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Throwback Thursday: A Look At A Games Classic – Carniball!

Throwback Thursday Carniball

“STEP RIGHT UP” and try your hand at a Throwback Thursday blog post (emphasis on THROW!) for one of our favorite game experiences, CARNIBALL! Remember playing Skee Ball at the summer carnival? Well Carniball is a modern take on that enduring classic. It’s always been a popular favorite, so let’s see what makes this game so much fun!

Carniball plays just like Skee Ball – you roll the ball up the slope and try to get your little round friend into the hole with the highest points value! Your job is to score as many points as you can in the time you’re allotted. But, if you think getting tons of points is going to be easy, you have another thing coming. This game requires control and precision in order to win, because you “tell” the ball where to go and how fast it should move!

I have many fond memories playing Skee Ball at carnivals and arcades as a kid, (which is why this is perfect for a Throwback Thursday post!), and I loved being able to save up my tickets to redeem cool prizes. Well the PCH version of the game has its own modern twist on this concept! You see, Carniball offers you exciting opportunities to bank tokens and even win cash on designated tournament days – all while having lots of vintage fun! We’d never want to leave you ending a game empty handed!

Now I said before that scoring the most points can be challenging, but actually playing Carniball is easy! Use your mouse to aim, control your power and roll the ball over the bumper and into one of the scoring rings and rack up those points! You’ll earn two times the points with a red ball and four times the points with a blue ball, so make them count. Especially take note that the red ball will DOUBLE the points indicated by the target … even better, blue balls QUADRUPLE the target points! And it gets even better – score a ball in a yellow glowing target and get a FREE ball! Score 600 or more total points before running out of balls and get THREE EXTRA BALLS!

So go give it a try and have some Throwback Thursday Carniball fun! I gave it a few games today, and I found that I’ll usually get two red balls per game. The blue balls come fewer and farther between, but keep playing until you get a blue ball to play!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Good luck with your Carniball game, and be sure to come back and comment with your high score!

P.P.S – If you’re looking for more winning opportunities, head on over to the main blog where my friend Russell is posting about a New Instant Win Game on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook!


Introducing The Exciting “Flight Frenzy” Game At!

There are always so many new and exciting creative developments going on here at PCH, that it’s really hard to keep up with the pace! But a new “Minute Mania” game called “Flight Frenzy” has caught everyone’s attention.

I learned all about it at a recent company-wide “meeting of the minds” held at PCH headquarters. This is where different departments get together to share the latest and greatest creative ideas being launched for print mail, desktop and mobile. It’s always so helpful and inspiring!

And wow, were we all given an eyeful! There sure is an incredible pool of talent working behind the scenes. Today I would like to just scratch the surface by showing you a clever new game called Flight Frenzy, featuring our very own Prize Patrol van!


Flight Frenzy game

Here’s your chance to get behind the wheel of the van and fire it up with jet propulsion, so you can climb high and get over the mountains and clouds — it’s so much fun! It’s designed for a minute of play on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, and it will only take a minute for you to get hooked! Be forewarned — Flight Frenzy is highly addictive!

Flight Frenzy

Navigate the PCH Prize Patrol van through the clouds, over the peaks and through the valleys to pop balloons and rack up sky-high points! You’ll want to try popping the yellow balloons — each one is worth 20,000 points!

PCH Flight Frenzy

Ready to fire up? Pop those balloons in the valley, but watch out! There’s a mountain to climb just up ahead. And be sure to clear those clouds! You’ll only have 60 seconds to score as many points as you can. The best part is you’ll be scoring tokens the whole time you play that you can redeem at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange for chances to win exciting prizes!

Check out the van below caught in slow motion popping a balloon. Great Shot!


“Flight Frenzy” is just one of five new “Minute Mania” Games you’ll find under the Token Games tab at ! So go ahead. Check it out now, and please let us know in the comments section below what you think!
Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.


Want the Prize Patrol to Make a Delivery Dash to Your Front Door?

The PCH Prize Patrol will be awarding a “Big Check” to PCH’s newest millionaire in less than two days, and as of this writing, most of us still don’t know the name or location of the lucky winner. Did you enter?? If so, they could be making a delivery dash to your door on April 29!!!

Being a member of the Prize Patrol isn’t all fun and games, but helping deliver Big Checks is when you play Delivery Dash – one of the newest Minute Mania games at Minute Mania games are designed to offer you maximum enjoyment in a minimum amount of time.

Delivery Dash

In Delivery Dash you’ll help Danielle navigate a neighborhood street and toss Big Checks to doors of winners. Sounds fun and easy, right? And who wouldn’t want the chance to get to “play” Prize Patrol?

You’ll have just 60 seconds to time each toss to ensure each lucky winner gets a check, all the while avoiding pesky potholes, slick skateboarders, stray dogs, and traffic cones.


PCH Delivery Dash

Now you know why we call it Delivery Dash!!! Start playing today and maybe your name could appear on the top scorers list. And remember, if you entered to win, the Prize Patrol could be making a BIG delivery to your home in just 2 days!

Happy gaming,
Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to follow the Prize Patrol on our PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook on April 29th as they award another PCH millionaire with a Big Check. The PCH Blog will also be updated throughout the day with clues and updates from the road!

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Think you Know our Exciting Free Games? Then Answer our “Riddle”!

Riddle Me This

Did you guess which fun-to-play new game it is – with chances to win free prizes? Sure you did!

But just in case you had any doubts – the answer is “EGGZ,” one of our new free games with a simple strategy for playing and racking up chances to win amazing free prizes – but is more challenging than it looks!


The object of this awesome FREE-to-play game is to break through the “egg barricade” by launching eggs to make a 3-egg color match. With a little patience, strategy — and a few bombs — you’ll blast your way to the top of the wall – earning tokens you can redeem for chances to win everything from top-of-the-line appliances and electronics to cash, gift cards and designer handbags – all kinds of FREE prizes!

Of course, “EGGZ,” is but one star in the vast spectrum of the dazzling free games you can have fun playing – while setting your sights on amazing prizes. Check out Galactic Gems PCHmoneybaggzSunken Treasures Gems of Atlantis— and so many, many more.

So now that you’ve nailed our RIDDLE ME THIS riddle – it’s time to start playing EGGZ and all our other FREE games – and earn chances to win fantastic FREE prizes.

HERE’S ANOTHER RIDDLE, my pals: What’s the winning-est, most fun place to be on the Web? Tell us … in the “Comments” section below.

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