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What kind of gamer are you

Hey!  As you probably know, we’ve got a LOT of fun, fast-paced games to choose from here at PCH – that offer LOTS of chances to win amazing prizes!

To help steer you to the PCH games we think you’ll enjoy most, I’ve come up with the following quiz to see what kind of gamer you are.  Just pick ONE answer – A, B, C or D – to each question.  Then, we’ll check the results together – and recommend the PCH games for YOU!

1. If you want to relax and have some fun, would you …

A.Visit a casino?
B. Check out an amusement park or theme park?
C. Join a lively round of cards?
D. Play checkers or chess

2. You’re at a restaurant buffet. Do you …

A. Go right for a main entree?
B. Take a little of this and a little of that?
C. Start with dessert and work your way back?
D. Go with your tried-and-true faves?

3. There are a zillion different shows on TV at 9:00 tonight. Would you choose a …
A. High-stakes game show?
B. A whodunit-type crime drama?
C. A “most talented” performance competition?
D. A nostalgic old movie?

4. It’s YOUR turn to choose what the gang will play on “game night”! Will you opt for a …
A. Round of Hearts or Poker?
B. Fun night of Charades?
C. Classic board game, like “Monopoly,” “Scrabble” or “Clue”?
D. Lively home Bingo tournament?

Finished? Great!  Let’s tabulate the results and see what your unique PCH Gamer Personality is – and some of our games we think you’d especially go for!

If you answered mostly A’s …

You’re a take-command High Roller! You would REALLY shine with all the awesome Vegas-style fun at PCHlotto, and the big cash stakes of the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!


If you answered mostly B’s …

You’re a Master of the Mix — who agrees that variety really IS the spice of life!  Get yourself over to PCHgames and choose your pleasure from the seemingly endless lineup of delights, like “Sunken Treasures,” “Mah Jongg Moolah” and “Slots: Prize Patrol Party!”


If you answered mostly C’s …

You’re a Serious Competitor! You like to sit down, strategize and give it all you’ve got, game after game. Make your move to PCHBlackjack, where you play your hands, pile up your chips and go for the biggest, best prizes on the site … including a shot at our enormous PCH Sweepstakes SuperPrize!


If you answered mostly D’s …

You’re a Classic Gamer! You like the fun, participation and instant payoffs of an old fashioned  “bingo hall.” Find it all at PCHInstantBingo, where you roll the balls, rack up the “winning” letters and go for LOTS of instant cash prizes the whole time!  Just like you, it’s anything but old-fashioned – but boy, is it fun!

PCH Instant Bingo

NOW … it’s time to TELL US HOW YOU DID!  What kind of gamer are YOU? Are you a “High Roller,” a “Master of the Mix,” a “Serious Competitor” or a “Classic Gamer”?  Write it down in the “Comments” section below.

Thanks for taking our quiz.  Now, get out there and play … and show us your stuff!



PCH Creative


Hats Off To Our Most Recent M.V.P Winners at PCHlotto!

Hats Off

We’re happy to announce our most recent list of winners who won EXCLUSIVE prizes by being dedicated PCHlotto players! That’s right. Not only were they having fun by picking those lucky lotto numbers on PCHlotto, but while they were doing it, they “graduated” to M.V.P. status by playing 20 or more cards on PCHlotto within 7 days. Now that’s a smart deal! These M.V.P. players automatically get THREE additional daytime cards to play at That’s THREE EXTRA cards, each with an opportunity to win, and they’re reserved ONLY for our M.V.P’s!

Now without further ado, let’s meet some of those lucky lotto winners! Here’s just a partial listing of the exclusive M.V.P. $100 Winners so far in 2015. Someone wins everyday. It’s guaranteed!

Kally D. Leander, TX
James M. Church Point, LA
David S. Avon, IN
Michael B. Las Vegas, NV
Gary A. Clarkston, MI
Lauren H. Zion, IL
Liboria C. Atwater, CA
Jackie S. Marlborough, MA
Michael B. Gary, IN
Wendy J. Woodland, CA
Donald L. Sapulpa, OK
Nancy C. Largo, FL
Mike K. Shillington, PA
Valerie J. Detroit, MI
Kim M. Pflugerville, TX
Tim P. Comstock Park, MI
Thomas J. Antelope, CA

Don’t Miss YOUR Chance To Get In On The Action!

All it takes to become an M.V.P. is to play 20 or more cards within 7 days. That’s it! Then you can join this exclusive group that gets THREE additional daytime cards at Now I’ll share February’s extra cards with you, reserved ONLY for our M.V.P’s!

Love is in the air this time of year, so we decided to reach out to the devoted players we love with some Valentine M.V.P. Payday Cards that are super sweet! Hopefully these cards will lavish our M.V.P.’s with lots of luck!

The exclusive $25,000 M.V.P. Jewels Card is one of those three cards. Who wouldn’t want to go for a shot at that kind of cash?

MVP Card at PCHlotto

The $100.00 M.V.P. Chocolates card is a chance at $100.00 cash, reserved only for our M.V.P’s. And a winner is GUARANTEED every day! Play one of these and you could see your name on our next list of $100 winners!

PCHlotto MVP Card

Here’s our $3,995.00 M.V.P. Roses card. Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s just our way of saying thanks to all of you dedicated M.V.P. players!

MVP PCHlotto

Don’t pass up this fun and exciting opportunity to join our growing list of winners here at PCH! The more you play, the more chances to win! What are you waiting for? Head on over to PCHlotto and start playing now!

Jane M.
PCH Creative Dept.

P.S. Which M.V.P. card do you LOVE the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

Why Do My Saved Numbers At PCHlotto Seem To Change?

Hey Blog Readers,

Have you been keeping track of your saved numbers at PCHlotto by using the “Save My #s” feature?
Save my numbers on PCHlotto

I hope you have, because it’s SO convenient — you just pick your numbers, press the button and they’ll be saved for future use!
Play my numbers

That’s great isn’t it?  That means you can use these numbers on THE SAME TYPE OF CARD over and over again.  And here’s a look at the types of cards you can play daily at PCHlotto:

Pick 8 out of 48 (Daytime: Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot; Twilight: Moonlight Millions card)

Pick 7 out of 47 (Daytime & Twilight:  $2,500 card; $10,000 card; $1,500 card. $25,000 card – for MVPs only)

Pick 6 out of 48 (Daytime & Twilight:  $500 card)

Pick 7 out of 42 (Daytime & Twilight:  $5,000 card; $1,000 card)

Pick 5 out of 42 ($100 card – for MVPs only)

Pick 7 out of 43 ($3,995 card – for MVPs only)

Behind the scenes, you can save one set of numbers for each type of card shown above.  So it may look like your saved numbers at PCHlotto are changing if you try to play them from one card to the next, but really, they are just being applied to the TYPE OF CARD you’re viewing.

Here’s an example — as you saw above, I saved my numbers for the $5,000 “Pick 7 out of 42″ card.  So when I go to the $1,000 “Pick 7 out of 42″ card and hit “Play My #s”:
Save your numbers PCHlotto

They appear like magic!

But if you’re still be wondering, “Why Do My Saved Numbers At PCHlotto Seem To Change?”  Here’s a look at what happens when you try to play your saved numbers on TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARDS…

Let’s say you saved your numbers on the “Pick 8 out of 48″ Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot Card like this:
Save your numbers on PCHlotto

And then tried to play them on the next card which is a “Pick 7 out of 47″ like this…
Save my numbers PCHlotto

… it will seem like your numbers have changed, but really, they’re just being saved for the next time you play a “Pick 8 out of 48″ card.

INSIDER TIP FOR BLOG READERS:  Don’t use your saved numbers on a card for the same prize amount during the day and then again during PCHlotto Twilight.  Pick different numbers so you MAXIMIZE your chances to win!

So, I sure hope you’ll continue to use the “Save My #s” feature at PCHlotto — once you understand when to use the numbers, it’s a great time saver and the perfect way to make sure your lucky numbers get played daily!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Danielle Lam Tells You What She Likes Best About The PCHLotto Blast App!

As some of you awesome fans may already know, the new PCHlotto Blast App is something to talk about! PCHlotto Blast is a fun and interactive way to play games WHILE getting chances to win up to $5,000 cash! In fact, just the other day, we congratulated our first $1,000 winner!

There is SO much fun to be had, and best of all, there are no in-app purchases required! That’s right, PCHlotto Blast is 100% FREE! That’s even more of a reason to download the app today and check out what it has to offer!

I sat down with Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam to pick her brain about what she likes best about the app! See below for the interview!

Dillon: What do you like best about the new PCHlotto blast app?  

Danielle:  Aside from the fact that our fans can play this fun game and win up to $5,000 INSTANTLY, I just think the different creative designs for all the levels is adorable! My favorite is the beach level (maybe because it’s so cold in NY and I’m jealous lol).

Dillon: What’s your favorite feature on the app?

Danielle: I think that brunette cartoon that shows up the first time you download the game is pretty cool – who could she be (lol just kidding, that’s me!). I love the prize wheel, balloon pops and scratch cards – so exciting!

Dillon: Why should fans engage with PCHlotto blast?

Why wouldn’t you? It’s a fun, free, fast way to win cash from PCH and you can play anywhere you want since it’s for your mobile device!

Danielle makes some good points in her interview! What more could you ask for? The app is fun, easy, and gives you chances to win ANYWHERE and ANYTIME!  What are you waiting for? Download the app now and see what all the hype is about! We promise you won’t be disappointed! Happy gaming and good luck to all!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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