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PCHlotto Scams: Publishers Clearing House Wants You To Stay Safe

PCHlotto Scams

Hi there Gamers! I hope you’re having fun at PCHPlay&Win. But as you go along your merry way, playing our awesome games online and entering our free sweepstakes for a chance to win big, you need to be on the lookout for those playing a much different and darker game!

It’s a sad fact, but there is danger out there on the Internet in the form of PCHlotto scams! It’s important to keep an eye out for those who would like nothing more than to rob you of your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, these scam artists are on the rise, especially with our fabulous Dream Life Prize Event just around the corner. They’re bound to come out from hiding and target innocent people like you with phony claims and come-ons, pretending to be from Publishers Clearing House or posing as members of the Prize Patrol Elite team.

Please know: these scammers are NOT from PCH and have no affiliation with the REAL Publishers Clearing House. They have NO intention of awarding any prizes because they are scammers!

Please don’t become a victim! Here are the warning signs and some tips on how to spot a PCHlotto scam!

Be on the lookout for any emails, telephone calls or bulk mail letters saying that you’ve won a big prize from PCHlotto. You can tell by the prize amounts that scammers use when they tell you that you’ve won. If the prize amount does not seem familiar to you, or you haven’t seen it promoted on PCHlotto, then it’s probably a scam! Also, scammers oftentimes use the term “US Dollars” after the prize amount. That is NOT language that PCH typically uses  in our communications, and it should tip you off that the email originated overseas.

All PCH prizes of $500 or greater are awarded by either certified or express letter or in person by our famous Prize Patrol at our option. The Prize Patrol will NOT contact you ahead of time  if you’ve won. In fact, the only way the Prize Patrol will contact you if you won a major prize would be by surprising you at your door!

Don’t fall for anyone asking you to pay money to receive a PCHlotto prize.

The truth is you never, ever have to pay to win a legitimate prize from PCH. The winning is always free at PCHlotto! If someone asks you to pay taxes, send a Green Dot MoneyPak Card, or pay fees of any type in order to claim a prize, you’ll know right away that he/she is a scammer! Publishers Clearing House would NEVER, EVER ask winners to pay any fees or taxes to claim a prize — it’s against the law!

Don’t be fooled if someone “claiming” to be from Publishers Clearing House sends you a friend request on Facebook.

 The Prize Patrol members — Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane  — never send private messages on Facebook. In addition, PCH does not notify its winners through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media website.

If you think someone is trying to scam you, take these simple steps:

  • Stop! Don’t provide a potential scammer with any money or personal information
  • Report the scam to your local consumer protection office.
  • Visit our PCH Customer Service Center get more useful information on protecting yourself from fraud.

If you have been the victim of a Publishers Clearing House Scam, please contact our PCH Fraud Hotline toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. Anyone who believes they have received a suspicious email using our name and logo may forward it to our fraud-reporting mailbox,

Here is another site you may find helpful:

Rest assured, at the real Publishers Clearing House, the winning is ALWAYS FREE!

Stay safe out there and don’t let any PCHlotto scammers fool you!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

PW_What's your Good Luck Charm

Luck is a thing that can carry people very far in life. It’s something that gives us hope, strength, and positivity. I find that life is always easier when you have something to believe in – something that you find brings you luck and good fortune.

A lucky charm can come in many shapes and forms! A lucky charm could be a memory from someone’s past, a person, a pet, an object, or even a song! You may not even know you have a lucky charm! It doesn’t matter what you choose as your lucky charm – as long as you feel it brings you and only you LOTS of luck!

My lucky charm is a rock in the shape of a heart that I found on the beach in Montauk! I carry it around in my purse EVERYWHERE I go! I find it brings me good energy, and sometimes, if I hold it and make a wish, it even brings me good luck! I was so curious about what some of my fellow PCHers considered their “lucky charm”, so I asked around the office and discovered some interesting and great answers!

Lori S. says her lucky charm is her grandmother’s ring that was passed down to her! She never takes it off!

Amanda C. said, “I’m obsessed with song “Time Of My Life” from Dirty Dancing! Every time it comes on the radio, I feel like I can conquer the world!”

Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam says her good luck charm is a photograph of her family!

As you can see, luck can come in many forms. And again, as long as it’s special to you, it doesn’t matter what it is — a person, an object or even a song! Now that we’ve shared with you some of our lucky charms, we want to know what it is that brings YOU luck! It can be anything in the world that makes you feel hopeful and lucky! We’re SO excited to hear what you have to say! Tell us in the comments below!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development Department

P.S. Feeling lucky? Why not try your hand at PCHblackjack or PCH Instant Bingo today?! You could win INSTANTLY!

Want To Win Cash And PCHlotto “Fame”? Comment On This Blog!

Official Rules | Sweepstakes Facts

Fan Appreciation PCHlotto

Hi everyone!
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again…WE LOVE OUR FANS!!!!! And we thought it was time to do something special for you all. We know how much you loved our last PCHgames Fan Appreciation contest, so we figured why not do a Fan Appreciation contest for everyone’s favorite free lotto site — PCHlotto!

Here’s how it works. We’ll be selecting one lucky winner to WIN $100 CASH! Pretty sweet, right? But that’s not all. Our PCHlotto Fan Appreciation winner will also receive “fame” too. You see, our winner will also have his/her photo proudly featured on one of the PCHlotto cards next month! How awesome is THAT?!? Imagine having your smiling face on an actual PCHlotto card that thousands of people play every single day. And it’ll be up ALL MONTH LONG! You could show your family, your friends, anyone you’d like!

PCHlotto Fan Appreciation Contest


So how do you enter to win this AWESOME prize? It couldn’t be any easier! All you have to do is comment on this blog between the hours of 12:00 AM, ET and 11:59 PM, ET on today, June 11th. One comment is all it takes!

Not sure what to comment about? Don’t worry! Tell us how much you want to win! Tell us how much you love PCHlotto! Tell us ANYTHING you want – just be sure to COMMENT for your chance to become our FIRST-EVER PCHlotto Fan Appreciation winner!

Good luck everyone! I’ll be crossing my fingers for all of you :)

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

*Individuals commenting on the Fan Appreciation blog who win and accept a prize give permission to Publishers Clearing House, to use their name and/or photo, for commercial purposes or other purposes of trade or advertising with no compensation due to them.

P.S. If you’re the winner, would you smile big for your “winning” photo?

PCHlotto Celebrates M.V.P. Winner Marion B!

Congratulations to Marion B. of Fort Worth, TX for recently winning $100.00 on our PCHlotto M.V.P. card!

Hey Blog Readers,

Did you know that one of the benefits of becoming a PCHlotto M.V.P. is the shot to win EXCLUSIVE PRIZES on our specially reserved M.V.P. cards?

Well, it’s true!  And today, we’re celebrating one of our recent M.V.P. winners, Marion B. with this exclusive PCHplay&win blog interview — take a look at what she had to say!

PW_PCHlotto MVP Winner Marion

Laurel: Can you tell me why you started playing at PCHlotto and how long you’ve been playing?

Marion: I have been playing off and on for 30 years.  In the past two years I have been playing every day as I was caring for my mother in law…

Laurel: How did it feel to find out you won with PCHlotto? 

Marion: It was very exciting to have won …  it encouraged me to keep playing.

Laurel: Did you know you won on an M.V.P. card?

Marion: I did not initially know I had won however when I checked my email the next day I discovered the good news.

Laurel: Do you play daily to keep your M.V.P. status at PCHlotto?  Would you recommend becoming a PCHlotto M.V.P. to others?

Marion: I do play daily. I would recommend that to any one that they keep playing as you never know when you could win.

Laurel: Are you playing often to try to win a bigger prize? 

Marion: I do play often in the hopes that I would win as I have been unemployed and would love to contribute to my family.

Laurel: Do you have any hobbies besides playing at PCHlotto that you’d like to share with us?

Marion: I enter contests so I am not idle and exercise regularly, fish, swim basically I will try anything that doesn’t involve heights.

Laurel: Do you have any pets?

Marion: I have a little sweet puppy named Wee. *AWW!*

Laurel: Is there anyone special you would like to say “Hi” to in the blog?

Marion: Anthony B.

*Let’s Give a BIG Shout Out To Anthony B.!!!*

Thanks for the interview, Marion! 

Please, keep playing daily to maintain your M.V.P. status — you never know when you could win!

Well, it seems like playing at PCHlotto daily has paid off for Marion with that $100.00 Prize, doesn’t it? And playing daily could pay out big for you, too!  Remember, play 20 or more cards in 7 days and you’ll get three EXCLUSIVE M.V.P. Cards every day that could win you $100.00, $3,995.00 and even $25,000.00 Cash!

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to PCHlotto, go for those M.V.P. rewards by playing daily and we could be celebrating your big win soon, too!

Happy Lotto Playing!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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