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Deal yourself a winning hand with FREE Klondike Solitaire!



Hello, PCH Gamers!

Our challenging, fun-to-play Free Klondike Solitaire may become your ultimate game “fix”! It’s the “granddaddy” of all solitaire games … and the perfect way to take a break, challenge your skill and patience and stack up Tokens for chances to win amazing prizes!


Once your Klondike Solitaire cards are dealt, you drag and drop them to create stacks in descending order – then, uncover all four aces and place them at the top of your game board.

To win – and I just bet you will – you’ll take all the cards from your stacks, then stack them, in the same suits, in in ascending order on the four aces. Then, rake in the Game Tokens, that you “cash in” to go for terrific prizes like cash, gift cards, appliances.

Incidentally, we call it FREE Klondike Solitaire … but the FREE part goes for ALL our exciting games. You never have to spend a cent to have a gaming good time with us.

I hope you’ll visit the token games tab at to play FREE Klondike Solitaire today. It’s challenging, fun and free – and you could walk away a winner!

Bye for now!

PCH Creative



Want to Discover Atlantis?

You might think creating some of the best apps on the Internet would be enough, but not for the intrepid crew at Publishers Clearing House. Innovation is an essential to staying on top, and the all-new Atlantis Slots on the PCH Cash Casino app (iPhone/iPad, Android) does it by taking players underwater for slots of fun!

Atlantis Slots brings players the all the action of real, Vegas-style slots in a handy, to-go format located right on your mobile device.

Atlantis Slots brings players the all the action of real, Vegas-style slots in a handy, to-go format located right on your mobile device.


Feeling Lucky? Double Up!

Every winning roll gives you a chance to double up on your payout. You’ll have five chances to double, or even quadruple, your earnings, but one wrong guess means you’ll forfeit your entire payout from that roll.

Atlantis Slots Double Up

Bonus Games & Free Spins

Atlantis Slots gives you even more ways to score coins – bonus games and free spins! Hit a playline with bonus chests and dive deep to an underwater reserve of ruins and riches where you can pick three items to boost your score. Plus, hit a “free spin” playline and you’ll get 10 free spins – you collect the payout(s) without having to ante up for each roll!

Pick three items from the underwater bonus game to bank additional coins

Pick three items from the underwater bonus game to bank additional coins

Complete the Path

As you play, the sweeps meter will continue to fill, and the more coins you score, the faster it’ll fill. Every time the sweeps meter maxes out, you’ll receive another entry and take another step toward completing the path. Complete the daily path and you’ll have earned:

  • 5 entries to the $5,000 payout exclusive to PCH Cash Casino app players
  • 10 entries to the $10,000 Prize Patrol Payday
  • 1 entry to win $5,000 A Week For Life PLUS 25,000 bonus coins
Complete the Atlantis Slots daily path for more chances to WIN BIG!!!

Complete the Atlantis Slots daily path for more chances to WIN BIG!!!

There are so many ways to play on the on the PCH Cash Casino app (iPhone/iPad, Android) that the fun could – literally! – never end. Check out the new Atlantis Slots and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Here’s hoping you find treasure in Atlantis!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Want to know what else is happening at the PCH Cash Casino app? How about …

Are You Craving a Game of Addiction Solitaire?

When Microsoft introduced Solitaire for the computer in 1990, an online gaming revolution began. Since then, it’s gone on to become one of the most popular online games, with hundreds of variations to choose from – like Addiction Solitaire from PCH’s Token Games.

Addiction Solitaire

Addiction Solitaire brings a whole new twist to the classic game and mastering it requires a bit of practice. And after the first few plays, you’ll quickly find out why it’s so addicting!

In Addiction Solitaire, all of the cards are laid out in four rows. The Aces are removed to create four open spots. Your job is to rearrange the cards so that each row has one suit laid out from 2 to King. Sounds easy, right?

Hint #1 – Line Up Cards of the Same Suit
When you begin, try to get as many cards of the same suit as possible in a row.

Hint: Try to get as many cards of the same suit as possible in a row.

Hint: Try to get as many cards of the same suit as possible in a row.

Hint #2 – Make As Many Moves As Possible Before Reshuffling
After you’ve done your best moving cards around, reshuffle. You can do this three times, but you’ll still want to make the most of every reshuffle.

Hint #3 – Keep One Eye on the Clock, the Other on the Cards
Addiction Solitaire is about strategy, as well as speed. If you can think several steps in advance, you’ll have a better chance of winning. Take a look at the game image below and see if you can figure out which “2” card should be moved to the open spot at the beginning of row 3.


Should you move the 2 of Hearts or 2 of Spades?

Which “2” card did you choose? The correct answer is the 2 of Spades! Why?

  • Nothing can be placed to the right of a King, so it doesn’t make sense to move the 2 of Hearts.
  • Moving the 2 of Spades leaves you with many more moves to make.

Regardless of how the cards turn up, you can satisfy your craving for Addiction Solitaire anytime you want because it’s absolutely FREE. And with every 10 games played, you’ll get a shot at the $500.00 Briefcase Bonus instant-win game.

In the end, Addiction Solitaire – much like any other card game – is all about winning. And if you win, you’ll reap the rewards by banking tokens galore!

Addiction Solitaire PCH

Winning Addiction Solitaire Never Gets Old!!!

So enjoy playing Addiction Solitaire and other card games at Publishers Clearing House, and here’s hoping the cards line up your way!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

Today’s Throwback Thursday Game: Jigsaw Puzzle At

Have some old-school fun and play online Jigsaw Puzzles at PCH! 

Play FREE jigsaw puzzles at

Hello, gamers! For today’s Throwback Thursday blog, I’m going to take you back. Way back to my grandmother’s cozy Queens, New York apartment, where her coffee table was often covered with a half-finished jigsaw puzzle. Whenever I came over for a visit, she’d show me how far she had gotten on her latest challenge and help me place a few puzzle pieces.

My grandmother is no longer with us, and I haven’t assembled a jigsaw puzzle in quite some time. But, I did recently start playing Jigsaw on It brought back so many memories, and it was really a lot of fun. Jigsaw puzzles are good for your brain — they help keep us alert, increase our concentration and expand our creativity. Playing jigsaw puzzles online at PCH is so easy!

To start, visit and click on the Token Games tab. Then, click on Strategy Games, and then click on jigsaw. Once you’re assigned a puzzle, you can get started right away! In a hurry? Click main menu and show edges to complete the border easily, then show all to continue. Your picture recognition and hand-eye coordination will be put to the test as you drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle.

Complete your free online jigsaw puzzle quickly enough and you could even score tokens! So head on over to and have some old school puzzle fun! The best part? You’ll never lose a puzzle piece again!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

P.S. If puzzles aren’t your thing, head on over to and check out all our other FREE online games!

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