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PCHCasino Is A New Way For You To Win Cash On-The-Go!

“I’m so excited to be able to give users a chance to play real Vegas-style Blackjack for FREE — with Prizes they can win on-the-go!”  — Phil F., PCHCasino Manager

Hey Gamers,

How’d you like to carry the thrill of a Vegas-Style Casino right in your pocket?

We thought you would — that’s why we’ve created the PCHCasino, with real Vegas-style Blackjack you can play on-the-go!  It’s the ultimate gaming experience that lets you win cash and earn Tokens you can use in the PCH Redemption Center or to Win big in the PCHCasino.

Here’s  a look at how it works…

First, you spin the Daily Token Bonus wheel to get your FREE tokens for the day!

PCH Casino Bonus Wheel

Then, you play REAL-STYLE Blackjack!  (See how I have 66,370 Tokens at the top of the screen below?  That’s because you can use the Tokens you earn all across PCH right at the PCHCasino! Isn’t that great?!?  All our games work together to make it easier for YOU!)

PCH Casino Blackjack

You use Tokens to bet on every hand — and just like in a real live Casino, you can Double Down, Split and even Buy Insurance! But what makes the PCHCasino even better is that it’s 100% FREE to play…AND you could win REAL CASH!

That’s right — REAL CASH!  You see, every Token earned at the PCHCasino gets you closer to becoming one of the top token earners on our Weekly Blackjack Leaderboard — so keep earning Tokens you could become #1 and win the $100 Cash Prize!  We count every Token earned while playing Blackjack at the PCHCasino toward your Token Leaderboard Rank — so let’s say you EARN 10 Tokens but use 5 — we’ll still count all 10. So, in other words, we WANT you to use your Tokens … and you’ll want to use them, too (keep reading!)

And the Prize news gets even better… at the PCHCasino, you don’t even have to make it to the TOP of the Leaderboard to Win!  Two winners will be chosen every week at random from the Top 500 Token Earners to receive $50. That’s a pretty nice prize if I do say so myself.

Plus, 3 players who have scored ANY Token amount by playing PCHCasino Blackjack during the week will be randomly selected to receive a 10,000 Token Reward!

PCH Casino Leaderboard

And remember before how I said you’ll want to use your Tokens?!? Well, here’s why…  Every time you use 2,500 Tokens at the Casino, you’ll be entered to win the EXCLUSIVE $2,500 Monthly Jackpot Prize!  And you can get up to 10 entries a day!   That’s a lot of cash, so make sure you use your Tokens and go for it!

Jackpot Sweeps

And if you run out of Tokens at any time — or if you want to maximize your chances of becoming a top token earner and taking the #1 Spot on the Token Leaderboard — you can always earn even more Tokens every day by checking out the exciting opportunities on the PCHCasino Offer Wall! Please note that any tokens you earn for completing offers will not count towards your leaderboard ranking.

Earn Free Tokens

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your mobile phone and start playing now — you could become one of our first PCHCasino Winners!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Introducing The Newest PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault Winners!

Pro Gamer Prize Vault

So, you’re a gamer at PCHgames. But, are you a PCHgames Pro Gamer? You should be, because only Pro Gamers can get exclusive access to the Pro Gamer Prize Vault. The PCH Games Pro Gamer Prize Vault is a special instant-win game opportunity you can play as a PCH Games Pro Gamer where you could win up to $2,500 instantly. What’s more, you can achieve this special distinction by doing what you LOVE — playing FREE online games.
We’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate the latest PCH Pro Gamer Prize Vault winners:

Jeanette B. $20 Cash
Cynthia P. $20 Cash
Stanley K. $5 gift card
John H. $5 gift card
Shirley H. $10 gift card
Karen W. $5 gift card
Linda L. $20 Cash
Jennifer B. $5 gift card
Kevin A. $5 gift card
Paul V. $5 gift card
Charles J. $10 gift card
Ron l. $10 gift card
Mary M. $10 gift card
Robert C. $10 gift card
Elizabeth S. $5 gift card

All the winners above have this in common — they played over 50 games in one month to achieve their coveted Pro Gamer status and all the perks that go along with it. (As a Pro Gamer, you can play the Prize Vault once a day, every day, qualify for token bonuses, and more!)

Don’t you want a crack at the PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault? Become a Pro Gamer, if you haven’t already!  Please keep in mind that every month your game count resets towards your Pro Gamer status. So, keep playing FREE online games at PCHgames! Get your special access to the Pro Gamer Prize Vault and go for your chance to win up to $2,500 instantly every day! Who knows? Maybe your name will be listed in a future blog post as the newest PCHgames Pro Gamer Prize Vault winner!

Have fun and good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

Announcing Our August Lucky Winners from PCH Play & Win!

Just when you thought the summer fun was coming to an end and it was time to put away the pool toys, the shorts, the sun tan lotion and the sunglasses, things are starting to heat up again at PCH with a whole new list of sizzling August winners from PCH Play&Win!

So far this month we had over 1,000 winners just from our network of Play&Win sites! And the cash total so far is over $29,035.00 in prizes, and the month isn’t over yet!

It’s all about winning at PCH Play&Win —365 days a year, 24/7 — so give it a try!

Who knows? You name just might be on one of these very same lists next month!

PCHGames Winners

Let the games begin! And all of those chances to win! Choose from arcade games, card games, casino games, sportsstrategy, trivia and word games, and play to your heart’s content! I’m sure some of these lucky winners did just that!


Let’s give a big round of applause to just a few of our PCHGames winners!

Kenneth D.     Swartz Creek, MI

Donna B.       Reisterstown, MD

Priscilla B.   College Park, MD

Claudia S.     Jamestown, PA

Helen S.       Pecos, TX

Lisa Maria P.   Aguadilla, PR

Kent P.        Brooklyn Center, MN

Anna L.         Morrisville, PA

Steven E.       Slidell, LA

Gary D.         Woodbridge, NJ

PCH Blackjack Winners
These lucky players got dealt a winning hand with this classic card game. Winning could be in the cards for you, too, when you give it a try — up to $25,000 instantly!


Congrats to all of our PCH Blackjack winners this month. Here is just a sampling:

Marcy F.        Aberdeen, WA

Andre G.        Phoenix, AZ

Thomas B.      Macon, GA

Lisa L.         Merriville, IN

Hector C.       Lake Worth, FL

Daniel L.       Portage, MI

Bradley K.      Las Vegas, NV

Donnell W.     San Diego, CA

Spencer D.      Cincinnati, OH

June W.         Dallas, TX

PCH Instant Bingo Winners
Shout it out. That’s right. These lucky players got the right numbers and won cash prizes that for any game player spell E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T, any day of the week.
Each and every day you can play in four thrilling rounds with one free online Bingo card per round! The faster you get Bingo, the more instant cash you could win. So what are you waiting for?


Here are just a few of our August PCH Instant Bingo winners!

Allison K.        Ormond Beach, FL

James S.          Terre Haute, IN

Emmanuel M. Oak Ridge, TN

Barb S.           Nashville, TN

Jess Y.           Bountiful, UT

Dennis W.       Pearl City, HI

Sean M.           Kingman, AZ

MaryAnn P.    Lady Lake, FL

Carolyn C.       Brunswick, GA

Betty L.          Tulsa, OK

PCH Cash Slots App Winners
The PCHSlots app is available for FREE to download onto your Smartphone. Play on your iPhone or Android device to win REAL CASH PRIZES from the comfort of your own phone! Play any time, any place.

PCH Cash Slots App

Take a look at some of our lucky PCH Cash Slots App winners for the month of August:

David H.          Johnstown, PA

Sonny C.         Tucson, AZ

Holly E.          Worland, WY

Donald A.       Saint Paul, MN

Mysti H.          Auburn, IN

Tanya B.         Paterson, NJ

Terri B.          Milwaukee, WI

John S.           Hot Springs, AR

Carrie S.         Stockton, CA

Rene P.           Chicago, IL


PCH Slots Winners
Who wouldn’t want to spin those slots for FREE? You’ve got nothing to lose — literally — and you can win some big money without leaving the comfort of your own home!

PCH Slots

These lucky PCHSlots winners know just what I’m talking about!

JoAnn R.        El Prado, NM

Leonard A.     Sun Valley, CA

Jeff B.         Bloomington, MN

Len C.          San Jose, CA

Bert A.         San Marcos, CA

Jennifer H.     Livingston, TX

Carolyn L.      Tarpon Springs, FL

Ava M. Dublin, CA

Steven M.       Atlantic City, NJ

Rudolph M.    New Ulm, MN

PCHlotto Winners
Why not try your hand at picking the winning numbers? Somebody has to win and it could be you!

PCH Lotto

Congratulations to all of our August PCHlotto winners! I’ve listed just a few.

Sherry D.        Patterson, LA

Florence K.     Freehold, NJ

Archie B.         Mineral Bluff, GA

Lorraine P.     Las Vegas, NV

Barbara C.      Hammond, LA

Richard S.       Gloucester, VA

Sebastiana P.  Phoenix, AZ

Laura S.          Romoland, CA

Helen Z.          Orangeburg, SC

Wardell C.      Orland Park, IL

I couldn’t be happier to deliver such good news! Once again, Congratulations to all of our play & win winners this month. And for anyone who hasn’t experienced the fun and thrills of our FREE online games, why not log on now and get started?

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

Today’s Blog Game: Can You Unscramble the Words?

Are you a “constant clicker” at PCHgames? Do you consider yourself an expert on all of the fabulous fun-time FREE games that are up on the site? Either way, let’s see how well you can figure out some of the super-scrambled names of some of our most popular game titles!  That’s right, it ‘s time for a WORD SCRAMBLE!

Can you unscramble the words below???

Unscramble the Words

Let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is for each number.  And don’t cheat! Don’t look at other people’s answers before trying to figure it out –the fun is playing the game!

And remember, the words unscramble into some of the titles of our most popular games. So if you get stuck but don’t want to look at other people’s answers, head on over to our list of token games and see if anything pops out at you. And if you need to take a break, why don’t you try a game on the list that you haven’t played before? You never know when you might find a new favorite!

Good luck with the game! I can’t wait to read all the answers. And we’ll post all the correct answers in the P.S. on Monday’s blog, so be sure to check back!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – After you have given us your answers, tells us in the comments below how long it took you! I want to see who got it done the fastest!

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