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What Online Games Do YOU Play to Keep Your Mind Active?


In the day-to-day shuffle of life, sometimes we get so caught up in things, we forget to just have fun! That’s why I like to turn to PCHgames to lose myself in the form of some free online gaming! But, PCHgames are not all about sitting back and relaxing. Oh no, my friends, there are plenty of games that will challenge you and help keep your mind active!

That’s right, folks, PCHGames is the perfect place to play awesomely addictive online games that challenge you to think while having fun! My favorite three brain busting games are PCHGames’ Sudoku, Mahjongg and Jigsaw Puzzle!

Keep your mind active_Sudoku

Have you ever tried Sudoku? Your challenge here is to make sure numbers 1-9 are used across and down each row within every 3×3 square — and remember, you can’t have duplicates of any number!

Keep your mind active_Mahjongg

Mahjongg is equally as tough! The goal here is to remove all the cubes from the board by making matches! You form matches by clicking on two of the same cubes that have two adjacent sides free – and if you get stuck, there’s a way to rotate your puzzle to find new matches! Talk about brain-busting excitement!

Keep your mind active_Jigsaw Puzzle

And Jigsaw Puzzle always gives my mind a great workout! The point of this game is to click and drag the puzzle pieces around the screen with your mouse. You then put the puzzle together whenever you find two pieces whose sides fit together!

What about you blog readers? Do you find these online games as fun and challenging as I do? Or are there other PCHgames you turn to help keep your mind active? Comment below and let us know! And then be sure to get out there and challenge your brain to new and exciting games that are sure to test your knowledge!

Happy Gaming!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

I Spy With My Little Eyes…

I Spy Game

Hi everybody!!

Today we have another exciting game for you all to play…and my, oh my, is it a fun one! One that requires extreme focus…complete concentration…and well, both your eyes!

We want you all to look at the image above and tell us if you can find the following:

1) Danielle Lam, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team Member
2) Dave Sayer, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team Member
3) Todd Sloane, PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team Member
4) The PCH Prize Patrol van
5) Edwin the Owl, our lovable PCHSearch&Win mascot

Once you find them all, COMMENT BELOW and let us know how long it took you! Can’t find them all? DON’T WORRY! Just comment and let us know which ones you DID find!

And don’t stop there…for more INSTANT FUN, be sure to check out PCHgames where it’s free to play – every day!



Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. BONUS FIND: Can you spot the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card hiding in the image above?

What Is Your Lucky Color?

Lucky Color

At the PCH Play & Win blog, we ask you a lot about good luck. Whether you believe in it…what it means to you…what good luck charms you have…what your lucky number is. And from reading your comments (which we LOVE to do!) it seems like you all are really motivated by the concept of luck. We are too!

While in the past we’ve asked you if you have lucky numbers, lucky charms, even lucky songs, today we want to know if you have a lucky COLOR. You know…a color that puts you in the “winning” spirit whenever you wear it!

For me, that color is GREEN. What can I say…it just makes me feel like a million bucks! (And I’m not just saying that because it’s the color of money…or am I?!?)

How about you blog readers? What is YOUR lucky color? Green like me? Or perhaps red…blue…yellow…white…even black! Comment below and let us know. And be sure to tell us WHY it’s “lucky” for you.

And while you’re at it, why not take hold of something in the color of your choice (a shirt, hat, feather, WHATEVER you want!) and try your luck with it at one of our many play&win destinations? There’s PCHlottoPCHgamesPCHslots…or even the PCHlotto Blast App! C’mon, you’ve got NOTHING to lose…and SO MUCH to possibly gain!

Good luck everyone…I’ll be crossing my fingers for all of you…while wearing my lucky green shirt :)

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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Are my scores and/or tokens on PCHgames being reported to the leaderboard properly?

Hello to all of you PCH gamers out there!

I’m sure you’re all having a blast with the incredible variety of games we have at PCHgames and that by now you’ve found your favorites and try to play every chance you get. I’m sure you’re pleased with the many new and exciting ways you can earn tokens while you’re having loads of fun, too!

Of course you want to make sure that your scores and any tokens you earn are being tallied every day correctly. That’s why we often hear our fans ask, “Are my scores and/or tokens on PCHgames being reported to the leaderboard properly?” After all, there are 3 prizes to be won each week for the top 3 token earners at PCHgames!

The top 3 token earners for the week (ending at 11:59PM EST on Sunday) receive a “trophy” and 500 tokens! And if more than 3 players tie on the leaderboards, each player who achieved this ranking will be awarded 500 tokens. How exciting is that?

How do I keep track of my scores and/or tokens?

It’s easy! When you log on to play any PCH Token Game you’ll see a “Token History” link below your token balance in the top, right-hand corner. Just click on it. For your security, you will be prompted to enter your password. This page will display all tokens added or subtracted from your account in the past month.

PCHgames leaderboard tokens

If you believe you’re missing tokens, please let us know using the Contact Us Form.  Please be sure to include the date the game was played, the time played, the score achieved, and tokens you should have earned.  This will enable us to research your concern further.

How do my scores compare with other players?

Be honest. Even if you’re playing just for fun, you want to keep an eye on the “competition”, right?  That’s what the PCHgames leaderboard is all about. And for some, the biggest thrill is getting to see their name on top of it!

For every Token Game on PCHgames, there is a leaderboard that shows your token/score rating in relation to the top 4 players for that day. If you have not played a certain game before, it will show the top 5 players until you do play.

PCHgames leaderboard

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

You can also customize the view for each leaderboard to rank everyone by “Tokens” or “High Score” … to see your ranking in relation to “Friends Only” or “Everyone” … and to pick the timeframe to display — choose a particular date, a specific week, or all time scores.

Regardless of your score, or the number of tokens earned, if you have played a game within the display timeframe, you will appear at the top of the leaderboard with your position shown.

In the event of a tie, top token or high score earners will be displayed in the order at which they were achieved.

If you are still wondering: “Are my scores and/or tokens on PCHgames being reported to the leaderboard properly?” there is one more thing you need to know. You may experience a slight delay while waiting to see your name appear. It sometimes takes 15 minutes or so for the leaderboards to refresh properly after you complete your game.

Rest assured, we try our best to make it an even playing field!

At PCHgames, we are taking measures to ensure that our winners have played honestly and fairly. We’ve updated our Terms of Use (section 15) to discourage the use of multiple browser tabs or windows in order to play multiple games simultaneously. We also thoroughly investigate any complaint of excessively high scores on the leaderboard, and will take action against anyone caught cheating.

We want everyone at PCHgames to have a fair shot at all the fun and excitement of winning. Not only do we reward players who are skilled at the games, but we also reward those players who love the games and play often!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

P.S. What are some of your favorite games to play at PCHgames? Let us know in the comments section below!

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