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  2. I know that it’s a little late to comment but I would like to say hello and Meet you in person. I think you know what that means I need a life savor and I don’t mean the candy ha ha.. đź’ž Ya

  3. Hello,
    My Name is Ronald Lee from Upstate NY.
    I Love playing I Play and Search Everday If I can Ive Dream Of Winning since i was a kid PCH …I remember watching Ed McMahon on television when I was a kid thats what got me first interested
    I can’t wait for the $5000 a week for life drawing this month,
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  4. Hi my name is shakema boles I 2 have dreamed of giving my kids a better life but I also no that dreams are what they are (dreams) n some just get lucky but I wish the best of luck to whomever recives this blessing

    1. Hello Shakema, keep trying and don’t give up. Your entries have the same chances of winning as every other entry so don’t lose hope. Our winner selection process is completely random and unbiased; there’s no way to know who we’re going to award next.