to answer it correctly. It’s better to take a few extra seconds and get it right, instead of rushing a guess and not scoring any points.

Star Quiz

Star Quiz

  • You will need to bump up your bet several times during the course of the game. If you keep your increments small, you won’t be able to bring in the most tokens.
  • The timer here doesn’t affect how many tokens you earn. You still need to answer the question, but you shouldn’t feel rushed to answer right away.
  • By answering 3 questions correctly in a row in a category, you will enter “Master Mode”. This mode contains 5 questions focused in that category at the hardest level. With the Master Mode, each correct answer is worth 3 times your bet. Additionally, the Master Mode is a great place to rack up on extra WINNER letters.

Star Quiz Token Game

Star Quiz Token Games

Token Game Star Quiz

  • Blitz Mode is very similar. It contains up to 5 questions in rapid succession, each with a progressive payout. These questions can be from any category, so be on your toes. Be careful with these! Answering one question incorrectly will end the Blitz Mode.

PCH Star Quiz

  • Collect all of the correct letters to spell out WINNER and you will be able to earn some bonus points! The WINNER wheel isn’t a random spin wheel. You’re able to decide when to stop spinning. With some practice, you may be able to get it to land where you’d like!

Trivia Rush

Trivia Rush

  • Read all of the answers. Picking the first one to jump at you after that may lead to a right answer!
  • Like many multiple choice questions, any numerical answer is most likely NOT the highest or lowest number.
  • The rounds of this game are very short. Don’t be discouraged! A new chance to do well is always just a minute away!




  • The game will default to only saving your correct letters. Even if you only can get a couple correct, it may help you solve a different word.
  • When you begin the game, don’t struggle to answer any single question for too long. Make two or three guesses, and then move on. Any correct answers you get will help you to fill in the rest of the blanks later on.
  • Use the tab key to move from one word to the next. Use the spacebar to switch between moving across and down.



  • ‘E’, ‘S’, and ‘R’ are among the most common letters in the English language. Don’t miss out on guessing them!
  • Every word needs vowels. These 6 letters also carry a high guess value.
  • Did you know you can use your keyboard instead of clicking on the letters?



  • Extensions of words are still words. If you can make a word plural or add any other prefix or suffix, they’ll count as new words!
  • They keyboard can be used for more than just typing letters. The backspace and enter keys will work in-game.



  • Start by clicking the very first letter. It must be the first letter in one of the two words you will be building.
  • Feel free to take a breather between rounds. The timer won’t count down until you click “OK” and begin with 2 new words.
  • As soon as your 1st word is built, hit that “ENTER” button! Any remaining letters will be added to the second word. This is the quickest way to snag that time bonus!

Word Search

Word Search

  • This game doesn’t include diagonal words. Only look for words in columns and rows, forward and backwards.
  • A good hint for all word games is to read the whole search list before you start looking for words. If you know in advance what words are in the puzzle, the more likely they’ll jump out at you!

Word Search 2

Word Search 2

  • You will earn more Hints as you continue to play. Try to hold off using the hints unless you’re really stuck and won’t finish the level.
  • A general hint for all word search games is to look for double letters. If your word is “door” for example, scan the play area for two ‘O’s next to each other. Looking for a pair of matching letters will more likely catch your eye.
  • After grabbing the first letter of a word, I usually don’t look at the puzzle anymore. Instead, I watch as the word lights up letter by letter. It’s much faster to see when you’ve circled the whole world this way. (Otherwise, your brain may want to spellcheck the word before you release your mouse button!)

Feeling smarter already? I bet! These tips, tricks and hints will certainly help you improve your score and earn lots of tokens! Plus, they’re sure to give you a mental workout! Do you have a favorite tip for working through these token games? We’d love to read it in the comments below!

Good luck, and happy gaming!

-Greg L.
Game Designer

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Instant Win Games, too! Games like Word Roundup Frenzy, Universal Crossword, and Word Roundup Challenge are more great ways to try out these tips, AND get a daily chance to win up to $250!!!

So Many Winners This Month At Publishers Clearing House!

WOW! Can you believe that this September we have given away THOUSANDS  OF DOLLARS in prizes to lucky fans just from our network of play&win sites? You all know how much we LOVE giving loyal fans like YOU every opportunity to become a big winner! It’s the best feeling ever!

September was quite the month for winners! We had HUNDREDS OF WINNERS! Can you believe it? Let’s take a few minutes now to congratulate some of these lucky winning folks from PCHGames, PCHlotto, PCHslots, PCHInstantBingo, PCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App!


Do you know why PCHGames are so truly amazing? Well, not only are they super fun and super addicting, they also give our fans a chance to win every day! Log onto your PCH account and give ‘em a try.


Here is a shout out to some of our September winners:

Joy G. Oregon City, OR

Sahar H. Lincoln, NE

Greig P. Fairfield, CA

Darice G. Spanaway, WA

Priscilla G. Hilo, HI

Laurie F. Antigo, WI

Mary B. Milford, OH

Thomas M. Provo, UT

Lydia B. San Antonio, TX

Lorraine C. New York, NY


Haven’t tried your luck at one of our lotto cards yet? What are you waiting for? They are FUN and FREE! Log on and start playing now. While you take a peek, let’s congratulate some of our winners this month!


Quennette J. Waverly, VA

Lisa T. Kissimmee, FL

Alphaus W. Lauderdale Lakes, FL

William T. Salt Lake City, UT

Kimberly E. Lawrenceville, GA

Norman B. Greenville, TX

Roy C. Yuma, AZ

Marion B. Prattville, AL

Fay V. Minneapolis, MN

Jon F. Bullhead City, AZ

PCH Slots

PCH Slots

Take a chance at winning some big money with a few simple clicks! You’ll feel like you are right in the middle of your favorite casino!

Let’s give a big CONGRATS to some of this month’s lucky winners:

Robert K. Chestertown, MD

Charlene P. Manchester, NJ

David D. Mc Donald, PA

Steve S. San Antonio, TX

Bertha B. Baltimore, MD

Cristanne S. Anchorage, AK

Barbara G. Homer, NY

Tammy A. Baltimore, MD

Margaret R. Saint Louis, MO

Forrest M. Kimberling City, MO

PCH Instant Bingo

B-I-N-G-O! You’ll definitely be shouting if you win one of the great prizes from PCH Instant Bingo! The best part is that it is COMPLETELY FREE! Log in now and get started!

PCH Instant Bingo

Here is a big shout out to some of our September winners:

Julie S. Port Hueneme, CA

Lisa M. Honolulu, HI

Jean B. Astoria, OR

Vickie S. Sierra Vista, AZ

Hubert G. Seymour, IN

Anne B. Fontana, CA

Julie T. Scottsdale, AZ

William N. Kearns, UT

Bob S. Northampton, PA

Betty H. Adams, WI

PCH Blackjack

It’s everyone’s favorite card game! Play your cards right and you could WIN BIG!

PCH Blackjack

Congrats to some of our September winners:

Lyndon A. Miami Gardens, FL

Laura S. Romoland, CA

Ervin T. Little Rock, AR

Robert D. Myrtle Beach, SC

Julian V. Santa Ana, CA

Treena M. Port Angeles, WA

Bob S. Spokane, WA

William M. Upper Marlboro, MD

Lisa M. Memphis, TN

Mindy S. Wichita Falls, TX

PCH Cash Slots App

Cash Slots

Let’s give some recognition to a few of this month’s winners:

Igor S. Long Island City, NY

Bob M. Myrtle Beach, SC

Shay H. Lewisville, TX

Tammy R. Batesville, AR

Julia H. Sparks, NV

Donna N. Dearborn, MI

Marie Z. Little Rock, AR

Jamila F. San Leandro, CA

Amanda W. Trenton, IL

Sebastian H. Palm Bay, FL

Do you believe all the Publishers Clearing House winners we’ve had? Want to see your name on one of these lists next month? Log on right now and start playing for YOUR chance to win!

Congrats to All of our winners!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

Can You Fill In The Blanks To Solve Today’s PCH Puzzle?

Hi blog readers!

I love puzzles, don’t you?

Today’s puzzle is a favorite of mine because it spells out a phrase that is used A LOT around here at Publishers Clearing House. We always tell our fans this when we encourage them to enter every chance they get on our fun play & win sites like PCHlotto, PCHgames,, PCH Instant Bingo, PCHSlots, PCHBlackJack and more!

PCH Puzzle

If you need a clue, you might want to check out this blog from Danielle Lam. You’ll find the phrase used all over that blog :)

But if you don’t need any help, don’t wait a second longer! Comment below to fill in the blanks and solve the puzzle! We’ll post the answer in our next blog!

Good luck!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you liked this puzzle, then you’ll LOVE playing Hangman at PCHgames! Why not try it today?

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