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Is PCH Real? YES! Hear from a Real Cash Slots App Winner!

Wondering if PCH is real and if anyone ever really wins? Well, the answer is YES! And one recent winner of $5,000 took some time out from being a mom to chat with us about her recent Major Prize, and how she came to be a winner!

Cash Slots App

Maribel Rodriguez had watched all the screaming, the crying and the over-the-top reactions of the winners in the Publishers Clearing House commercials on TV. She thought that there was no way those were real! Maybe they were actors or maybe something else about it was fake? There was no way!

I first heard about Publishers Clearing House through the commercials on TV, about 2 months ago. I didnt think it was real, says Maribel in our over the phone interview.

So of course we here at PCH know the prizes are real (and chances are, you do too!). But Maribel’s reaction is a good reminder to us just how amazing these prizes are! They can often seem too good to be true!

But thank goodness we DO have those commercials, because when Maribel saw a link to PCH online, she recognized the name and took a chance.

I thought it [wasnt real], but I like games so I clicked on it anyways. So I started to play Cash Slots.


The PCH Cash Slots App is just one of the many ways you can win BIG prizes from PCH! Available for both iPhone and Android, it’s slot machine-themed fun, where betting chips can gain you even MORE chips! Then there’s a bonus wheel, where you can spin to gain more chips or even win some real cash prizes!

Some of those cash prizes include Major Prizes, like $5,000! That’s how much Maribel won when she was playing the Cash Slots app.

Even when I won, I thought oh my God, I dont believe it! My sister had to convince me to fill out the form. I didnt think it was real.

When the team behind the PCH Cash Slots app finally received Maribel’s information, they decided to do something that PCH doesn’t do often – along with her real check for $5,000, we sent her a Big Check! Even though the Big Check is usually reserved for Prize Patrol visits from Dave or Danielle, we thought it might be fun to send Maribel a Big Check through the mail!

Is PCH Real

When I received this big box, I was still nervous. But one of my kids said, lets open it!! When I saw the big check I thought, oh my God, I cant believe it! It took a long time for it to sink in.

We asked Maribel what she wanted to use the money for, and her thoughts were very simple: pay some bills and donate to a cancer foundation. How great is that? Yes, Maribel keeps it humble and simple.

I still play PCH Cash Slots every day, but it doesnt matter to me if I win again. I just like playing!

Her advice to all of you out there who are playing is to “keep going,” because it IS real! You never know when it could be your time!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – When did you first realize that PCH was real? Do you remember the moment? Tell us in the comments below!

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PCH Fans Are Loving Our Ways To Win With Your Phone!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Publishers Clearing House has so many ways to win with your phone that really have our fans’ fingers flying… and their faces smiling!

Whether it’s enjoying Las Vegas-style casino games with PCH Cash Slots…

Ways to win with your phone_PCH Cash Slots App

Or having a blast playing FREE lottery-type games with PCH Lotto Blast…

Ways to win with your phone_PCHlotto Blast App

Our fans and friends are gaming on the go – and even winning some dough!

Gladys L., who’s been featured on our blogs before, is enthusiastic about our PCH apps. She says, “I have been entering the PCH Sweepstakes through all their sites and through my app devices! I don’t want to miss my opportunity to win! I believe that perseverance and patience can lead to success. I continue keeping faith and big hopes. I want to see the Prize Patrol at MY door.”

Donna O., who has also appeared on the blog recently as a winner of smaller PCH prizes, is just wild about PCH apps! “ I am just in love, love, love with the new PCH app!” she says. “They have EVERYTHING on there! Oh, yes, lots of tokens for the taking … lots of chances to WIN, WIN, WIN… scratch cards and lotto cards GALORE… and at the end of your mission is a FUN card game.”

Finally, Mae A.  says, “I love PCHlotto Blast. I like the graphics and the themes. I also love PCH Cash Slots. It’s fun and it’s free!”

Interested in downloading these ways to win with your phone? You can get PCH Cash Slots and PCHlotto Blast right now for free at the App Store or the Google Play Store – and be on the lookout because there are more PCH Apps coming to a mobile device near you real soon!

PCH Cash Slots App
App Store
Google Play Store

PCHlotto Blast App
App Store
Google Play Store

But wait! There’s are more ways to win with your phone besides our awesome apps – like entertaining scratch-off games at… thrilling drawings at PCHlotto… exciting prizes at PCHSearch&Win… wonderful instant win opportunities at PCHgames, PCHblackjack, and PCHcasino… AND newsworthy giveaways at the all-new PCHfrontpage!

So, go download our PCH apps
Let your fingers go tap, tap, tap
And maybe some big money will fall into your lap!


Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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WOW! So Many Publishers Clearing House Winners This Month!

Hello fans! By now you all should know just how much we LOVE making our fans big winners here at PCH. Can you believe that so far for the month of April we already had over 800 lucky Publishers Clearing House winners?! How exciting is that? These folks won some great prizes all while playing some of our super fun (and super addictive) games on our family of Play & Win sites.

Not only was the amount of winners exciting, the prize amount total was even more stupendous! Overall we awarded more than $21,000 in prizes! That’s a lot of dough!

So, who are these lucky folks you may ask? Well, let’s take a few minutes to congratulate some of the big winners from PCHGames, PCHlottoPCHInstant BingoPCH Blackjack and the PCH Cash Slots App!

PCH Games

Playing for the chance to win has never been so exciting! You’ll have hours of fun with great games like Sudoku, Word Search, Jigsaw Deluxe and more!


So while you are getting your game on, let’s congratulate some of the winners from this month!

Kathy  V.        Iowa Falls, IA                     $500.00
Diane H.        Waterford, CT                    $250.00
Richard K.     Liberty, MO                        $250.00
Anna  Y.        Port St Lucie, FL                 $250.00
Linda  S.        Canton, CT                          $250.00
Richard R.     Sulphur Springs,TX          $250.00
Cathy H.        Canton, GA                          $250.00
Allan   S.        Glastonbury, CT                 $250.00
Shelley R.     Sioux Falls, SD                    $50.00
Teresa D.       Ankeny, IA                          $50.00


Feeling lucky? Take a chance at one of our 100% FREE and 100% FUN lotto cards! Try one of our daily cards, or even the all-time favorite Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!

PCHLotto Bigger Bucks Millions

So, while you decide which one of our cards is your favorite, let’s take a minute to congratulate some of our newest winners!

Elaine H.         Union Grove, WI                $50.00
Catherine B. Lake Worth, FL                     $50.00
Robert C.       Miami, FL                              $10.00
Tamara W.     Stone Mountain, GA           $10.00
Richard B.     Brookville, PA                       $10.00
Elisabeth H.  Farmington, NY                   $10.00
Bonnie B.      Janesville, WI                       $10.00
Moses M.       Lubbock, TX                         $10.00
John   C.        West Homestead, PA          $10.00
Forrest M.      Kimberling City, MO           $10.00

PCHInstant Bingo

Love the traditional “Bingo Hall” game? If so, then you’ll LOVE the PCH version! Get ready to yell BINGO and you could have your shot at winning INSTANTLY!

PCH Instant Bingo

Let’s give a shout out to some of April’s big winners:

Benjamin L.   Lubbock, TX              $150.00
Joann L.          Osceola, WI               $100.00
Diane R.        Lebanon, ME               $50.00
Brenda C.      Columbia, SC              $50.00
Kim W.            Chesterfield, MI        $20.00
Therese V.      Norwalk, CT               $20.00
Robert S.        Cincinnati, OH           $20.00
April    W.      Clarendon, PA            $20.00
Janet  F.        Crestview, FL              $20.00
Hubert C.        Falkville, AL              $20.00

PCH Blackjack

Want a chance to win up to $25,000.00 INSTANTLY? If you play your cards right, you could end up one of next month’s big winners with the exciting, high-stakes PCHBlackjack!


Congrats to some of this month’s lucky winners!

Bo G.          Burleson, TX                    $100.00
Judith Y.        Surprise, AZ                 $50.00
Ray C.          Orlando, FL                    $50.00
Don    D        Obetz, OH                      $10 Gift Card
Danielle G.     Enosburg Falls, VT    $10 Gift Card
Tammy F.        Georgetown, KY       $10 Gift Card
Janelle S.     Kearney, NE                  $10 Gift Card
Robert V.     Byfield, MA                   $10 Gift Card
Joseph W.     Westminster, CO       $10 Gift Card
Patricia M.    Las Vegas, NV            $10 Gift Card

PCH Cash Slots App

Always on the go, but LOVE the idea of FREE online slots? If you’re like me you probably have your mobile device on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Lucky for you, the PCHSlots app is available right on your iPhone or Android device for fun anytime, anywhere!

PCH Cash Slots

Let’s give a huge shout out to some of the winners this month!

Brooke P.               Amelia, VA                   $100.00
Kenneth B.              Killeen, TX                 $20 Gift Card
Candace M.              Grand Prairie, TX    $20 Gift Card
Michael P.              Saint Ann, MO            $20 Gift Card
Deidra D.               Centerville, LA            $10 Gift Card
Kelly E.                New Lisbon, WI            $10 Gift Card
Chance C.               Snowflake, AZ            $10 Gift Card
Rebecca J.              Orange City, FL         $10 Gift Card
Darlene R.              Hawthorne, CA         $10 Gift Card
Brittany M.             Philadelphia, PA       $10 Gift Card

WOW! Look at all of these lucky Publishers Clearing House winners! So what are you waiting for? Start playing RIGHT NOW. Oh, and remember that ALL of our games are 100% FREE to play, always. With so many games to choose from you are bound to find the one that is perfect for you! And you never know, you could end up seeing YOUR name on this list next month.

Best Of luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

What’s Your Lucky Charm?

Lucky Charm

Many people believe in lucky charms! And no, we’re not talking about the cereal! A real lucky charm can be an item, a memory, a person, or anything that brings YOU and only YOU good luck and good fortune. Some common lucky charms you may have heard of are 4-leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbit’s foot, etc.! But realistically, people’s lucky charms range from one end of the spectrum to the other. It doesn’t really matter what your lucky charm is – as long as you believe it brings you luck!

Now as you may all know, the Prize Patrol will be hitting the road VERY SOON for the April 30th Special Early Look prize event. Imagine…in just a few days, someone could be our newest millionaire! In the days and hours leading up to that winning moment, will YOU be wishing on your lucky charm for inspiration that you’ll become the winner? We sure hope so!

Speaking of – we would love to know what it is that brings YOU good luck! Comment below and let us know what your lucky charm is! I even asked all three Prize Patrol members what their lucky charm is, too! Here’s what the Prize Patrol had to say:

Danielle says, “I would say my lucky charms are my two dogs, Grizzly and Shelby! My furry babies get sad when I leave them to travel the country and award “Big Checks,” but I think they’re my lucky charms because I have the best experiences on the road making PCH entrants dreams come true!” WOW Danielle, now those are some pretty PAW-some lucky charms!

Dave told me: “I’ve had 11 “home addresses” in my life — and the number 6 was integral to all but one of them, and in those ten there was nothing but good fortune; so I consider 6 my lucky number.” Sounds awesome, Dave!  Many others have numbers as their lucky charm, too!

Todd indulged us in saying: “My lucky charm is a special $1 bill that my kids signed on a past birthday. I carry it in my wallet all the time. In fact, I once lost my wallet when it fell out of my pocket while sitting on a bench on the street — but someone saw it and brought it to a nearby store. They called me and I got it back. So it must be the lucky $1 bill that brought it back.” That’s such a sentimental lucky charm, Todd!

So there you have it, folks! As you can see, lucky charms can really be anything you want! So tell us – what lucky charm will YOU be wishing on for the April 30th SuperPrize Event? Comment below and let us know…and of course, GOOD LUCK! :)

Dillon H.
Promotional Development Dept.

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