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Play and win at home

Last year, I had the pleasure of delivering a prize in Sparks, Nevada, which is right next to Reno, the famous gaming mecca that attracts people who want to Play and Win big bucks.  Staying overnight before a flight the next morning, I couldn’t help but want to experience the money-making potential the town has to offer.

Alas, I didn’t win a penny. And when I looked around at all the other disappointed gamers, I thought to myself: Why don’t these folks just stay home and try their luck at or PCHSearch&Win or PCHLotto or PCHGames?  They’d save money and the hassle of traveling. And, in the comfort of their own easy chairs, they could go for a PCH SuperPrize worth millions of dollars!  That would sure beat the measly winnings one might collect from those glittery slot machines (also known as “one-armed bandits”).

Well, I know from first-hand experience, that there are lots of people who consider Publishers Clearing House “the house where dreams come true.” They couldn’t be bothered with a trip to Las Vegas or Reno or Atlantic City.  I’m talking about the hundreds of PCH Sweepstakes winners whom I’ve personally visited – with the Prize Patrol, roses, balloons, video-cameras and – ta dah!! – the Big Check!  Yep, these savvy individuals saw our winners on TV and thought, “That could be me!”  They entered, stayed home and left the traveling to us!

Of course, after they win, they might take to traveling – because they can afford it and/or because they want to visit faraway friends and family they haven’t seen in years.  They might even quit their jobs and go from coast to coast or around the world.  Back home they might give their house an “extreme makeover” — or build a new one!  Believe me: winning millions of dollars from Publishers Clearing House opens up all kinds of possibilities.

So visit, PCHlotto, PCHgames or any of our other play and win websites today and get started.  Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every day, and you could hit the jackpot!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


There’s Many Worlds of Winning in the PCHLotto Blast app!



When you download and install the PCH Lotto Blast app, you enter whole new realm of winning opportunities! PCH Lotto Blast is the game where your randomly selected Lotto numbers are matched against those chosen by the app. You have access to four play cards, so that’s four different chances!

The more numbers that match, the more chips and PCH Tokens you receive! You want to receive chips, because you use them to get more Lotto Blast play cards. That’s how you keep going in the game!

Not only does the app come with opportunities to win BIG CASH PRIZES, but there’s lots of “rooms” to explore as well! You see, each room you visit has a different theme, and your hostess has a cute unique costume to go with it! But not every room is available right away. We DO make you work for it a bit, but that’s where the fun comes in!

When you start the game, the first room’s theme is “Beach Time Bonanza”! You’ll see adorable crabs playing volleyball behind the action. What fun! To get to the next room, you’ll have to keep playing. With each successful round, you’ll receive Experience Points (XP) that will fill your level bar. Once you reach a certain amount of points, your level will go up! Once you achieve a certain level, the next room will be unlocked!

As you start with Beach Time Bonanza, you begin at level 1. So keep playing!


The first theme you’ll unlock when you reach Level 4 is “Farmland Fortunes,” a barnyard setting…where you never know what riches could be hatched!


Once you reach level 8, you’ll unlock “Red Baron Riches!” You’ll be flying high with fun and excitement!


Your next goal will be to get to “Pharaoh’s Tomb,” an exotic locale with mystery and intrigue…available when you get to level 12!


Next up is “Robin Hood’s Rewards,” a woodland sanctuary of merry riches that you’ll gain access to when you reach level 16!


Casino glitz and glamor are at your fingertips when you achieve level 20 and enter the “Vegas Nights” themed room!


Then, it’s no mystery that when you get to level 24, you’re a real lotto number detective in “Sherlock’s Secret Stash!”


“Windfall of Kings” is your royal treasure trove, but only if you gain enough experience to get to level 28!


You’ll find yourself in a world of fantastic sights and sounds when you achieve level 32 and find your way to the “Winning in Wonderland” themed room!


These rooms aren’t just brightly colored places for you to play the game. As you advance from room to room, PCH token multipliers increase as well! That means that as you get farther in the game, you can win more PCH tokens, which you can then use at the PCH Token Exchange! Card costs increase too, but so do the chip payouts!

Not only all of that, but each room has their own unique treasures that you can unlock and collect when you receive a treasure ball! When you complete each theme’s collection, you’ll get a bonus…and the bonus gets bigger as you move on in the game!

Of course you get so wrapped up in playing the game that when you unlock a new theme, it can come as a real surprise! But don’t take my word for it – download the game, and have fun leveling and exploring yourself!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S.  If you were going to have a themed room based on where you live, what would it be named or what would it look like? Tell us in the comments below!

PCHLotto Blast App Has First $1,000.00 Winner!

Maybe you’ve heard about our latest, greatest app called PCH Lotto Blast! It’s a fun new game with numerous opportunities to win every time you start it up!


We recently had our first winner, Joy W. from New Mexico! Joy won $1,000.00 INSTANTLY just by playing the game!  She can hardly believe that it happened and still seems to be in shock.  We thought we might chat with her a little bit to see how it all happened for her!

Lotto Blast App Winner Joy

“I’ve never won anything before! Even now, it is still hard to believe, says Joy.

When we asked her what she planned on spending the money on, Joy just laughed. “No, I’m not going to think about that at all just yet!

A lot of people play mobile apps in different places. Some people play them on the go while others like to enjoy them at home. For Joy, it’s a nighttime ritual! Joy sometimes has trouble sleeping, so she thought the PCH Lotto Blast app was the perfect way to spend those hours before she finally felt ready for bed.

“I first heard about the game on an online advertisement. I think it was on one of the instant win sites. I really enjoy all the games that I’ve played, and when I saw the ad I figured I would try the game and see what it was like. So I downloaded it and went from there. It’s very easy to use!

When asked if winning was something she ever thought would happen, for her the answer was definitely no!

“When the message said I won, I didn’t believe it was happening. I kept looking over at the screen to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!

Joy hasn’t been a PCH gamer for very long at all, which should give some hope to anyone who is dreaming of a prize!

“I just started playing PCH about 6 months ago. I made it a part of my daily routine because it was fun and easy!

When we pointed out that just 6 months later she won $1,000.00, she just laughed.

“Yup, I guess it’s attainable! But the key is to stay consistent!

And just like how she isn’t sure what to spend the money on yet, she is keeping her news a little hush-hush.

“No, I haven’t told a lot of people yet. Just some family members. No, they didn’t believe me, but I’m sure they will soon!

Joy is really glad that she won this prize and hopes that her winning streak isn’t over! She plans on playing more and more, since she could even win again!

“What a great way to start the New Year! she exclaimed.

We had a blast talking to her, and we wish all of our PCH Lotto Blast players luck as they continue to explore the app!  Don’t forget, you can play it on both Apple and Android devices! You never know, if you’re our next winner we could be contacting YOU for an interview!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Have you played the PCH Lotto Blast app yet? What is your favorite level so far? Tell us in the comments below!

Why You Should Check Your Lotto Numbers Daily At PCHlotto

Hey Lotto Fans,

Want to know if you’re a PCHlotto Winner?

did i win

Well, the best way to find out is to check your numbers daily — like you would if you played the state lottery!

But unlike the state lottery, if you forget to check your numbers, we’ll still reach out and try to get your prize to you — because at PCH we love making winners every day, and we’ll put in the extra effort to make sure you don’t miss out.

What do I mean?  Well, here’s a quick look at how we’ll try to contact you if you’ve matched all your numbers at PCHlotto:

1) For Prizes under $600.00:



Win a prize this size and we’ll send you an email with a claim form.  You can use that email to claim your prize.

2) For Prizes from $600.00 to $9,999.00:



Win a fortune like this, and we’ll send you an affidavit in the mail to fill out for tax purposes.  An affidavit always needs to be signed and returned before we can send out a prize this size.  If we don’t receive the paperwork back, we’ll send TWO 30 day notices, and then, the prize will get awarded to an alternate winner.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to make sure your address information is up to date — it’d be a shame for you to miss out because we couldn’t get in touch with you…

3) For Prizes of $10,000.00 or More!






Well, good news!  If you were to win a prize this big, the PCH Prize Patrol would deliver it right to your door just like they did when they surprised Margie Thomas!  And as you’ve seen, the Prize Patrol always does their best to find PCH winners, so don’t worry — if you’re at work, school, church, or even on vacation, we’ll find a way to get your prize to you!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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