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Announcing Our August Lucky Winners from PCH Play & Win!

Just when you thought the summer fun was coming to an end and it was time to put away the pool toys, the shorts, the sun tan lotion and the sunglasses, things are starting to heat up again at PCH with a whole new list of sizzling August winners from PCH Play&Win!

So far this month we had over 1,000 winners just from our network of Play&Win sites! And the cash total so far is over $29,035.00 in prizes, and the month isn’t over yet!

It’s all about winning at PCH Play&Win —365 days a year, 24/7 — so give it a try!

Who knows? You name just might be on one of these very same lists next month!

PCHGames Winners

Let the games begin! And all of those chances to win! Choose from arcade games, card games, casino games, sportsstrategy, trivia and word games, and play to your heart’s content! I’m sure some of these lucky winners did just that!


Let’s give a big round of applause to just a few of our PCHGames winners!

Kenneth D.     Swartz Creek, MI

Donna B.       Reisterstown, MD

Priscilla B.   College Park, MD

Claudia S.     Jamestown, PA

Helen S.       Pecos, TX

Lisa Maria P.   Aguadilla, PR

Kent P.        Brooklyn Center, MN

Anna L.         Morrisville, PA

Steven E.       Slidell, LA

Gary D.         Woodbridge, NJ

PCH Blackjack Winners
These lucky players got dealt a winning hand with this classic card game. Winning could be in the cards for you, too, when you give it a try — up to $25,000 instantly!


Congrats to all of our PCH Blackjack winners this month. Here is just a sampling:

Marcy F.        Aberdeen, WA

Andre G.        Phoenix, AZ

Thomas B.      Macon, GA

Lisa L.         Merriville, IN

Hector C.       Lake Worth, FL

Daniel L.       Portage, MI

Bradley K.      Las Vegas, NV

Donnell W.     San Diego, CA

Spencer D.      Cincinnati, OH

June W.         Dallas, TX

PCH Instant Bingo Winners
Shout it out. That’s right. These lucky players got the right numbers and won cash prizes that for any game player spell E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T, any day of the week.
Each and every day you can play in four thrilling rounds with one free online Bingo card per round! The faster you get Bingo, the more instant cash you could win. So what are you waiting for?


Here are just a few of our August PCH Instant Bingo winners!

Allison K.        Ormond Beach, FL

James S.          Terre Haute, IN

Emmanuel M. Oak Ridge, TN

Barb S.           Nashville, TN

Jess Y.           Bountiful, UT

Dennis W.       Pearl City, HI

Sean M.           Kingman, AZ

MaryAnn P.    Lady Lake, FL

Carolyn C.       Brunswick, GA

Betty L.          Tulsa, OK

PCH Cash Slots App Winners
The PCHSlots app is available for FREE to download onto your Smartphone. Play on your iPhone or Android device to win REAL CASH PRIZES from the comfort of your own phone! Play any time, any place.

PCH Cash Slots App

Take a look at some of our lucky PCH Cash Slots App winners for the month of August:

David H.          Johnstown, PA

Sonny C.         Tucson, AZ

Holly E.          Worland, WY

Donald A.       Saint Paul, MN

Mysti H.          Auburn, IN

Tanya B.         Paterson, NJ

Terri B.          Milwaukee, WI

John S.           Hot Springs, AR

Carrie S.         Stockton, CA

Rene P.           Chicago, IL


PCH Slots Winners
Who wouldn’t want to spin those slots for FREE? You’ve got nothing to lose — literally — and you can win some big money without leaving the comfort of your own home!

PCH Slots

These lucky PCHSlots winners know just what I’m talking about!

JoAnn R.        El Prado, NM

Leonard A.     Sun Valley, CA

Jeff B.         Bloomington, MN

Len C.          San Jose, CA

Bert A.         San Marcos, CA

Jennifer H.     Livingston, TX

Carolyn L.      Tarpon Springs, FL

Ava M. Dublin, CA

Steven M.       Atlantic City, NJ

Rudolph M.    New Ulm, MN

PCHlotto Winners
Why not try your hand at picking the winning numbers? Somebody has to win and it could be you!

PCH Lotto

Congratulations to all of our August PCHlotto winners! I’ve listed just a few.

Sherry D.        Patterson, LA

Florence K.     Freehold, NJ

Archie B.         Mineral Bluff, GA

Lorraine P.     Las Vegas, NV

Barbara C.      Hammond, LA

Richard S.       Gloucester, VA

Sebastiana P.  Phoenix, AZ

Laura S.          Romoland, CA

Helen Z.          Orangeburg, SC

Wardell C.      Orland Park, IL

I couldn’t be happier to deliver such good news! Once again, Congratulations to all of our play & win winners this month. And for anyone who hasn’t experienced the fun and thrills of our FREE online games, why not log on now and get started?

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

Celebrate the New PCHlotto with Cash Prizes for Blog Readers Only!

Official Rules | Sweepstakes Facts

The New PCHlotto is Here!  That means even more ways to win BIG including EXCLUSIVE PRIZES for blog readers today — read on to find out how to go for a win today!

New PCHlotto is here

Hey Blog Readers,

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us!  From the first time we told you about our behind the scenes plans…  to our last update about the amazing things to come… you’ve cheered us on and reminded us how exciting the New PCHlotto could be!

That’s why I am OVERJOYED to be the one to tell you that –THE ALL-NEW, IMPROVED PCHLOTTO IS FINALLY HERE!

And to show you how much we appreciate your support of the New PCHlotto site, we’re delighted to be giving away 5 $50.00 CASH PRIZES right here on the blog!  Just comment today (August 25th) between 12:00AM, ET and 11:59PM, ET and you could be selected as one of our blog-only giveaway winners!

But that’s not all you can win with PCH!  Take a look at what we’ve got going on at the New PCHlotto and let me know if it was worth the wait…

For starters, we’ve got the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot – where, just like before, you can Win up to $3,000,000.00, but now — this card is full of animated fun!  See those numbers?  They came right out of the champagne bottle!

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot

Don’t forget to read the little lotto ball messages in between each of your cards!

New PCHlotto numbers

And just like before, playing your 2nd card will get you entry for the BIG $10,000.00 A Week For Life “Double The Cash” Prize from PCH Gwy. #4900! That’s double our standard $5,000.00 a week for life prize. But what’s NEW is the exciting slot machine style animation.  Every time a number is picked, a wheel stops spinning!

New PCHlotto Win $10,000 A Week For Life

Go try these cards and more out for yourself.  And after you’re done picking your numbers, you’ll receive OUR NEW $5,000.00-A-DAY GIVEAWAY INSTANT WIN SCRATCH CARD that could win you $5,000.00 right on the spot! This card is only available for 5 days so be sure to play now!

$5,000 A Day Giveaway

I really hope you like all the surprises that the New PCHlotto has in store for you today.  Please play daily — especially between now and Friday so you can go for that big $5,000.00 A Day Prize — and remember to comment below for your shot at our EXCLUSIVE blog Giveaway!

Do you like the new PCHlotto? Do you want to win? COMMENT NOW!

Thanks again!

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

P.S. Did you all enjoy the “Unscramble the Words” game we posted on Friday’s blog? Here are the correct answers!

1) Monkey Gems 

2) Pegland 

3) Momma’s Diner 

4) Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

PCHlotto Players: Lucky, The Big Check, Wants You to Win “FOREVER”!

It’s the LAST DAY to get in on the $5,000 A Week “Forever” Special Early Look Prize Event and Lucky, the PCH Big Check, wants you to enter at PCHlotto  — so he can show his sweetheart he’s popular!

Richy Banks

That’s me with my pal Richy Banks. Play your first two cards at PCHlotto today and you could win “Forever” on August 28th!

Hey Blog Readers,

So, I was talking with my buddy, Bucky Banknoterson — remember him?  He’s the second card at PCHlotto that, after you play, gives you a shot at the BIG $5,000 A Week “FOREVER” Prize that would pay out as $5,000 A Week For Life For You and then, after that, $5,000.00 A Week for the Lifetime of Someone You Choose.  Here’s a picture — he was lounging out, wearing his Hawaiian shirt when I saw him earlier:

Limes and Coconuts Card

Well, we got to talking about my dear sweet Millie Miracle, the PCHlotto Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot card.

Millie Millions

She’s just so beautiful — she makes my signature line shake!  Some guys may think she’s a little rough around the edges, but not me!  Those sharp corners make my decimal point lose all common cents…but I digress…you see I am writing to you once again today to ask for your help.  You see, Bucky was telling me that he saw Millie’s most recent post on her “Bankbook” page and it said that ‘Friends are more precious than gold — anyone who carries MY digits will have to be a good friend to others!’

That’s why I am here on the blog again, friends!  Please, please, please!  Go play at PCHlotto, visit my pal Bucky Banknoterson, and go for our WIN “FOREVER” Prize!  Not only will that show Millie that you Blog readers really are good friends of mine, but if you win, I’ll also get to introduce Millie to my pal Richie Banks!  In case you don’t remember him, he carries the Legacy part of the “Forever” Prize.  This guy and I go way back — and she’s bound to see how much we really care about each other … we just need a Winner to let us show her!

So please, go for your last PCHlotto entry for the WIN “FOREVER” Prize now — and tell Millie Miracle, the Bigger Bucks Millions Card, that Lucky sent ya!

Your Pal,

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check


Jodie Taylor of Matteson, Illinois, said she didn’t consider herself a very lucky person. But that was before Thursday, August 7th, the day everything changed, the day the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol arrived at her door and presented her with a Big Check — for $10,000!

PCH Prize Patrol with Lotto Winner

There was a string of good luck that led to Jodie’s “winning moment.”  First was her recent pick of some numbers at PCH Lotto, numbers that turned out to be very lucky.  Second: our airplane flights arrived on time at Chicago’s O’Hare airport — and after rush hour, so the Prize Patrol’s journey to Matteson was swift and traffic-free.  Third: Jodie was home – so we didn’t have to go searching for her at work.

While we often encounter delays, we love it when the prize delivery process goes quickly and smoothly — because winners always seem to need a Big Check cash fast.  They always tell us “This could not have come at a better time.”  Indeed those were the very first words out of Jodie’s mouth after her shocked reaction and a big “Thank you!”  She invited us into her home, showed us some bathroom renovations underway and exclaimed, “Now I can get the job finished!”

PCH Lotto winner with Prize Patrol

Jodie says she plays PCH Lotto ‘round the clock – including PCH Lotto Twilight.  Sometimes she picks her own numbers; sometimes she clicks on the Quick Pick.  But she knows that if she plays every day she will maximize her chances of winning.

Jodie told us (in a day-after phone call) that the Big Check is already in the bank and earning interest.  She says her whole neighborhood saw the good news on Chicago’s Channel 7 and is “very happy for me.”  I expect that we at Publishers Clearing House will see a big jump in PCH Lotto playing in Jodie’s neck of the woods.

PCH Lotto Winner Jodie Taylor

Don’t be left out!  We hope that YOU will join in the fun too.  Play PCH Lotto — where playing is always free and where there are PCH Lotto winners every day.

Congratulations Jodie!  And the best of luck to all of you.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. What would you do if you won $10,000 from PCH Lotto?

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