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A Perfect Fit: Online Jigsaw Puzzles at Games and YOU!

online jigsaw puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good online jigsaw puzzle?

The fact is, with the dawn of the digital age, many adults aren’t reaching far beyond their computers and smart devices for classic games (like jigsaw puzzles!) that we all enjoyed as kids. But now, this beloved strategy game is online at Games, and ready to play from your desktop, unlimited and for free.

Alas! Together again in a puzzle-piece-fitting frenzy, you relive the fun days of your youth with online jigsaw puzzles anytime you want.

And with all the benefits that jigsaw puzzles offer, why not enjoy a game? For one, it helps build problem-solving skills, which let’s face it — we all need in our day-to-day lives.

But did you know that some scientists believe that playing the kinds of strategy games like online jigsaw puzzles is good for your mental health and can even help ward off Alzheimer’s, Dementia and memory loss?

SO, this FUN pastime is actually a relaxing, challenging way to keep your mind fresh and energized — where do I sign up?

Go to Games — if you don’t have an account, please create one (it’s 100% secure and painlessly fast, I promise you!) — then, head over to the “strategy games” and give Jigsaw Puzzle a try.

And while you’re there, here are some helpful tips to solving the puzzle:

  • Start with the edges! Look for the corners and work your way around. If you need a helping hand, you can go into the main menu at the bottom and select “show edges.” This will hide all the middle pieces, so you have a better view of “the frame.”
  • Separate the pieces using colors and patterns. If they look similar, group them together.
  • Listen for the sound of victory! That’s what I love about jigsaw puzzles — there’s only 1 right answer. One piece that fits. So, when you hear the pieces “click,” you know you’ve done good!

And, of course, a great perk about playing online — you’ll never lose another puzzle piece again!

Good luck!

Nicole T.
PCH Creative


Games are a great way to wind down after a long day. Or better yet, start your day off with some breakfast and a quick game. What time of the day do you like to play? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Hello, my dear PCH gamers!

Guess what? We’ve just added a whole new “wing” to our
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Have fun!

PCH Creative

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Play Sudoku Online at Games!

Play Sudoku Online Header_image


Hello! Fans, friends and fellow puzzle enthusiasts — how many of you share my passion for Sudoku? It’s my absolute favorite puzzle game, and I love that you can play Sudoku online for free at Games.

The game itself has been around for many years (and still going strong) even before it was introduced online. And it’s no wonder this strategy game is so popular — it’s challenging, addicting and most of all, FUN! What better way to sharpen your mind (and logic skills) than with this playful number puzzle!

Not familiar with the game? Well, now’s a great time to learn how to play Sudoku online.

(Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time at all!) And Games lets you choose your own difficulty level, so you can start at your own pace and advance as you go, making it easy to play even with no experience.

But first, I must warn, you may become addicted to the fun of solving the puzzle!

Playing Sudoku online may start with one harmless game play, but you’ll quickly find yourself playing four or five games in a row, then seven and before you know it, you’re waking up early to sign on and play before work. And still, you’ll want more game time!

Which is why Games is a great fit for Sudoku players. You can score tokens with your play. And, in true PCH style, there’s always a chance your gameplay could win you some actual money! (Who doesn’t love money?)

Now that you’ve heard why you should play Sudoku online, here’s how to play: Fill the grid so numbers 1 through 9 are across each row, down each column, and within each 3 x 3 square without any duplicates. It sounds complicated, but I assure you the concept is easy.

PW_7-13_Play Sudoku Online puzzle_image

So friends, who’s in for a fun game of Sudoku? If you haven’t played, give it a try! If you’ve had the pleasure of solving a Sudoku puzzle before, then you already know the joy of winning at a great game.

Nicole T.
PCH Creative

P.S. What are some of your favorite online games? You already know mine, and I’d love to hear yours! Please share your comments below.


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Deal yourself a winning hand with FREE Klondike Solitaire!



Hello, PCH Gamers!

Our challenging, fun-to-play Free Klondike Solitaire may become your ultimate game “fix”! It’s the “granddaddy” of all solitaire games … and the perfect way to take a break, challenge your skill and patience and stack up Tokens for chances to win amazing prizes!


Once your Klondike Solitaire cards are dealt, you drag and drop them to create stacks in descending order – then, uncover all four aces and place them at the top of your game board.

To win – and I just bet you will – you’ll take all the cards from your stacks, then stack them, in the same suits, in in ascending order on the four aces. Then, rake in the Game Tokens, that you “cash in” to go for terrific prizes like cash, gift cards, appliances.

Incidentally, we call it FREE Klondike Solitaire … but the FREE part goes for ALL our exciting games. You never have to spend a cent to have a gaming good time with us.

I hope you’ll visit the token games tab at to play FREE Klondike Solitaire today. It’s challenging, fun and free – and you could walk away a winner!

Bye for now!

PCH Creative



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