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Online Card Game Tips & Tricks – Part 2!

Hi gamers! So how did you all like the tips & tricks for online card games I posted the other day? Were they helpful to you? I hope so! Because as promised, today I’m back with MORE online card game tips & tricks to REALLY help you earn those tokens! Are you ready?

First up we have Freecell Solitaire!


  • Often, it’s better to stack cards carefully, rather than fill up your 4 free slots in order to quickly get some aces.
  • Sometimes, initial success in this game comes down to how the cards are dealt. If you’re having a rough time, it’s best to start over! There are very few hands that can’t be won.
  • Since kings can’t be stacked on top of anything, try your best to play a king when you clear one of the foundation piles. From there, you can build up!

Next up… Klondike Solitaire Gold!


  • Play cards from your initial foundation piles before you play from your draw deck. You get points for flipping over cards, and this allows you access to difficult-to-obtain cards.
  • Keep moving! You only get 5 minutes to play, and boy, do they go quick!
  • When you’ve reached the end of the Draw pile, it will say “Click to RESHUFFLE”. This doesn’t mean a full shuffle – the cards are simply flipped and dealt again. If you didn’t pull any cards from the pile last time around, it will look the same the next time around.

Who’s ready for Round Table Solitaire?


  • Try to build off of one large pile. You’re given points the more cards are piled together.
  • The back button works only for 1 card. If you over-click or remember the card underneath the one shown, it’s worth the small point loss. Otherwise, you have to go all the way around again!
  • Combine foundation piles before you add a card directly from the draw pile. A new foundation will be started, and it will increase the number of useful cards you could possibly draw.

And last, but not least, Tri Peaks Solitaire!


  • Don’t worry so much about that ticking clock. You earn many more points for a really good combo.
  • Keep in mind that your combo can run in both directions. For example, if you’re starting with a 4, it’s better to have a run of 4-3-4-5-6 rather than just build up (4-5-6) or down (4-3) alone.
  • You can bridge in numbers by playing King–Ace–2 or 2-Ace-King.
  • When presented with a choice in the pyramid, always pick the card that unblocks the most cards.

There you have it everyone! Those are my tips & tricks for online card games at PCHgames!What did you think? Would you like to see more game hints on the blog in the future? What category should we do next? Let us know in the comments section below!

And don’t forget to PLAY!

Greg L.

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VIDEO BLOG: 3-Point Shootout Game Demo and Tips!

Hey PCHGamers!


Did you hear…There’s going to be a game tournament on February 26th for 3-Point Shootout!

Practice rounds begin today, February 19th, so I thought I’d help you out by recording a demo of the game that will make you a 3-Point Shootout master!

In the video, I’ll be showing you how to use your mouse and throw the ball into the basket, and also give you tips and tricks that you can use to increase your score! Watch my video below now!

What did you think? Was my video helpful? Are you ready to play? Try it out for yourself and see how it goes!  But you’d better watch out, because as the game progresses, the basket moves from side to side and goes faster and faster!

I hope the tutorial helps you feel like you’re ready for the tournament on Wednesday, February 26th!  Remember, you could win cash for claiming a top score — or just for playing! Good luck to all of the players!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. – This is based on those fun games you see in arcades. What were some of your favorite arcade games to play?

P.P.S. Do you like video blogs like this? Would you like to see more in the future?

Hints, Tricks & Tips: What’s the Deal with Card Games?

Hi again PCHGamers!

I’m BACK on the Play&Win blog, and this time, I’m laying it all out. That’s right, I’m showing you our hand and giving you a full house of hints, tricks and tips for the best PCHGames Card Games! (You could say I’m pretty flush with puns as well!)

So enough playing the joker; let’s cut right to it!

First up…52 Card Pickup!

PW_2_17_52 Card Pickup

  • Pick one direction to play (ascending or descending) and go with it. You may hit a gap of cards late in the game if you find yourself bouncing between just a few numbers.
  • Whenever possible, play from the top of the pile. The more you see of a card, the more it blocks the cards below.
  • Use the “TAKE SCORE” button in the lower left corner if you’re stumped. Mis-clicks will cost you points!

Next up…Addiction Solitaire!

PW_2_17_Addiction Solitaire

  • At the beginning of the game, when you’re setting your 2’s, look a few moves ahead to see what space that clears up.
  • If you have a moveable “orange” card to the left of an empty space, always fill the space first. If you play the left card, you may miss the opportunity to move a card to the right at all!
  • Your remaining time adds a bonus to your total score. If you’ve got a few moves left before a re-shuffle, and you know they don’t score any points, why not shuffle early? That’ll put you back in the action and save a few precious seconds.
  • Nothing can be played directly to the right of a King. Wait on moving “orange” cards from this spot to see if you can move the King first.

And let’s not forget about Bridge!


  • Bridge is a game where you play one card per round, and between you and your partner, you attempt to have the highest card. When you win a round, you get to play first. Careful attention to what your opponent has played can keep control in your hands.
  • Keep the bidding low! If your partner (the person across from you) is the highest bidder, just pass. There’s no reason to get in a bidding war with your own teammate!
  • If you know you can’t win the round, play the lowest card you have. No reason to waste a face card when you can get rid of a 2!

And my last card game for today’s blog, Crescent Solitaire!

PW_2_17_Crescent Solitaire

  • If you have to choose between 2 identical cards to move to the center pile, check the card underneath each one. Simply click and move the card like you’re going to move it, but then release the card over the blue play area to have it snap back in place. You can also do this before you move cards among the outer piles.
  • If possible, try to build onto each stack of each suit evenly. This will prevent you from being ‘locked in’ to looking for only one card per suit.
  • The Reshuffle button only shuffles the cards per each outer pile. If you’ve got an outer pile with only 1 card left, it won’t look like it has shuffled at all.

As always, I hope these tricks, tips, and hints help you earn more tokens at PCHgames! Are any of these card games your favorite to play?  Let us know in the comments, along with your favorite play strategies!

Good luck and happy gaming!

-Greg L.

P.S. I’ll be back on the blog in just a few days with more game tips for other card games! Will YOU be back?

Results Are In! Here Are The 10X Games You Voted On For February!

Hi everyone!!


I’m back with EXCITING news! Remember a few days ago I told you that this month YOU get to pick the 10X games at PCHgames (the games that you will get 10X the tokens for playing?) 


PCHgames Poll

That’s right, you the fans, had the opportunity to vote for your FAVORITE game on a poll on our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook. There were 10 fun token games to vote for, and vote you did! All together we had more than 500 votes. THANK YOU for your participation!

And now, I can reveal the results! Drum roll please…

The game with the MOST votes (almost 200 in all) was Mahjongg Dimensions! Congratulations gamers, this will be your 10X game on Sunday, February 16th! Don’t miss it!



In second place, we have Tri-Peaks Solitaire!

Good news, this will be your 10X game on Thursday, February 27th! Save the date!



In third place, we have Sunken Treasures: Gems of Atlantis!

Woohoo! This will be your 10X game on Thursday, February 13th! Mark your calendars!



Next up, we have Carniball!

This will be your 10X game on Friday, February 14th! Awww, what a sweet Valentine’s Day present!



In fifth place we have Klondike Solitaire Gold!

Game on! This will be your 10X game on Monday, February 17th!


And last, but certainly not least, we have Galatic Gems!

This will be your 10X game on Tuesday, February 18th! Get ready to PLAY!


So what do you think gamers? Did you like getting to vote for the 10X games at PCHgames this month? Were YOUR favorite games chosen? Are you going to play? Comment below and let us know. And thanks again for voting!



Until next time,

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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