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A Big Congratulations to Our August PCHGames Instant Winners!


There’s instant pudding. Instant oatmeal. Instant mashed potatoes. But hands down, nothing beats Instant Cash. Am I right?

And that’s what we give away here at PCHGames Cool Cash Prizes Every Day —just for logging on and playing the games you love!

This announcement covers the entire month of August, and it seems as though plenty of you were having lots of fun gaming over the summer. Get ready to scroll, scroll, scroll down to see our long list of 108 lucky PCHGames instant winners! 

$1,000 Cash Winner

Eileen W.        Nashville, TN

$500 Cash Winners

Marcia H.        Kings Mountain, NC

Elton S.           Marlborough, CT

$250 Cash Winners

Michael R.       Frankfort, IN

Janice K.          Lafayette, CO

Joseph M.       Greeley, NE

Sheri M.          Eagan, MN

Vernon D.       Navarre, FL

Lanette B.       Clackamas, OR

Linda T.          Arnold, MO

Al B.                West Fargo, ND

Johnny S.        Opa Locka, FL

Eve A.              Murfreesboro, NC

$50 Cash Winners

K.D. E. Sacramento, CA

Laurie H.        Parkville, MD

Alethea C.       Tukwila, WA

J. S.                  Berwyn, PA

James W.        Beaufort, MO

John L.            Burbank, IL

Kellie W.         Crockett, TX

William W.      Longmont, CO

Charlotte R.    Jackson, MS

Kathleen M.    Pittsburgh, PA

$20, $10 and $5 Cash Winners

Deidre S.         Kent, WA

Mark H.           Royal, IA

Patricia B.       Waite Park, MN

Geri F.             Harrodsburg, KY

Shawna V.      Medford, OR

Lynn M.          Colorado Springs, CO

Alexandra U.  Kettle Falls, WA

James C.          Jacksonville, FL

Richard R.      Sulphur Springs, TX

Peggy L.          Camdenton, MO

Jeanne H.        Manassas, VA

Glenna B.        Mapleton, OR

Norman Y.      Kill Devil Hills, NC

Adrienne F.    Orange Park, FL

Ellen P.            Coraopolis, PA

Josie C .           Alhambra, CA

Michael D.      McKinleyville, CA

Cindy R.          Lake Elsinore, CA

Judy S.             Haughton, LA

Bildouglas E.  Chicago, IL

Kristine K.      Hanover Township, PA

Paul W.           Paducah, KY

Yacine F.         Antioch, TN

Dorothy C.      Grand Chenier, LA

Donna S.         Santaquin, UT

Karen L.          Waterford, MI

Lelia G.            Muncie, IN

Tammy L.       Greensboro, NC

Maxwell W.    Orlando, FL

Roberta T.      Chenoa, IL

Jamie T.          Ankeny, IA

Gwyn A.          La Crosse, WI

Florence P.     Selingsgrove, PA

David H.          Philadelphia, PA

John M.           Rochester Hills, MI

Sabrenia B.     Philadelphia, PA

George G.       Concord, MA

Masa N.           Farmingdale, NY

John G.            Meridian, ID

Darold W.       Kalamazoo, MI

Rick M.            Ione, WA

Joseph M.       Greeley, NE

Michele H.      Saginaw, MI

Dustin T.         Maypearl, TX

 $10 Amazon Gift Card Winners

Alan C.            Crossville, TN

Brittany A.      Milwaukee, WI

Elizabeth C.    Easton, PA

Lynn O.           Park City, KS

Kim O.             Lake City, IA

Rachel P.         Toledo, OH

Shannon A.     Knoxville, TN

Christine M.    Ansonia, CT

Sandra K.        La Farge, WI

Shannon A.     Knoxville, TN

Patricia C.       Willoughby, OH

Lorraine S.     Tularosa, NM

Kathleen M.    Woodbridge, VA

Richard S.       Gresham, OR

Terry L.          Saint Peters, MO

Bret B.            Somerset, KY

N.J. H.              Dallas, TX

Karen H.         Jacksonville, IL

Billie S.            Bayside, NY

Rachel P.         Toledo, OH

Ben C.             Marietta, GA

Debbie B.        Collinsville, IL

Duane H.        Castle Pines, CO

Morgan P.       Houston, DE

James B.          Wooster, OH

Joyce N.          Huntley, IL

Lorraine S.     Tularosa, NM

Charles C.       Houston, TX

Joan S.             Melbourne, FL

Candy C.         Albuquerque, NM

Lisa M.            Grafton, OH

Brenda H.       Rio Linda, CA

Sherry M.       Mt. Pleasant, IA

Christine M.    Ansonia, CT

Kathleen B.     Cambria, WI

Sammy P.        Saint Charles, MN

Carol I.            Pittsburgh, PA

Cindy V.          Columbia, MD

Manuel O.       Somerset, NJ

Linda G.          Moravian Falls, NC

Patricia T.       Union Grove, WI

WOW! Now that’s an impressive list of winners! Let’s give them all a big round of applause!

Do YOU want to be an instant winner? Well there are loads more prizes to be given away! Just look for select games you’ll find under the Instant Win heading on PCHGames, start playing, and you could find your name listed on our next Instant Winner Blog next!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. What’s your favorite Instant Win Game on PCHGames? Please comment below and let me know!

A HUGE Congratulations To First-Ever PCHGames Fan Of The Month!

Hey Play&Win Fans!

We gave you a shot at fame and glory, and you guys ran with it! SO many of you (over 250!) commented on our post that talked about how YOU could become our first-ever PCHGames “Fan Of The Month” simply by commenting and guess what…the time has come to crown our winner!

As many of you may remember from our last post, becoming the PCH “Fan Of The Month” is more than just a chance for thousands of people to see your name in lights — it’s also your opportunity to walk away with a cool $100 in CASH, as well as to earn 5,000 tokens at PCHGames! This is such an amazing opportunity, and I’m so excited to tell you who this month’s winner is!

Drum roll please…

This month’s “Fan Of The Month” is Gwendolyn C.!!
Congratulations Gwendolyn!


And to all of you reading this blog who left a comment, we THANK YOU!

Good luck to all and congratulations again to our new winner!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

Toss Around Some Monkey Gems and Win Tokens too!

Monkey Gems Practice Rounds at PCHGames start TODAY!

monkey gems

Hey PCHGamers!  I thought I would show off one of my new addictions at PCHGames – Monkey Gems!

With the Monkey Gems game tournament coming up on September 25th, I decided to make a video to show you all how the game works!  I had a lot of fun shooting it in my office.  Thankfully no one caught me playing this game so much!

Like a lot of games, Monkey Gems is deceptively simple: throw your gems at an invading snake!  Every time your thrown gem hits a matching gem on the snake’s body, they disappear and the snake becomes shorter!  Get rid of the snake before he gets to your inner sanctum, and you win that round!


Of course there are gems that unlock different powers! Some cause a big explosion – BOOM!  Others slow the snake down to snail-like speeds.  Others double your points!


And on some levels, it isn’t just one snake invading your turf, but two!  The pace gets frantic, but with the help of the special gems and some smart strategy, you can make it!

There are also fun bonus rounds, where you throw your gems at fruit for extra bonus points.


And of course, the more you play, the more tokens you get, and the more tokens you have, the more opportunities you have to enter awesome PCH Sweepstakes!

Now remember everyone, practice rounds for this fun game start TODAY! So be sure to play now…then come back to PCHGames for the Monkey Gems Game Tournament on September 25th when you can win BIG CASH!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. I played the game for a while, and boy is it addictive!  I got a score of 21,760 points!  Do you think you can beat that?

Dancing With The Stars 2013 Has Got Nothing On PCHGames!

If you’re looking for a real prize, dance your way over to PCHGames to become our next winner!


Hey Gamers!

Have you ever wanted to become a winner? Well, if you answered yes than congratulations! You have the same wish as most people in America. In recent years, the amount of reality TV shows that have popped is quite amazing. It’s no surprise that reality TV is America’s favorite type of television. People will do just about anything for a chance at becoming a winner and let’s face it — it’s SO entertaining to watch.

As fall quickly approaches, TV watchers all over America can expect to see a return of their favorite shows such as Dancing With The Stars! The new season starts tonight and that means a slew of brand new celebrities dancing it out to see who will be this year’s champion! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, every season, a group of professional dancers teams up with a group of celebrities in hope of impressing the judges and walking away with a shiny trophy and a year of bragging rights. This season is one you definitely won’t want to miss, with celebrities such as Snooki, Bill Nye The Science Guy, and Christina Milian!

Although Dancing With The Stars sounds like a perfect way to become a winner, you have to admit that there’s a lot of work involved! Every week the dancing teams have to create and perfect a dance routine to perform in front of millions of people! Just thinking about that makes me nervous! Relax winning hopefuls, I know a way that YOU can still become a winner minus the stress…PCHGames!

That’s right! When you play at PCHGames you don’t need to worry about messing up dance moves, all you need to worry about is logging in and having fun! At PCHGames you have the opportunity to play some of your favorite games like solitaire and mahjongg all while earning valuable tokens and entering for awesome prizes! Did you know that at PCHGames, there’s a way to dance to the beat without the fear of messing up your footwork? It’s true! The game’s called Disco Bowling, and it’s the perfect way stay groovy and get your bowl on! With its upbeat 80′s jams, this is one game that will keep you coming back for more!


So I hope you all can see, PCHGames can give you the satisfaction of winning an awesome prize without having to worry about remembering how to do the foxtrot. What can be more perfect than that? If winning is what you crave but you’re a little clumsy on your feet, look no further than PCHGames! No experience necessary and a guaranteed good time, every time!

Stay Groovy!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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