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What kind of gamer are you

Hey!  As you probably know, we’ve got a LOT of fun, fast-paced games to choose from here at PCH – that offer LOTS of chances to win amazing prizes!

To help steer you to the PCH games we think you’ll enjoy most, I’ve come up with the following quiz to see what kind of gamer you are.  Just pick ONE answer – A, B, C or D – to each question.  Then, we’ll check the results together – and recommend the PCH games for YOU!

1. If you want to relax and have some fun, would you …

A.Visit a casino?
B. Check out an amusement park or theme park?
C. Join a lively round of cards?
D. Play checkers or chess

2. You’re at a restaurant buffet. Do you …

A. Go right for a main entree?
B. Take a little of this and a little of that?
C. Start with dessert and work your way back?
D. Go with your tried-and-true faves?

3. There are a zillion different shows on TV at 9:00 tonight. Would you choose a …
A. High-stakes game show?
B. A whodunit-type crime drama?
C. A “most talented” performance competition?
D. A nostalgic old movie?

4. It’s YOUR turn to choose what the gang will play on “game night”! Will you opt for a …
A. Round of Hearts or Poker?
B. Fun night of Charades?
C. Classic board game, like “Monopoly,” “Scrabble” or “Clue”?
D. Lively home Bingo tournament?

Finished? Great!  Let’s tabulate the results and see what your unique PCH Gamer Personality is – and some of our games we think you’d especially go for!

If you answered mostly A’s …

You’re a take-command High Roller! You would REALLY shine with all the awesome Vegas-style fun at PCHlotto, and the big cash stakes of the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!


If you answered mostly B’s …

You’re a Master of the Mix — who agrees that variety really IS the spice of life!  Get yourself over to PCHgames and choose your pleasure from the seemingly endless lineup of delights, like “Sunken Treasures,” “Mah Jongg Moolah” and “Slots: Prize Patrol Party!”


If you answered mostly C’s …

You’re a Serious Competitor! You like to sit down, strategize and give it all you’ve got, game after game. Make your move to PCHBlackjack, where you play your hands, pile up your chips and go for the biggest, best prizes on the site … including a shot at our enormous PCH Sweepstakes SuperPrize!


If you answered mostly D’s …

You’re a Classic Gamer! You like the fun, participation and instant payoffs of an old fashioned  “bingo hall.” Find it all at PCHInstantBingo, where you roll the balls, rack up the “winning” letters and go for LOTS of instant cash prizes the whole time!  Just like you, it’s anything but old-fashioned – but boy, is it fun!

PCH Instant Bingo

NOW … it’s time to TELL US HOW YOU DID!  What kind of gamer are YOU? Are you a “High Roller,” a “Master of the Mix,” a “Serious Competitor” or a “Classic Gamer”?  Write it down in the “Comments” section below.

Thanks for taking our quiz.  Now, get out there and play … and show us your stuff!



PCH Creative


Do You Believe In Luck or Skills for Your Game Winning Recipe?

Don’t you love the feeling of winning a game? The thrill of victory lasts quite a while, especially when you’re playing against a computer. After all, the computer may be better at the game than you!

Maybe it’s after a great strategy game like Jigsaw Deluxe or a fast-paced action game like 3-Point Shootout. No matter your taste, game winning is such a satisfying sensation!

Do you believe in luck or skills to win

But you have to ask yourself: “did I win that game because of my incredible skill or was luck on my side?”

These are two schools of thought! Each side has their own pluses and minuses. Let’s break it down:

If you fall into the skills camp, you probably believe that “practice makes perfect.” You believe this, because you’ve seen yourself get better and better at games the more you play them. Or maybe you’ve read articles about sports pros that are really good. You fully believe that it took at least 10,000 hours of practice for them to get to the top of their game.

On the other side of the coin, you might be a big supporter of luck. People who believe in luck see the random nature of the world, BUT they think that fate can be influenced by outside factors. Maybe you’ve tried playing a game a hundred times, but you only won when you had your favorite shirt on or you had your lucky coin in your pocket. Something about this lucky charm makes you feel like game winning is more of a possibility!

On the plus side, when you practice and practice at a game, there are things you start to notice. Even those of us who are slower a building up skills will be able to pick up game mechanics or familiar patterns…and then we start to get better!

Yet when you practice something and don’t feel like you’re getting any better at it, it can be very frustrating. Sometimes repeating a skill makes you want to give it up and not bother with it anymore. Practice only makes perfect if you stick with it!

Is game winning from luck or skills

But if you’re more of a “luck” person, you’re more likely to stick with something because you have an internal belief that it WILL work out for you. And if you get discouraged, you try and change the situation (or the lucky charm) until you find something that has more luck to it.

The downside to this technique is that it isn’t very scientific and it can make you go a little bit crazy! I’m sure we all know an avid sports fan that has their lucky ritual before or during their teams games…some of these things can be pretty silly!

No matter your preference, whether you’re a believer in hard work or you prefer to try and influence serendipity to your side, I think we can all agree that playing and winning feels good!

But, the only way you can win is if you play…so play some PCHgames today!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. Do you believe in luck or skills for game winning? Tell us in the comments below!

How Many Differences Can You Spot?

Hi gamers!

It’s Amanda here, and I’ve got a fun one for you today!

Don’t you just love those “spot the difference” games you find in magazines and newspapers? You know the ones where you stare at side-by-side photos, searching for those little, hard-to-find details? I know I do! Somehow I can never manage to find them all the differences.

Well today we’ve taken that game to the next level by using Prize Patrol Elite team member, Dave Sayer! Want to play? See how many differences you can spot in 5 seconds, and write them in the comments section below!

How many differences can you spot

Up for another game? You know just the place to go! That’s right, straight to our token games at PCHGames! I have a feeling the strategy section might be just your thing! From Galatic Gems (gem matching madness!) to Sudoku to Treasure Hunt, there are tons of games there that will keep you plenty entertained while you rack up tokens, tokens, tokens!

Game on, everyone! :)

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Why not try out a game you’ve never played before? It might just become your new favorite!

Who Won at Publishers Clearing House This Month?

Have you been wondering who won at Publishers Clearing House this month? Well, LOTS of folks did! We gave away over $36,000 in prizes in January alone to folks just for having a good time with all our dazzling, fast-paced games at PCHGames, PCHSlots, PCH Instant Bingo, PCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App . We’ve listed just some of the winners below – and as for the rest of you January winners out there, here’s a big hand for YOU, too!

At PCHGames
Choose from outrageous instant win games like Word Roundup Frenzy, Prize Patrol Party and, my own personal favorite, Addiction Solitaire!

Addiction Solitaire

Here’s just a partial list of our January PCHGames winners:
Edna S. – Eagle Mountain, UT
Andrew P. – Dallas, TX
Judith T. – Manitowoc, WI
Patricia H. – Wynnewood, OK
Anna Y. – Port St. Lucie, FL
Donna D. – Anchorage, AK
Nancy B. – Vero Beach, FL
Eduard D. – Hollywood, FL
Debbie R. – Autaugaville, AL
Barry J. – Seattle, WA

At PCHSlots
Take all our Casino-exciting games for a spin and you could win big money with just one click! Choose from wacky, fun-to-play selections like “Heavens Sevens,” “Aztec Wilds” and “Frontier Fortunes,” below.

PCHSlots Frontier Fortunes

Here are just a few of our January PCHSlots winners:
Claudene C. – Raytown, MO
Andrew P. – Dallas, TX
Rose Marie D. – Joshua Tree, CA
Jim F. – Milledgeville, GA
James E. – Fort Mohave, AZ
Anna G. – San Rafael, CA
Mary L. – San Jose, CA
Charles D. – South Point, OH
Shari C. – Long Beach, CA
Celeste J. – Chicago, IL

At PCH Instant Bingo
Get set to enjoy the fun and instant prizes you remember from traditional “Bingo hall” games. Rack up the matching winning balls, and you could take away terrific prizes, just like our January winners!

PCH Instant Bingo

Here’s are some of our lucky January PCH Instant Bingo winners:
Tim N. – Hawesville, KY
Millie R. – Chugiak, AK
Robert K. – State College, PA
James M. – Sunrise, FL
Debra B. – Guin, AL
Richard Z. – Lake Villa, IL
Douglas D. – Satsuma, FL
Linda H. – San Antonio, TX
Glenn M. – North Port, FL

At PCH Blackjack
Play your cards right at our “virtual croupier table” and you could collect up to $25,000 instantly! Get in and win!


Here’s a sampling of our lucky January PCH Blackjack winners:
Dale W. – Las Vegas, NV
Delores H. – Justice, IL
Lisa E. – Meridian, ID
Victoria C. – Milford, CT
Kenneth W. – Hampton, VA
John R. – Mount Vernon, OH
Mark D. – Lehigh Acres, FL
Lorelyn D. – Seattle, WA
Archie Y. – Rowlett, TX

 Download our PCH Cash Slots App on your smartphone!
Then, you can enjoy high-rolling casino action – and maybe win a BIG cash jackpot – wherever you go, whether you’re stuck in a checkout line or waiting for the spin cycle.

Kudos to these January winners who played our PCH Cash Slots app!
Ian S. – Spring, TX
Kyle B. – Essex Junction, VT
Patricia H. – Evergreen. AL
Ronald M. – Cleveland, OH
Sandra M. – Granger, TX
Dennis I. – San Diego, CA
Chelsie J. – Corinth, TX
Lizanell V. – Springville, UT
Justine M. – Palmdale, CA

As always, we’re planning to award a boatload more winners this February, too. Don’t YOU want to be on the next winners’ list? Then, start playing NOW!

Hoping to list YOUR name next month …

PCH Creative

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