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Play Free Mahjongg Games Online at!

One of the world’s oldest games is still one of its most popular – Mahjongg! You see people playing it casinos, arcades, and you can even play free Mahjongg games online! Whether you’re a Mahjongg Master or you’re just curious about the game, you’ll want to keep reading!

Free games

Play Free Mahjongg

If you head over to and click on the Games tab at the top, you’ll see our whole list of all of our “Top Games”! There are plenty of awesomely addictive games to choose from, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Mahjongg games dominate the Matching category!

Free Mahjongg Games Online

So where do you start? There’s a bunch of different types of Mahjongg to choose from!  There’s Mahjongg DimensionsMahjongg Toy Chest, Mahjongg Mom-Jongg, Mahjongg Dark Dimensions and Mahjongg Age of Alchemy.

But before we get into those, let’s answer this question: how do you play these free Mahjongg games online?  It’s very simple!

Mahjongg was created 2,000 years ago by the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius! Back then, you used real wooden tiles to play, but today we can just use our computers! The goal of Mahjongg is very straightforward: clear the board of as many tiles as you can. How do you clear the tiles, you ask? By selecting two tiles with matching images. After you choose them both, they magically disappear!  It may sound simple, but there is a catch: tiles are only selectable if no other tiles are touching their right or left sides. You can also earn points when new layers of tiles are revealed underneath!

But act fast, because you don’t have all the time in the world — each game has a timer! That puts the pressure on, but also makes the whole experience all the more exciting!

Let’s talk a little bit more about the free Mahjongg games online we have on the Token Games tab!

Mahjongg Dimensions is our 3D version of the classic Mahjongg game. Our version features stunning 3D graphics, taking the game to a whole new level!

Mahjongg Toy Chest is another PCHgames reinvention of the classic game, but this time with a whimsical playroom twist! Here you have to race against the clock to match as many animated toy tiles as you can before time runs out! But, it won’t be easy. You’ll have to sort through dolls, trains, soccer balls, and dozens of other toys to find the tiles you need to win.

Mahjongg Mom-Jongg is the mother of all Mahjongg challenges! In Mahjongg Mom-Jongg, the classic game you love gets a pretty-in-pink makeover for a stunning, mom-approved new look! In Mom-Jongg, the tiles are still stacked against you; all you have to do is remove any two free matching tiles until each board is clear.

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions has all of the things you love about the traditional game and so much more. The graphics are new, the sound is enhanced, and the challenge is supreme. But, you still get to control how often you score! And, when you think you’re stuck, just rotate your cube to reveal more of the pieces and make quicker matches!

Mahjongg Age of Alchemy is one of the most popular versions of the game at PCHgames. This mystifying game combines eye-catching graphics, sumptuous sounds, and of course, tile-matching madness!

So don’t waste one more second here, head on over to and start playing all our free Mahjongg games online! After all, Confucius created the game…so playing it is a WISE choice! And not only will you have a good time playing, but you’ll even be rewarded with PCH Tokens!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – If you’re looking for more fun experiences, Elaina has written up an exciting list of places where you could win Instant Prizes! Go over to the main PCH blog to check it out!

Have You Played Token Toss Today?

Remember tiddlywinks? It was such a simple game, but filled with competitive spirit. Winning was only part of the game – you also wanted to make more shots, make longer shots, and score more points than your friends. Today, Token Toss at gives you the same intensity, while also enabling you to stockpile tokens.

Token Toss is just one of the exciting Minute Mania games from PCH that not only gives you a quick blast of excitement, but also offers a different challenge each time.

Token Toss

So far, my high score at Token Toss is 470! Every time it seems like I’ll get a higher score, my token falls just short and I miss out on the bonus points. All I need is some time (maybe more than a minute!) and I know I’ll conquer it!

Token Toss Game

Two great things about Token Toss and the other Minute Mania games at – there’s no long-term commitment to the game and you get a shot at winning $500 CASH (after every 10 games played) with the Briefcase Bonus instant-win game.

Rounding out the Minute Mania games are:

  • Delivery Dash – Help deliver Big Checks while avoiding potholes and skateboarders
  • Flight Frenzy – Pilot the PCH Prize Patrol across the peaks, pop balloons for points
  • Mahjongg Minute – Tile-matching madness while the clock counts down
  • Tri Peaks Rush – Scale a mountain of cards in less than a minute

Got a minute? Then spend it earning tokens with Token Toss. Keep practicing and you could win $100 CASH any time Token Toss is the featured Daily Tournament game!

Happy gaming,
Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Before you go, comment below and let us know what your highest score was in Token Toss!

Just A Minute Keeps You In It to Win It!!!

It’s a pretty fast-paced environment here at Publishers Clearing House, so it’s not uncommon for someone to ask, “Hey do you have a minute?” And I say, “Sure, what’s up?” because I always have time for my coworkers.

However, when I have a minute to myself, I click over to the PCH Token Games and head straight for Minute Mania. These three games – Token Toss, Mahjongg Minute, and Tri-Peaks Rush – give me an instant burst of excitement. And besides, who doesn’t love winning?!?!?

Token TossMahjongg MinuteTriPeaks

Token Toss takes a touch of skill as you need to gauge power and direction to successfully toss tokens toward a pot of gold.

Mahjongg Minute is a mini matching game that features the Prize Patrol’s famous faces, as well as other PCH “winning moment” images.

Majhongg Minute

Tri-Peaks Rush takes a classic card game and turns up the intensity as the clock counts down from :60. It’s matching madness as you try to clear the board for the biggest bonus.

All three Minute Mania games test your hand-eye coordination because the quicker you click or the faster you tap, the better your score.

So the next time someone asks if you have a minute, you might just take that minute and be in it to win it – go for the top token tally and the Briefcase Bonus, which could win you $500 CASH instantly!

Happy gaming!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Keep checking the PCH Token Games tab for more Minute Mania games.
P.P.S. What’s your favorite Minute Mania game? Tell us below!

Month of Winning: A September to Remember!

Greetings, fans and friends!

The winning never stops at PCH!

And while some of you may remember this September as the time when your child started a new grade in school, or you attended a wonderful Labor Day barbecue, some very lucky folks out there will remember the month just ending for winning a fantastic prize from Publishers Clearing House!

Computer w caption

In fact, in just September alone, we gave away over $23,000 in prizes to more than 900 players from our family of Play&Win sites!
So, let’s meet some of the winners from PCH Games, PCH Lotto, PCH Slots, PCH Instant Bingo, PCH Blackjack, the PCH Lotto Blast App and the PCH Play&Win App.

Token games! Instant win games! Tournaments galore! When you log into your PCH account and start playing, you’ll be whisked away to a world of fun, with games like Prize Patrol Party, Round Table Solitaire, Sunken Treasures, and many more!

Instant Win Games

Here are some of September’s winners from PCHGames!

Rick M. – Kent, WA
Roberta B. – Inglewood, CA
Robert M. – Lewisville, TX
Gale C. – Amelia Court House, VA
Jim P. – Socorro, NM
Connie P. – North Pole, AK
JoAnn H. – Athens, TN
Audrey B. – Madison, WI
Debbie S. – Redding, CA
Wafa K. – Longwood, FL

It’s like the state lottery, but it’s FREE … FREE … FREE! Plus there are nightly drawings – guaranteed!

Bigger Bucks Millions w caption

I can’t think of better reasons for playing PCHlotto! And neither can these lucky folks, just a few of names from our list of September PCHlotto winners.

Richard D. – Big Lake, AK
Roger U. – Riverside, CA
Rick B. – Metropolis, IL
Patricia O. – Houston, TX
Fred J. – Petaluma, CA
Deborah Z. – Carmichael, CA
Shelley S. – Fort Worth, TX
John S. – Battle Creek, MI
Marvelle C. – Cedar Rapids, IA
Peggy L. – Newport, TN

A chance to win $1,000 instantly! Cool games like Heaven’s Sevens and Casino Nights! It’s just like going to your favorite casino, except it’s absolutely FREE! If you haven’t tried PCHSlots yet, what are you waiting for?

Frontier Fortunes

Here are just some of September’s winners from PCHSlots – you could win just like they did!

Kwong T. – New York, NY
Jesse W. – Tuscumbia, AL
Mark B. – Fayette City, PA
Joy C. – Greensboro, NC
John G. – Raphine, VA
Karen D. – Albert Lea, MN
Deanna T. – Lakeside, CA
Danys R. – Miami, FL
Roy C. – Toomsuba, MS
Victor S. – Dearborn, MI

PCH Instant Bingo
Who doesn’t love Bingo? Except with PCH Instant Bingo, there’s no sitting in that noisy Bingo hall with your noisy neighbors. It’s fun, it’s FREE, and you could win $1,000 instantly!

PCH Bingo

Here are just some of September’s winners from PCHBingo!

David C. – Shaftsbury, VT
Ryan S. – Universal City, TX
Nita I. – Enterprise, AL
Lois D. – Battle Ground, WA
Larry J. – Austin, TX
Billie T. – Moody, AL
Joseph M. – Sharon, PA
Steven T. – Virginia Beach, VA
Thomas L. Taylor, AZ
Paul B. – Eau Claire, WI

Say “Hit me!” and try to beat the house the fabulous and FREE PCH way! Oh … and did I mention you could win up to $25,000 instantly?


Here are some of September’s winners from PCHBlackjack!

Sally B. – West Lafayette, IN
Raelene K. – Ramona, CA
Bobby W. – Clinton, MD
Krystal F. – Shaw, MS
Michael B. – Trumann, AR
Eric K. – Conroe, TX
Sherilyn S. – Davenport, FL
Christina S. – Oakland, CA
Chante D. – Conway, SC
Angelo P. – Rowland, NC

PCH Lotto Blast App
Our fans have spoken: You’re so “appy” to be able to play the PCH Lotto Blast App! Not only does it have nonstop number picking action, but you also get PCH lotto cards that give you a shot at the BIG Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot of up to … holy cow, check it out for yourself!!!

PCHLottoBlast App

Here are some of September’s winners from the PCH Lotto Blast App:

Martha L. – Bloomington, IL
Traci N. – Grantsburg, WI
Brandi D. – Jacksonville, AR
Angelic W. – Jacksonville, FL
Eric W. – Harvest, AL
Faith M. – Toccoa, GA
Amy H. – Minot, ND
Sabrina J. – Jacksonville, FL
Meggan J. – Frankfort, OH
Tim P. – Ceres, CA

PCH Play&Win App
Whether you download this app onto your iPhone or Android device, the PCH Play&Win app is awesome for 2 important reasons: 1. You get to play for free; and 2. There are loads of chances to win!

Mega Token Madness

Here are some of September’s winners from the PCH Play&Win App:

Dolly H. – Fort Myers, FL
Karl S. – Yonkers, NY
Mary U. – Ridgeland, MS
Eric W. – Harvest, AL
Kenneth L. – Man, WV
Rose M. – Gloucester, MA
Cheryl W. – Kapolei, HI
Drina R. – Miami, FL
Mildred H. – White Lake, MI
Lorrie C. – Budd Lake, NJ

Yes, it was a September to remember for many gamers who won on the various PCH Play & Win sites! Next month, your name could be on our winners list, too! Just keep playing all the fun and free games. Good luck!


Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Wow! PCH winners come from all over the country! Just look at the list above … we have Alaska, Hawaii, Vermont and California … and most everywhere in-between!

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