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PCH Winner in Columbus TV Viewing Area

Yes Virginia, There is a Prize Patrol!

With her hair in rollers, Virginia Williams of Columbus, Indiana began screaming with delight when she first saw the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol holding the Big Check for $10,000.00. As she was pointing to her hair, she pleaded, “Oh my land! Let me put my hair down!”

PCH Winner V Williams

Caught completely off guard by our surprise visit, Virginia was not quite camera-ready for our videos and photos. “I thought you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow! That’s what it said.” She was referring to the date in our mailings, which said the Prize Patrol would be in the TV viewing area around November 11th. Today was the 10th. Nevertheless, Virginia didn’t really expect us to show up at all, so she was thrilled with our “untimely” visit!

Sadly, she and her husband had lost their daughter to cancer earlier this year. They are planning to use their winnings to help one of her sons – their grandson Evan – get started at Purdue University.

Virginia told us she enters the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at every opportunity! Her diligence has paid off – with a big check!


Sheryl S. and Al G.

PCH Prize Patrol Team 4

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