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Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At How PCHgames Has Changed!

A few weeks ago we posted some fun “Throwback Thursday” blogs that really showed how much PCHlotto has changed over the years. We saw how much you all loved taking a look back at our past, so today we decided to do the same with PCHgames! Let’s wind the clock back and see what things were like over at your favorite free gaming site a few years ago!

We’re starting with an image familiar to many of you. This welcome message was most likely one of the very first things many of our readers saw after registering for the first time on the site. These would also be the first tokens you earned! Awesome!

Welcome message PCHgames


Take a look at our new message. I love how sleek and colorful it looks now! New players still get 1,000 tokens added to their account, but they also get a bonus entry for $10 Million! And don’t forget, playing and entering at PCHgames is still completely free!

New Welcome Mesage


Here’s what the site looked like, circa 2012. Notice that the prizes are lower on the page and the featured area in the center is super small!

Throwback Thursday PCHgames


When the site was re-designed, we really wanted to put winning front and center. Do you think we succeeded?



Next, let’s take a look back at the “All Games” Page from 2012. You can see it has just 22 games, several of which have been retired. Currently, PCHGames boasts over 70 games! We’ve also “upgraded” by adding an Instant Win section  that wasn’t there in the past! I think you’ll all agree that was a GOOD improvement, right?

PCHgames Throwback Thursday

This is how our All Games page looked in 2012!

PCHgames All Games Page

And here’s how it looks now! Notice we can’t even show all the games in one screenshot!


As you can see, PCHGames has gone through A LOT of positive changes over the years. So what do you think? Did you enjoy this PCHgames Throwback Thursday? Would you like to see more? Are there any old favorite games that you’d like to see us remake? Let us know in the comments section below!


Greg L.

PCHgames Game Designer

Never Miss A PCHgames Event with PCHgames Fan Page Reminders!

Hi Gamers!

One of my favorite things to do at PCHgames is participate in all the great events. Even though I can’t win a PCH prize because I work here, I never want to miss a chance to get extra tokens or play in fun tournaments.

And we don’t want you to either! We want to make sure our fans know how to maximize their game playing and take advantage of all our amazing Token Alerts. So for those of you who didn’t know, when you visit PCHgames and click on the Events tab, you can see all the upcoming special Token Alerts. Whether it’s extra Tokens when you first log in or multiplying Token amounts just for playing, there are tons of opportunities and chances to win big.

PCHgames Events Reminder

Besides having this calendar of events on, we just created a new way to remind you of all the Token Alerts. Since we know how much our fans like Facebook, why not have a reminder right on the PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook?!

PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook

When you visit the PCHgames Fan Page you will see an Events tab. Here, you can join our events and get reminders that pop up like regular notifications. Any time there is a special Token Alert or Tournament coming up, you’ll be the first to know and won’t forget to log in to PCHgames that day. Only the events you choose to join will show up as a reminder!

What do you think everyone? Do you like the new reminder on the PCHgames Fan Page? Comment below and let us know! Remember to check the Events Tab every month so you never miss a thing! And we hope to see all of you playing in our next tournament!

Cara F.
PCH Social Media Manager

P.S. Don’t forget! You can also engage with us every day at the PCHgames Fan Page or follow @PCHgames on Twitter!

PCHgames Manager Danny is Back To Answer More Fan Questions!

Hi PCHgames fans!

Recently we asked you all here on the Play&Win blog and our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook if you had any questions about PCHgames. Last week on the blog we started answering some of those fan questions for you, and today we’re back with more!

Donna: Hi Danny, I just love PCHgames! But, it seems when I am on there, I have come across some people who don’t know how to add friends, accept friends to level up, check their inbox, or just have a problem with their inbox. I think it would be great to have a post for “HOW TO” ya know, using PCHgames profile section.

Danny: Hi Donna! That’s a great suggestion!  Actually, I think this would make for an excellent blog topic on it’s own, but I’ll still answer your question here!

First, you can start off with viewing your profile. 

Then, you can start adding friends! Now there are 2 ways you can do this.

The first is to search by the player’s username.  All you need to do is type a user name and click “Search”.  When the search results appear just click “Add Friend,” and your request will be sent to that player.  

PW_PCHgames Profile PW_PCHgames Add Friend

The second way to add a friend is by going to their profile.  When you are browsing games you’ll notice that players appear right above the 5-Word review section. You can click on the player’s username and it will take you to their profile.  Once you’re there you can click the “Add Friend” button under their avatar. 

You may also be wondering how messages work. The messages section is where you can review any friend requests that other players have sent you, and see the status of any friend requests you have sent.  You can access your messages by clicking on the messages link from your profile.  

PW_PCHgames Inbox

Ellen: I love Trivia. As part of the Play & Win to get the big check, can your awesome Tech game designers develop a instant prize playing trivia, then still be entered into big sweeps?

Danny: Hey Ellen! I love trivia too! First, I want to ask you if you’ve played all the trivia games we have at PCHgames (we have a whole category!) But I also think you make a great suggestion. We are actually considering adding an Instant Win chance to our Star Quiz game.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do that before the end of the year.

Marnel: Danny, how come I can’t get all the sweeps and scratcher games on my tablet? I don’t have a desk top!

Danny: Hi Marnel! All the digital teams at PCH are very focused on bringing our winning opportunities to tablets and phones. At PCHgames, you have three chances to win up to $1,000.00 instantly on mobile or tablet devices.  Plus, we just added 5 new token games just for phones and tablets. We’re certainly working on making the mobile and tablet experience even better, but for now you can rack up tokens playing these games and redeem them for chances to win great prizes. 

Many of you had questions related to winning, so I wanted share some information with you.  As most of you know, you enter for sweepstakes using tokens.  My co-worker, Greg, recently put together this awesome post telling you the best ways to maximize your tokens. Make sure you’re playing every day to score the most tokens you can!

Well, I think that’s all for now, but if you have any other questions about PCHgames, please comment below! And as always, I’ll do my best to answer them for you :)

Happy gaming everyone!

Danny E.
PCHgames Manager

Danny From PCHgames Answers Your Questions!

Hi gamers!

A few days ago we asked you all here on the PCHplay&win blog and on our PCHgames Fan Page on Facebook if you had any questions about PCHgames. We got great questions from all of you and today I’ll be answering a few of them!

Brenda: How do some players get such high scores on an individual game.  Do they have some special mouse?  Can you give me some hints on getting higher scores? I do watch for the 10X’s and 5X’s, however I want to get better scores daily on all games. Thanks.

Danny: Hi Brenda – No special mouse required! The best way to achieve higher scores is practice, practice, and more practice.  If you are looking for tips on specific games, then this PCHplay&win blog is the perfect place! We have whole blogs full of tips, tricks and hints  on some of our most popular and challenging games. Just search “tips” in the search bar on the right side and you’ll find everything you need! Did you know that our PCHgames site  also provides helpful hints along with the game instructions?  You just need to click “How to Play” on any game.  Hope that helps!

Sharon: I am having a hard time trying out the new tokens games, they all seem much harder for me, I’m not a card person at all, any ideas? I’d like TO play THE tokens games.

Danny: Hi Sharon! Not a problem if card games aren’t for you! We have more than 60 games on PCHgames, so there’s definitely something for everyone. I’d take a look at some of our Arcade games. One of my favorites is Amazing Sheriff  – it’s fun and easy to play! You just use your mouse to point the arrow at the target and click!

Rose: I have been wondering about the Bingo games winner, there are four different rooms to play Bingo the winner of the $250.00 prize that is posted is always the same name in all four rooms. This is confusing to me, I would expect each room to have a different winner how can the same person win in all four rooms?

Danny: Hey Rose – we always post the most recent Bingo winner, that’s why you’re seeing the same name in all 4 rooms regardless of what room they won in.

Gwen: Danny, sometimes when I fill out my entry I give everything right and it comes back and tells me give a valid area code and its right what I put in. Then I do it again same thing. Then it comes and says my address is not right. 

Danny: Hi Gwen – Sorry you’re having trouble! I think you may be talking about a valid zip code (we don’t ask for an area code). If you experience any more issues like this, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-459-4724. Also, if anyone is experiencing trouble logging in, please read this blog:

Why Can’t I Log In To PCHgames?

Hope you all found these answers helpful! And remember, if you have any other questions about PCHgames, comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!

Danny E.
PCHgames Manager

P.S. I couldn’t resist answering this one last question!

Lisa: Wear do I get my poodle clipped?

Danny: Hi Lisa – Sorry I can’t help you on this one.  I have a bulldog and he just sheds everywhere.  :)

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