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Take A Swing At An Exciting New Chance To Win $1,000,000 … Piñata Payday!

Hello, Gamers! Remember those fun backyard birthday parties you used to go to when you were a kid? There were always lots of games to play and prizes to win and sweet treats to eat, right?

I’m here to tell you about a new game that’s tons of fun to play and gives you chances to win BIG money. And it’s way better and more exciting than pin the tail on the donkey!

Yes folks, it’s time to take a swing at the chance to win $1,000,000 with Piñata Payday, where you try to “break” the big dollar sign and “BASH FOR CASH”!

PW_8_19_Pinata Payday

Step right up and take a swing. This time you don’t have to play blindfolded! Or spin around and get dizzy when you swing and miss!

Win $1,000,000 Pinata

Just click the orange “Swing Now” button to see if you can crack open the big dollar sign and reveal the fun surprises inside!

Did you really think it was only going to take one swing? Keep trying!

Play Pinata

Okay, so you’ve put some decent dents in it. Keep going … it’s worth the effort! Let’s see what’s inside when it breaks open!


Pop the Piñata!

No, it’s not filled with candy and toys. When this piñata breaks, a whole bunch of cash comes tumbling out, plus shiny gold PCH tokens!

Pop the Pinata

Wow, that’s one big pile of cash! Piñata Payday gives you the chance to win a HUGE payout when you click the “Continue” button to activate your up to 5 ENTRIES. We’re talking a $1,000,000.00 prize payout! Plus you can earn 1,000 bonus tokens!

At Publishers Clearing House we’re all about fun and games, with lots of chances to win cash and cool prizes every day. Be sure to check out Piñata Payday today! And please let us know in the comments section below what you think about this exciting new game!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of winning BIG, take a look at today’s PCHSearch&Win Blog, where Matt K. reminds you to hurry and enter to win our life-changing PCH SuperPrize!


“Help” the Prize Patrol! Play Flight Frenzy at Games!

PW_08_15_Flight Frenzy

Hello friends and fans!

Every now and then, we like to spotlight some of our newest and most FUN games — and today, it’s the high-flying, exclusive Games Prize Patrol adventure, Flight Frenzy.

This game is truly unique and you’ll only find it on our site! It was created by the PCH Games Studio and is exclusively for our friends and fans like you. (And it’s FREE to play!)

Won’t you give it a try?

It’s A LOT of fun! You see, the PCH Prize Patrol takes flight to deliver checks to our winners as fast as possible — but the skies are filled with clouds, balloons and other obstacles. That’s why they need your help!

You see, we need YOU to fly the Prize Patrol plane to safety, so they can deliver those checks! And, as the flight navigator, you’ll be right in the thick of the action.

Remember, it’s hard work getting those “Big Checks” into the winner’s hand. And, I’m sure you’d agree, if the Prize Patrol were on their way to your home, wouldn’t you want as many people as possible helping them get to your doorstep to make that dream come true?

YES! That’s the spirit. So, here’s how to play and score: Navigate the flying van picking up as many balloons (and points!) as you can before time runs out.

And, as a bonus for our blog readers, here’s some insider tips below revealed by the game creators (Romik and Nick) to help you score more points:

PCH Games games creator

1) Look for yellow balloons. They count for the most points out of all the balloons.

2) Go the distance. You collect BONUS points for every mile marker you pass, so keep those wheels moving.

3) “Holy Cow!” BONUS. If you see a cow in the background grazing the field, shout this out because you just scored bonus points for passing them. (whoo-hoo!)

 4) Bounce off the clouds. Snag that un-gettable balloon by bouncing backward off a cloud (hey, those balloons are worth up to 2,000 points each; you don’t want to miss out).

So, what are you waiting for? Try some fun on the flygo to games now and play.

Good Luck!
Nicole T.

P.S. OK, all you trivia fans! Let’s flex your movie muscles. Throughout the game, there are some subtle throwbacks to a cult movie classic — can you guess which movie?

HINT: The year was 1985!


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Danielle Lam’s ALL-TIME Favorite Game: Mahjongg Minute!

Think Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite is all work and no play? Think again! Danielle unwinds in just minutes a day with her all-time favorite online game, Mahjongg Minute at — and you can, too!

Mahjongg Minute

You know, Danielle and the other Prize Patrol Elite members are on the road A LOT (and sometimes for days at a time!!) delivering prizes to sweepstakes participants all around the United States. And, in between the exciting millionaire-making winning moments and even the preparations leading up to the big prize deliveries, there’s a lot of waiting around.

So, how do the Prize Patrol members put their downtime to good use?

They play their favorite online games. For Danielle, it’s the fast, fun and furiously addicting game, Mahjongg Minute at

Favorite Online Games

It’s a whole new twist on the classic matching game! You have 60 seconds to match as many tiles on the board as possible, making sure to only select tiles with one side free. See Danielle’s quick and easy Mahjongg Minute tips below.




  • Rack up those points! The more points you score, the more tokens you bank. Plus, play on a tournament day and your high score could even win you cash (not to mention a spot on the leader board!)
  • Match 4 identical tiles in a row for a bonus points! Yes, it’s more challenging — but, believe me, you want these points.
  • Look for the “BONUS” tiles! Match these tiles to score even more.
  • Can’t find any more matches? Hit the “Shuffle” button to mix up tiles and expose new matches.
  • If you get stuck, don’t sweat it! We’ll give you 3 hints throughout the game that will highlight the next set of matching tiles.
  • Have FUN! Remember, that’s what it’s all about!!


You know, like Danielle, we all play the waiting game. But, it’s how we spend this time that makes all the difference. Wouldn’t you rather be “winning” than waiting?

And it’s so good for the mind and soul. In a previous post, we learned how some people believe strategic games help keep the mind fresh and may even ward off Altzteimer’s, Demenia, and memory loss. Shouldn’t we be doing all we can now to help stay sharp and focused? Mahjongg Minute is a perfect solution!

The speedy rounds mean you can easily make time for one-minute mental workouts anytime and anywhere. And with our day-to-day lives filled with these “waiting-line” moments — at the doctor’s office, coffee shop, grocery store — there’s plenty of time to work in a game play, and make your minutes count with a “winning” experience.

Happy playing!

Nicole T.
Online Creative



Ok, friends and fans, let’s see if you’ve been listening! Read the following question – leave your answer in the comments below. Good luck!

It’s 6am and you’re waiting for your coffee to finish brewing. Do you:

  1. Make tea instead
  2. Sit at the kitchen table in a zombie-like manner
  3. Play a round of Mahjongg Minute.

Hint: If you answered B, it’s tempting but not what we’d like to see!

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Play Today’s Daily Tournaments – Go for A $100 CASH Prize!

Some people say Publishers Clearing House is all about fun and games, and we agree, sort of. You see, we’re also about CASH! Specifically, we’re about giving away CASH by letting you have fun and play games. That’s why you should get in on the Daily Tournaments at PCHgames.

Different daily tournaments (one on your desktop computer and one on your mobile device) keep it fresh and exciting, and give you FOUR chances to win $100 CASH. Each Daily Tournament pays out $100 CASH to both the Top Scorer and the Top Token Earner on desktop and mobile.

That’s $400 up for grabs every day with the Daily Tournaments at PCHgames. And here’s what’s on tap for today:

If You’re Playing on a Desktop Computer:

It’s a game of art imitating life in the fast-paced frenzy of FINDIT! Here’s the scenario – there are five minutes before you leave for vacation, you still need to pack 15 items, and your room is a mess! It takes a sharp eye, but you could win $100 toward your own vacation with a win in today’s Daily Tournament.

PCH Daily Tournament

If You’re Playing on a Mobile Device:

Today’s Daily Tournament for mobile is the fast and furious, tile-turning Mahjongg Minute, and you can use this link to practice on your desktop computer before going for the gold on your mobile device. You’ve got just 60 seconds to make as many matches as possible, and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again – it’s FREE!

PCH Mahjongg Daily Tournament

 Big Bonuses

Need even more incentive to take advantage of the Daily Tournaments? How about double tokens for each tournament game you play, and a shot at $500 CASH in the Briefcase Bonus instant-win game with every 10 games played!

PCH Instant win game

Your Name In Lights (pixels, actually)

To celebrate their accomplishments, each winner’s name – desktop and mobile, top scorer and top token earner – are featured the following day as “Yesterday’s Tournament Winners” at PCHgames.

Regardless of which way you plan to play, the tip is to just get in the game. It could just pay off to the tune of $100 CASH!

Happy gaming,

Russell S.
PCH Creative


P.S. Want more opportunities to win prizes as well as gift cards? Check out today’s Search&Win Blog!


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