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What Questions Do YOU Have For Danny AT #AskDanny

Hi Gamers!

Do you ever have questions about PCHgames? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In the past, we asked fans to submit their questions about PCHgames for Danny, our PCHgames Product Owner to answer. The results were GREAT. We had so many questions that we even posted a second blog. Now we’re back for round three to answer more of your questions.

Here’s how it works. You post a question about PCHgames to our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook or in the comments below and then we’ll provide the answers right here at the PCHplay&win blog next week! Easy right?! You have until the end of the week to send in your questions. Then check back here on the Play&Win blog on May 16th to see if Danny answered YOUR question.

Cara F.
PCH Social Media Manager

P.S. Don’t forget! You can also engage with us every day at the PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook or follow @PCHgames on Twitter!

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Lotto Superstitions: What Do You Believe?


Hello there PCH Gamers!

Do you believe in superstitions? I’m sure all of you have heard the old tales about it being bad luck if a “black cat crosses your path,” or if you “walk under a ladder?” Did you know if you spill salt you are supposed to “throw it over your shoulder?” I’ll tell you the truth PCH fans, sometimes I don’t know whether or not to believe all of these old tales!

Even though there are many superstitions about bad luck, here at PCH we’re all about GOOD luck! How many of you have heard about “good luck” superstitions? It’s been said that a lot of folks who like to play lotto, gamble or bet on games tend to carry good luck charms, have lucky numbers and even lucky outfits! I remember being younger and hearing about folks carrying a rabbit’s foot, a lucky horseshoe, or maybe a four-leaf clover for the “luck of the Irish”. If you are hearing these for the first time they might sound kind of silly, but many folks really believe in these good luck charms and are convinced that they work!

Okay PCH fans, I will admit, I do pick up a penny if I see it on heads, and I have found a few four-leaf clovers in my lifetime (my Irish relatives would be so happy!), but what other good luck superstitions are out there? Since most folks nowadays play some form of lotto, I started to wonder what superstitions people had while playing the state lottery, or even playing PCHlotto!

I decided to ask around the office and see what interesting lotto superstitions my PCH co-workers had to share! Fellow blogger Laurel U., had one of the sweetest good luck charms! She told me “I kiss my daughter before I play scratch cards — because she makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world — and I always carry my lucky pennies! 

What awesome good luck charms Laurel!

Creative employee Glenn G. believes in the luck of numbers! When I asked him how he chooses these numbers, he said “I always play the numbers from the back of my fortune cookies.” What a creative (and tasty) idea Glenn! Thanks for sharing!

Last, but not least, fellow co-worker MaryBeth H. shared a really fun and amazing story! When I asked her about her lotto superstitions she told me “I personally almost never buy lottery tickets. But my friend seems to spend half her paycheck on them. She’ll try all kinds of different ‘lucky’ number combos: her Mom’s birthday, etc. Well one day, she woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the digital clock next to her bed. She wrote down the time, ‘played’ it the next day and won $600!”


PW Lotto Superstitions


How amazing is that PCH fans? So now that you’ve heard all these fantastic stories, good luck charms and lotto superstitions from my friends here at PCH, it’s time to get started! Unlike the state lotteries, PCHlotto is a great FREE way to play super fun games while having the chance to win! Who knows, maybe you’ll find out exactly what your own lucky superstitions are!

Remember fans, you have to be in it to WIN it! Play today!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S – What do you believe? Do you have any lucky numbers or fun stories like the ones my fellow co-workers had? Tell us below!

Treasure Hunt Tricks & Tips – PCHgames Practice Rounds Begin!

Are you ready for our deep dive into Treasure Hunt?

It’s our next tournament game, and practice rounds at PCHGames are starting today! Did you know that you can earn 10X tokens on every game of Treasure Hunt you complete from now until 4/30? Amazing!

But what if you feel like you can’t make much of a splash while playing Treasure Hunt? Well, read over these Treasure Hunt tricks & tips and you could be making waves with your score (and earning tokens!) in no time!

  • While we call this a “match 3” game, it’s best to match 4 or 5 objects together. A 3 item set will earn you 20 points, but a 4-set is worth 50, and a 5-set is worth 100 points!
    • Want to go bigger? You can do a match 7 for a whopping 200 points!
    • Move around the pieces to set up different combos!
      • You can shift 2 items for a match 3 with a net gain of zero points. This may change parts of the board to allow you to see other close matches.
      • You can move up to 5 items to make a match 5 AND STILL increase your score.
      • I like to work from the bottom of the board to the top. When you make a match at the bottom, new items fall in from the top, giving you a bigger chance to line up easy combos.
      • Work quickly! That two-minute per round time limit waits for no one!

Still not sure what to look for? Take a peek at these high-value combination layouts.

Yes, you could move a ring from the top row left or right, buy why not move the ring from the bottom row up? Keep in mind, this pattern can also be vertical.Treasure Hunt Tips

If you move a pearl up, you’d have a match 4, BUT if you move the pearl on the right in, you get a match 5 for 100 points!

 Treasure Hunt Tips

If you can move a few items into the same shape as these coins, you’ll be able to score the biggest combo in the game. Just move the coin on the left in line with the rest of the coins!

Treasure Hunt Hints

So what do you think? Are you going to try out these Treasure Hunt tips for yourself? Remember the Practice Rounds at PCHgames start TODAY and only run until April 30th! Practice now to test how “ship” shape you are for the cash prize event!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Greg L.
PCHGames Designer

P.S. Do you have any other cool hints or moves you could recommend? Comment below!

PCHlotto is “Making a Scene” With Manager Lesley S.

Hey Blog Readers,

Just recently, I had the pleasure of joining PCHlotto Manager, Lesley S., at a very special video shoot — and I want to give you a front row seat for all the excitement, too!

So come “on set” with me take a look at …


Doesn’t Lesley S. look fantastic?   And the way the light hits her just right … it looks like she’s out in the sun, doesn’t it?  But — here’s a secret — we were inside the WHOLE TIME!  Can you believe it?!?  Our video team used special lights to make the sunshine appear like magic!



Lesley S. did TWO video shoots in one day, so she had to change outfits in between to look different on camera.  Both looks are so beautiful I can’t decide which one I like better…can you?  Would you believe there’s a team that works together to pick out the wardrobe for our videos?  It’s amazing!  I can barely get myself dressed in the morning, let alone pick out such perfect styles for someone else!  But they do it all the time — and as you can see, they’re great at what they do!  :)


See that green “T” near Lesley’s feet?  That’s called “The Mark”.  Lesley S. had to stand there the whole time so the camera could film her properly…

And speaking of the camera…even though you’re on set, sometimes you just want to see what a shot would look like on TV…so there’s always a monitor close by.

PCHlotto Video Shoots

Looking at the TV, you can tell that Lesley’s always on “the mark”!


There’s lots of on-set action that you won’t see in video, blog readers, like touch-ups:


And surprise SPECIAL GUEST visits like this one from my favorite female Prize Patrol Elite Team Member Danielle Lam…


We were SO happy to have Danielle stop by … and I’m so glad I got this photo because these PCH ladies are picture perfect!


That’s a wrap for my behind the scenes look at Lesley S. and our video shoot.  I hope you enjoyed the “show”! Remember to keep on playing your PCHlotto cards and you could see a new video real soon.

Happy Gaming!
Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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