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What Kind of Gamer Are You?

Hi blog readers and PCHgames friends!

Today we want to know…what kind of gamer are YOU? There are tons of different kinds of gamers because everyone’s personality is so different!

We thought it might be fun to go over some of the various types we see here around the Publishers Clearing House offices. Let’s begin!

PW_Scratch Card Master

You can’t resist a good scratch card! When you see the playing area, the change in your pocket starts to jingle on its own, just begging to be put to good use! You love a good mystery and can’t wait to find the treasure underneath! Your impulses must be obeyed!

PW_Team Player

To you, playing games is all about the people you’re with. You love being around others and are always considerate to others, even letting people take turns before you. The most important thing to you is that everyone is happy.

PW_Card Shark

You take the cards you are dealt… and then try to figure out how to get the dealer to give you better ones instead! You never take no for an answer and are always trying to figure out the best angle for any problem.


You have your lucky numbers, and you stick to them! You live your life by a certain set of principals and never waiver. Standards are important, and as long as you stay true, they will pay off eventually!


The opposite of a counter, you let fate decide! You accept whatever life sends your way, and aren’t afraid of taking a risk or two. In fact, taking the risk is often more exciting than even winning the prize…not that you have any problem with winning!


Like the team player you’re a bit passive, but even more so. You love to see the games go by, but you never think about getting involved too deeply. Instant games are your favorites! You’re beyond casual; your perfect Saturday is just sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade while watching the sunset.

We hope this was fun to read, and maybe you learned a little bit about yourself! I guess I’m sort of a “roller,” because I love being surprised and seeing what happens next! What about you…what kind of gamer are YOU? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt K.

PCH Creative

Big Money and Big Fun Await You With PCHBlackjack!

Hello Gamers!

What’s more exciting than the sounds, glitz and glamour of a casino? Just the idea of having the chance to WIN BIG is enough to draw me in!  I don’t know about you PCH fans, but the lights, the rows of game tables and the sounds of excited people winning puts a smile on my face no matter what!


So what could possibly be better than that? How about getting the same excitement of a big time casino from the comfort of your very own home, combined with the chance to INSTANTLY win one of the biggest online, instant win prizes PCH has to offer?

That’s right ladies and gents! So many of you commented and told us how much you loved PCHBlackjack, so today we wanted to tell you even more about the newewst addition to the PCH family!

In case you missed our first blog, here is a little recap of all of the fun that is packed into PCHBlackjack!

First off, one of the most exciting things about PCHBlackjack is that it is 100% absolutely FREE to play (so helpful – especially since those casino tables can be a bit pricey!)

Next, the rules of Blackjack are very simple. All you have to do is get a higher total than the dealer without going over 21. Deal the hand and click “hit” to get another card and click ”stand” if you want to keep the cards you have and reveal the dealer’s cards! It’s really that easy!

PW_PCH Blackjack

Keep playing different hands to collect chips and you’re on your way for a chance to win big! Play all 4 rounds PLUS the Blackjack Bounty round and collect as many chips as you can! Helpful guide screens (like the one below) can be accessed anytime from the corner of the screen under “How To Play” if you need to refresh your memory!


So what was that about collecting chips? Well the best part about PCHBlackjack is that you win chips no matter what! Earn 5 chips for Blackjack, 3 chips for beating the dealer, 2 chips if you tie the dealer and even earn one chip if the dealer wins!

PW_How to play Blackjack

So now that you have all these chips, what do you do with them? Well, use the chips at the end of all your 4 rounds for entry into any of the fabulous PCH Sweepstakes! Get Blackjack and not only do you get the highest amount of chips, but you’ll instantly get taken to the cash bonus round where you have a chance to instantly win some BIG MONEY – up to $25,000!

How exciting does this all sound? Blackjack is one of my favorite card games, so I was super thrilled when I found out that PCH was dedicating a whole site to my favorite game! Even though PCH employees can’t win (that’s only for our amazing fans!) I just can’t get enough of how fun and easy it is to play!

So what are you waiting for gamers? Log on now and get started playing for free!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

P.S. What do you think of PCHBlackjack? Comment below and tell us if you play!

WOW! What a Fantastic Month Of Winning From PCHPlay&Win!

How many of you LOVE to win big? Well, as you know, here at PCH giving AMAZING fans like you the opportunity to win is just about our most favorite thing ever!

May was quite a month for winners here at PCHPlay&Win, with a grand total of $50,257.00 in prizes awarded to lucky fans just like you! Lets take a few minutes to congratulate some of our winners from PCHGames, PCHlottoPCHSlots, PCHInstant Bingo, PCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App!


Not only are PCHGames super fun (and SUPER addicting), but we also give away prizes everyday! Just log onto your PCH account and get your game on. Choose from exciting games like Mahjongg, Galactic Gems, PegLand and more!

Here’s a big CONGRATS to some of our May Winners:

Sherry M.                   Henrico, VA

Janet D.                     Pittston, PA

Roger B.                    Rio Rancho, NM

Sara W.                      Aurora, CO

Tammy L.                   Brunswick, GA

Dianne M.                 Lilburn, GA

Susan Z.                    New Orleans, LA

Darlene D.                 Sioux Falls, SD

Joanne A.                  Flagstaff, AZ

Pat L.                          Camden, AR

Victor B.                     Callahan, FL

Ben S.                        Highland Park, NJ

Kathleen B.               Long Beach, CA

Carolyn C.                 Manhattan, IL

Glenda R.                  Poteau, OK


This month, quite a few of you tried your luck at some of our exciting lotto cards like the $1,000.00 Ante Up! or everyone’s favorite, the Bigger Buck Millions Rolling Jackpot! I mean why wouldn’t you play PCHlotto? It’s 100% free and 100% fun!

PW_Ante Up

Here are some of our LUCKY PCHLotto winners for the month of May:

Dennis R.                  Elizabethtown, KY

Shirley Ann H.          Stafford, VA

Kanika L.                   Beaverton, OR

Meredith H.               Syracuse, UT

Yvonne E.                 Miami, FL

Charles S.                 Alpharetta, GA

Robert M.                   Sandoval, IL

Carol S.                      Rio Linda, CA

Joe N.                         Northport, NY

Barry B.                      Livonia, MI

Richard D.                 Schenectady, NY

Vincent G.                 Myrtle Beach, SC

Bert D.                        Springfield, MO

Michael L.                  Albany, NY


Love the big thrill of slots, but hate the thought of leaving your house? Well PCH has just the cure for that! One click and you could win some BIG MONEY with our virtual slots. The exciting glamor, sights and sounds will make you feel like you’re in a real life casino! Take a “spin” with the Frontier Fortunes, Winning in Wonderland or even our Aztec Wilds and your name could be on this list next month!


Here are some of our May winners:

Adita P.                      Lecanto, FL

John S.                      Jacksonville, FL

Phyllis M.                   Hampton, NH

James D.                   Oak Creek, WI

William R.                  Franklin, TN

Steven L.                   Fresh Meadows, NY

Olga R.                       Carolina, PR

Laticia A.                    New Port Richey, FL

Debbie T.                   Portland, OR

Jannie B.                   Sylmar, CA

Barry B.                      Claburne, TX

Mark B.                       Laveen, AZ

Catherine S.                         Ault, CO

Daniel H.                   Spring Hill, FL

Elaine M.                   Richmond, VA


B-52! G-46! BINGO! You could win over $1,000.00 INSTANTLY with PCHInstant Bingo! The best part, no entry fees here. PCH Instant Win Bingo is 100% FREE! Play right now for your chance to win.

PW_Instant Bingo

Congrats to some of our May winners:

Kevin K.                     Millville, NJ

Toni K.                       Harbor, OR

Danny W.                  Barnesville, GA

Donna D.                   Rush Springs, OK

Dung N.                     Fort Wayne, IN

Michael B.                 Rock Springs, WY

Eva B.                        Edmonda, WA

Bob L.                         Orland, CA

Pamela W.                 Broken Arrow, OK

Roger I.                      West Springfield, MA

Darlene M.                Louisville, KY

Barb S.                       Nashville, TN

Leigh C.                     Auburn, WA

Brain D.                     Battle Ground, WA

Thomas Y.                 Coopersville, MI


Winner, winner chicken dinner! If you love the thrill of the classic high-stakes card game then you’ll LOVE PCHBlackjack.  Play your cards right and you could win up to $25,000 INSTANTLY!


Congrats to some of our winners this month:

Scott L.                       Tulsa, OK

Rose V.                      Houston, TX

Howard B.                 Florence, AL

Aaron H.                    Conroe, TX

Kymberley H.            Southaven, MS

Johnnie C.                Marion Junction, AL

Lisa M.                       Cincinnati, OH

Robert F.                    Tampa, FL

Jonathan J.               El Paso, TX

Cassandra S.            Houston, TX

Afton T.                      Salt Lake City, UT

Macy N.                      Superior, WI

Katrina M.                  Camden, NJ

Audrey A.                  Bronx, NY

Nelson A.                  Greenville, SC

PCH Cash Slots App

Always on the go, but LOVE the idea of FREE online slots? Lucky for you, the PCHSlots app is available right on your iPhone or Android devices! Real thrills, real slots and of course, real WINNING! Get going now because you could become one of our next winners!

PW_Cash Slots App

Here are some of our winners for the month of May:

Brandy H.                  Conyers, GA

Sandra M.                  Baltimore, MD

Ricardo N.                 Aliquippa, PA

Mandy J.                    Pass Christian, MS

Gisela S.                    North Arlington, NJ

Kathryn P.                 Westhampton, NY

Justin B.                    Anza, CA

Sally L.                       Springfield, MA

Victoria T.                  San Jose, CA

David M.                    La Mesa, CA
Dorian G.                   Canyon Country, CA

Pamela C.                 Wellsville, KS

Craig W.                     Oswego, NY

Consuelo                  Staten Island, NY

Don Z.                        Greenacres, FL

Do you believe all the lucky winners we had this month? If you think this is a lot, well we actually had 1,948 winners in all for the month of May!

Do you want to become one of our lucky winners next month? Log on now and start playing! Remember, all of our games are 100% FREE to play…so what are you waiting for?

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

P.S – What is your favorite Play&Win destination? Tell us below and remember keep on playing!

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At How PCHgames Has Changed!

A few weeks ago we posted some fun “Throwback Thursday” blogs that really showed how much PCHlotto has changed over the years. We saw how much you all loved taking a look back at our past, so today we decided to do the same with PCHgames! Let’s wind the clock back and see what things were like over at your favorite free gaming site a few years ago!

We’re starting with an image familiar to many of you. This welcome message was most likely one of the very first things many of our readers saw after registering for the first time on the site. These would also be the first tokens you earned! Awesome!

Welcome message PCHgames


Take a look at our new message. I love how sleek and colorful it looks now! New players still get 1,000 tokens added to their account, but they also get a bonus entry for $10 Million! And don’t forget, playing and entering at PCHgames is still completely free!

New Welcome Mesage


Here’s what the site looked like, circa 2012. Notice that the prizes are lower on the page and the featured area in the center is super small!

Throwback Thursday PCHgames


When the site was re-designed, we really wanted to put winning front and center. Do you think we succeeded?



Next, let’s take a look back at the “All Games” Page from 2012. You can see it has just 22 games, several of which have been retired. Currently, PCHGames boasts over 70 games! We’ve also “upgraded” by adding an Instant Win section  that wasn’t there in the past! I think you’ll all agree that was a GOOD improvement, right?

PCHgames Throwback Thursday

This is how our All Games page looked in 2012!

PCHgames All Games Page

And here’s how it looks now! Notice we can’t even show all the games in one screenshot!


As you can see, PCHGames has gone through A LOT of positive changes over the years. So what do you think? Did you enjoy this PCHgames Throwback Thursday? Would you like to see more? Are there any old favorite games that you’d like to see us remake? Let us know in the comments section below!


Greg L.

PCHgames Game Designer

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