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PCHlotto Presents Throwback Thursday: How PCHlotto Was Born!


Greetings PCH fans!

Today, we wanted to celebrate “Throwback Thursday” by taking a look back at how everyone’s favorite FREE online lotto gaming site — PCHlotto — began! That’s right!  Considering its start date way back in 2002 (WOW, that’s 12 years ago!) it’s no surprise that there have been MANY changes. Did you know that before all the colorful game cards and other money-winning opportunities that PCHlotto gives fans like you today, there was a simple game with one objective: to give our players the chance to win the ultimate jackpot?!

So how exactly did Publishers Clearing House dream up the lotto we all know and love today? What has changed since PCHlotto launched? What improvements have been made?

With all of these important questions in mind, I headed straight to Senior Vice President and PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team member Todd Sloane who took some time to reflect back on the history of PCHlotto.

Before we get to all the fun and exciting ways PCHlotto has evolved, let’s start with the basic question, how did PCHlotto come about? According to Todd, “the idea for PCHLotto was to provide our members with a new way to win — one that offered different types of prizes and actually let them pick their lucky numbers.”

I don’t know about you PCH fans, but I always feel “more in control” of the game when I get to pick my own numbers!

How about what the very first lotto games were like? Believe it or not, Todd shared that the original PCHlotto was very basic. There was actually only one game — one lotto card — where you could pick your lucky numbers. But once PCH saw that fans were interested in PCHlotto, we developed the property more and more, and made it a “true” PCH owned and operated website. After all, the most important thing to us is to give YOU the fans what you want!

Wonder what some of the earlier lotto cards looked like? Check out the cool images of these “throwback” cards from 2009 below!


I think you can tell the cards have come a LONG way!

So what about the prizes offered during the first years of PCHlotto? Do you think they were anything like the prizes fans like YOU have a chance to win today? According to Todd, the only prize on PCHLotto when it first launched was a $1,000,000.00 Jackpot. Not bad at all, but now with our Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot, the top prize is up to nearly $2,000.000.00 and it grows every day with a chance to reach all the way up to THREE MILLION DOLLARS! In addition to the big jackpot, there are tons of other ways to win now, including our instant win scratch card, daily drawings, MVP cards and PCHlotto Twilight cards!                                                                                           

So now that we know how far PCHlotto has come, where will it go next? I’m happy to share that there are even MORE fantastic improvements planned for the future! That’s right! Lotto lovers rejoice because 2014 has a bunch of great improvements coming! The creation of a “new generation of PCHlotto” is currently underway and promises to bring even more fun! So when can we expect these changes? Todd tells us that hopefully the new site will launch sometime by the end of 2014! “It’s going to be fantastic! More winning, more prizes, more ways to play!”  I’m excited already! I mean who doesn’t love more winning???

Well fans, I hope you enjoyed this special “Throwback Thursday” look at the history behind PCHlotto. Log on today to start playing for YOUR chance to win big, and of course stay tuned for even more exciting developments in the very near future!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

P.S. We want to make fans like you HAPPY! So comment below and tell us what else you’d like to see at PCHlotto!

What Numbers Are Lucky? PCHlotto Team Member Tells All!

What numbers are lucky

Hey Gamers,

As part of the PCHlotto team, I live and dream Lotto numbers … so, when I’m asked what numbers are lucky I just can’t help having an opinion about it.  I mean, with winners every day at PCHlotto there just have to be lucky numbers, right?  So, I did a little “investigative reporting” that I wanted to share with you before you go for all the big Prizes at PCHlotto today — like the Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot that increases up to $3,000,000.00 and $10,000.00 Cash!  Keep reading!

I started my search for what numbers are lucky by reading a blog by my friend Elaina R. — The PCH Prize Patrol Shares Their Lucky Numbers – and was happy to discover that my favorite number eight signifies prosperity and wealth!  How exciting!

Then, I turned to PCHTips, where I found a similar question posed:  Are There Really Lucky Lottery Numbers?  It turns out that, “According to, out of 1656 draws the most common Powerball numbers are 41 (drawn 178 times), 26 (176 draws), 20 (175 draws), and 32 (172 draws).”  So, it seems like those numbers are lucky for a whole “lotto” people … and could be for gamers like you and I, too!

Even though those answers were interesting, they weren’t really satisfying my “what numbers are lucky” curiosity.  So, I consulted the internet – through PCHSearch&Win – and here’s what I discovered:

7 is a “heavenly” number because that’s how many days it took God to create the universe.

4 is “lucky” because that’s the number of leaves in a lucky clover

3 is “perfect” because triangles are “indestructible” (I’ve never tried to destroy a triangle, but I believe it :) ) — and ‘all good things come in groups of 3′.

There are even “lucky” numbers out there based upon your birth sign, birthday and name!  I was born in August, so that makes me a Leo.  I searched for lucky Leo numbers and was surprised to find out that for 2014 my lucky number is 12.  Twelve?  I had no idea!  I don’t know how true it is, but if I could win at PCHlotto (employees are ineligible for prizes), I would definitely give playing 12 a try.  After all, PCHlotto is free to play so you can “try out” your lucky numbers one day and then, if they don’t work, you can use another set tomorrow or keep playing them until they hit!

So, whether you already have lucky numbers or want to know what numbers could be lucky for you, one thing’s for sure – you could win with any numbers you choose at PCHlotto!  But here’s my question for you — do you play your lucky numbers on EVERY card or do you save them for certain cards that may seem “lucky” like the $5,000 Stacks O’ Green covered in clovers? Please share your answer with me below — and don’t forget to play those lucky numbers at PCHlotto — they could make you lucky with a whole “lotto” money tonight!

Happy Lotto Playing!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

Satisfy Your “Spring Fever” With FREE Lotto Cards From PCHlotto!


We made it! The long winter months are finally behind us and it’s time to “spring” into a brand new season (and hopefully some warmer weather).  I don’t know about you fellow gamers, but when those first few warm days roll in, I suddenly get hit with that oh-so-familiar feeling of “spring fever!” Well gamers, I am happy to say that PCHlotto has gotten the “spring fever” too!

So what does my “spring fever” consist of? Well for starters, it’s time for some major spring-cleaning, which usually involves me heading straight to my closet. This process continues throughout my apartment, and let me tell you it is quite a process indeed!

So PCH fans, I bet if you are anything like me the idea of cleaning out and starting fresh feels oh-so-good! Do you know what would make that feeling even better? Well, how about a little extra cash to start your spring season off right?

That’s right! Take a trip on over to PCHlotto and check out our brand new FREE lotto  cards that could have you rolling in some big time cash! Want to know more about the brand new cards for March? Well take a peek below and see some of the exciting cards already up at PCHlotto!

 $10,000.00 Cherry Bomb Cash Out


Play $10,000.00 Cherry Bomb Cashout for your chance to win an explosive cash prize. How sweet is that?

$5,000.00 Stacks O’ Green


St. Patty’s Day isn’t the only day to show off some green! Let the Luck O’ The Irish take over all month long with the $5,000.00 Stacks O’ Green!

$2,500.00 Royal Flush Luck


Give me your best poker face! If you play your cards right the $2,500.00 Royal Flush Luck can make you the big winner tonight!

 $1,500.00 Queen’s Jewels


Who ever said that a diamond is only a girl’s best friend? With the $1,500.00 Queen’s Jewels, guys can get in on the action of this big payout too!

$1,000.00 Dynamite Gems 


Get ready to shine! With the $1,000.00 Dynamite Gems card you’ll have a blast playing for your chance to win big!

Gimme $500.00!


 You’ll love this new take on the traditional “hand-shake” with Gimme $500.00! One of those bundles of cash could be yours!

 Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot


Everyone’s favorite Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot is back with a fresh new look! Remember every time someone plays, the jackpot grows up to $3 Million Dollars! So take a break from that spring-cleaning and play for your shot at a SWEET prize!

So gamers, are you ready to try your luck at one of our fantastic new FREE lotto cards? Head over to PCHlotto and play for your chance to win big and remember to go for even more ways to win again at night with PCHlotto Twilight, from 5PM-11:59PM, ET!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

PCHlotto Presents Throwback Thursday: Lotto Cards from 2009!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today, for the first time ever on the Play&Win blog, we’re celebrating “Throwback Thursday”! Yes, we’ll be looking back at something special from the past — and what better way to start than with a “throwback” to the lotto cards we had at PCHlotto back in 2009!

Our first Throwback Thursday lotto card is a real blast from the past!

Fast Cash Lotto Card

Our second Throwback Thursday lotto card makes winning seem “Super”!

$1.25 Million Lotto Card

Our third Throwback Thursday lotto card makes me want to “SPRING” into action!

Spring Forward Lotto Card

And Throwback #4 really shows you the GREEN!

Pick 4 Quick Cash Lotto Card

I think these Throwbacks are GREAT, but they’re nothing compared to today’s cards…just look at how they shimmer…and winning “up to $3 Million” certainly sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Can you believe that we didn’t even have the “Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot” back in 2009?

Bigger Bucks Millions

Today, we have SO many more ways for you to win with PCHlotto AND PCHlotto Twilight (play after 5PM, ET) that I think we’ve come a long, long way!

What do you think?  Do you like the cards we have today or would you rather see these “oldies but goodies” back up on PCHlotto again?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Hope You Have a Whole “Lotto” Fun playing your cards today!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

P.S. Have you played your lotto cards at PCHlotto today? If not, go play now, then comment below and tell me if you can spot the differences between today’s cards and the 2009 “Throwbacks”.

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