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Do You Want to Become A Top Token Leader?

You see their names every day – the Daily Token Leaders and those atop the Token Leaderboard – and want to see your name there. You want to reign supreme with your tremendous token tally, but you’re not sure how.

Well I’m happy to say that you can become a Top Token Leader – and earn the CASH prize that goes with it – two ways, either on your desktop computer or on your mobile/tablet device.

Get started at the home page. Once you’re logged on, you’ll get a daily token bonus that increases each time you level up your status.

Elevate your status at PCH

Now, let’s take a look at how you can score the maximum number of tokens every day.

How to become a token leader

  1. Featured Area

Click “Begin” on the home page to get your SuperPrize entry, and earn tokens just for entering. Then, click each tile and play the instant-win scratch cards and games, as well as entering the exciting sweepstakes opportunities, until you unlock and play the $10,000 and $20,000 Instant Win Bonus games – both of which can deliver huge token payouts.


  1. Token Games

PCH’s new Token Games tab brings endless token-earning opportunities with a wide variety of your favorite PCH games. And each time you complete 10 games, play the Briefcase Bonus for EVEN MORE TOKENS!!!

Briefcase Bonus

  1. Instant Win

Next up are the Instant Win games. Play each game to unlock the Token Vault, which could earn you up to 50,000 tokens.

Token Vault

  1. Scratch Offs

Keep your token momentum going with our super Scratch Offs, 15 more token-scoring opportunities that open another Token Vault when completed to give you a second shot at earning up to 50,000 tokens.

  1. Sweepstakes

Earn tokens by entering each of the PCH Sweepstakes!

  1. Surveys

Respond to PCH Surveys and earn tokens just for giving your opinions.

  1. Winners

One day you could see your smiling face on the PCH Winners page. In the meantime, you can earn tokens for every video you watch.
All of these token-earning ways are great but wait, THERE’S MORE!

  1. PCH Search&Win

Not only does PCH Search&Win give you the best search results, but your first search of the day (post login) also earns you more tokens. Keep searching for even more token-scoring opportunities, as well as special token awards on both your birthday and PCH anniversary.

  1. PCHlotto

The new-and-improved PCHlotto keeps ratcheting up the number of tokens you can bank every day. You’ll get 1,000 tokens just for logging in. Then, you’ll receive another 1,000 tokens as a bonus for completing your daily lotto cards, which also earns you five more instant-win scratch cards that could bring you tons of tokens. Plus, repeat the process with your twilight lotto cards and score even more tokens!


10. PCH Rewards Token Exchange

Believe it or not, but one of the best way to score huge tokens is at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange. By redeeming just 150 tokens, you can enter for a chance to win the Token Sweeps – and its 150,000 token payout.


So what are you waiting for? Just play, score, and play some more. It’s really that easy!!! And who knows, in no time, you could become a top token leader!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Why do you love scoring tokens? Tell us below!

Question Answered: How Do I Claim Tokens At PCHlotto?

A big hello to all of our smart PCHlotto fans out there! I say smart, because PCHlotto fans like you know there is absolutely no reason to pay to play your daily numbers when you can play for free at PCHlotto, where there are nightly drawings – guaranteed! Match all your numbers and you could win the prize shown. Match two or more and you could score Tokens. A few of our friends have asked How Do I Claim Tokens At PCHlotto? It’s easy and I’m here to tell you!

Before I explain how to claim Tokens at PCHlotto I will explain how to score Tokens! Yes, as I mentioned above, you can score Tokens in our nightly drawings by matching two or more numbers. Plus, you’ll score 100 Tokens if one of your numbers matches the “Lucky Pick” number. You can also score Tokens when you play our lotto-style cards on other PCH sites and apps.

Where Do I Need To Visit Online To Claim My Tokens?
After each nightly drawing, any Tokens you score will be available for you to claim until 11:59 PM, ET the following day. To claim your Tokens, you MUST go back to each PCH property where you played cards. So if you played cards on the desktop PCHlotto site, go to the desktop PCHlotto site to claim your Tokens. If you played on the PCHlotto mobile site, you must claim any Tokens earned there by returning to the mobile site. This is also true of other sites like and PCH Apps.

Do I Have To Do Anything To Claim My Tokens?
Just return to each site and app where you played the previous day. If you have Tokens to be claimed, the Tokens will be added to your Token Bank automatically and you will be notified.

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Tokens?
If you earn Tokens in a nightly drawing, you must return to claim them by 11:59 PM, ET the next day. If you score Tokens but do not return to claim them, they will be permanently forfeited.

Wow! Sounds like you can score lots of tokens just for playing your numbers like you usually do! Now that you know the answer to: How Do I Claim Tokens At PCHlotto, keep claiming your tokens daily, because then you can go for amazing prizes at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange like gift cards, cash, electronics and much more!

Play on!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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Hear From Fans Like You – PCH Apps Are So Easy to Use!

Greetings, fans and friends,

Mobile apps make life so easy!

There are apps for online banking, apps to check the weather, apps for listening to music – you name it, there’s an app for that.

PCH’s new apps – the Live to Win app and PCHPlay&Win app – are certainly making life easier for our fans and gamers! They’re FREE, they’re fun and they’re fabulous! With just a few taps, you can download them at the Google Play Store or the App Store … sign up … and start playing!


Just to give you an app recap … the Live to Win app allows you to total up lots of entries to win an exciting daily prize! And the PCHPlay&Win app combines everything that makes PCH fun – lotto cards, scratch games, sweepstakes and more – into one awesome place!

I know that fans and friends like you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PCH apps – you’ve told us in your enthusiastic comments! And … you’ve also won prizes by playing PCH games through our apps! Here’s what some of you have to say about PCH apps being so easy to use:

Nancy R. says about the Play&Win app: “I love this app!! It’s so fun. It’s easy and simple and I play it every day!!! I truly hope and pray I win soon one day! Good luck, everyone, and hope everyone is having a blast playing … oh, and speaking of ‘blast,’ I hope you are all playing PCH Lotto Blast!

David V. wants all of you to know: “I love to play on my mobile, and I can’t wait to win. I’ll keep trying until I do win. Thanks for making PCH on to go. I can’t always be home, so it’s a great way to take [my games] with me and make sure I don’t miss anything, and still have a chance to win.” David’s favorite game is Tri-Peaks Solitaire, by the way.

Donna O., who has been playing – and winning prizes! – on the Play&Win app is very enthusiastic about the newest addition to the app, Token Extravaganza. “It seems like every time I log on to the PCHPlay&Win app, it just keeps getting better and better,” she says. “I might not win every time but I sure have fun entering and playing all of the games! If I keep entering and playing every day, I just might see my name up there for that weekly $1,000.00 PCH cash prize!

So, take a tip from Nancy, David and Donna! If you haven’t already downloaded PCH apps, do it now!

And don’t forget … there are so many other easy ways to enter to win the PCH Sweeps!

Every day in every way,
Enter to win, please don’t delay!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What do you like best about PCH apps? Comment below!

What’s Your PCHlotto Twilight Personality Profile?

Hey PCHlotto Fans,

What’s Your PCHlotto Twilight Personality Profile?  Take the Digit Diva’s Quiz Now To Find Out!

You know that playing the Moonlight Millions Rolling Jackpot could win you Over $1,000,000.00…

moonlight millions

And that playing all your other PCHlotto Twilight cards between 5pm -11:59PM, ET could win you lots of cash, too.

PCHlotto Twilight Cards

But did you know that how you play your PCHlotto Twilight cards could say something about your personality?  It’s true!  Take my “Digit Diva’s Personality Quiz” just for fun — and you could learn a lot about your nighttime self!

Digit Diva’s Personality Quiz:

1)  I like to sing…

  1. a) Only in the shower — and only if no one is home!
  2. b) In my car with my friends and family — because I’m the best of the bunch!
  3. c) At karaoke night, in my choir — and if they come back in style, I’ll even start a barbershop quartet!

2)  My favorite drink is…

  1. a) Decaf tea or juice
  2. b) Anything on the rocks
  3. c) Coffee, coffee … COFFEE!

3)  If you were going out to dinner, what time would you want to eat?

  1. a) 4pm
  2. b) 5pm-9pm
  3. c) 9pm or later

4)  Your friend just got a new puppy and wants you to come visit, what time of day works for you?

  1. a) Morning — the sunrise makes me happy!
  2. b) Afternoon — there’s less traffic!
  3. c) Evening — there are 24 useful hours in every single day!

5)  What do you think of when you hear “it’s bedtime!”?

  1. a) Thank goodness!
  2. b) Already?!? I wanted to play more PCHlotto first!
  3. c) I’m not a child — don’t tell me when to go to bed!

Okay, let’s tally up those answers!

Mostly A’s:  You’re a “worm catcher” — in a good way.  Every day is a new opportunity for you to start fresh and get the most out of those daylight hours.  You love taking advantage of every opportunity you get! That’s why you’re great at playing your PCHlotto daytime cards — and even though it might mean you’re up a few minutes longer, you’ll play your Twilight cards, too, because no matter what time of day a win would be welcome to an early bird like you!

Mostly B’s:  You’re a rockstar — trying to light both ends of the candle and loving every minute of it.  You may not be able to stay up 24/7, but that doesn’t stop you from eating breakfast at 5am or enjoying drinks until midnight…you pace yourself so you can do it all.  Players like you enjoy playing PCHlotto cards early and coming back after 5pm, ET to play PCHlotto Twilight — but because you’re so busy, you might want to write down a reminder so you don’t forget.

Mostly C’s:  Hello there, night owl!  You rule the roost in the wee hours — making sure those bumps in the night are the sound of you having a good time!  And you know there’s no better way to spend the night than going for big cash with PCHlotto Twilight.  For you, it’s a “hoot” to go for the BIG PRIZE on the Moonlight Millions Jackpot Card every night — because with an opportunity to Win Over $1,000,000.00, you don’t need to sleep to DREAM BIG!

So, let me know below what PCHlotto Twilight personality you got on the quiz — and remember, no matter what personality you have, you could win big with PCHlotto!  So make sure you go for TWO shots to win Millions plus loads of other BIG CASH PRIZES twice a day every day (on your desktop, phone and with PCHlotto Blast) to maximize your ways to win!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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