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PCH Celebrates National Transportation Week – May 14th-20th

Who knew it was National Transportation Week? At, we must confess, we only just heard about it. But, what better way to celebrate than to offer a chance for you to win a fantastic piece of transportation – a brand new Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, plus $2,OOO.OO worth of gas (Gwy. No. 1553)! How great is that! All you have to do is visit the newly redesigned home page, register and enter to win. Yes, it’s that simple.

So what exactly is National Transportation Week? It’s a yearly event observed for a week in May from the 14th to the 20th. Voted into law by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, National Transportation Week was created as a forum to discuss all forms of American transportation and all of the issues affecting the industry today and into the future. It seems like National Transportation Week has become even more relevant today due to sky-rocketing energy costs, green house gas problems and a troubled economy, which hinders everything from road repair to industry innovation.

From America’s early horse-and-buggy days to the miracle of space flight, one big transportation issue that seems to pop up every now and again is the cost of energy. In the 1970s, rising gas prices drove the transportation industry to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles, which spurred the move to compact cars of the 1980s. Today, transportation giants like Ford are looking for innovative ways to create vehicles that save you money on fuel costs, while also having a less harmful impact on the environment. The Ford Escape Hybrid SUV you can find on, with its electric motor and gas-saving mileage, is only one example of what can be accomplished. However, everyone can do their part to help. Here are some tips for you:

  1.  Try carpooling. Many corporations across the country offer organized carpool programs. See if yours is one. If not, get your neighbors and your coworkers to join in! You’ll save money on gas and gain some new friends!
  2. Do some organizing on your own. Create a Bike-to-Work or Walk-to-Work day at your company. You’ll help protect the environment and save yourself and others some money in the process. And, with the money you save, you could buy yourself some really cool biking or walking shoes.
  3. ShopandWin is a great way to shop, get chances to win prizes and save money on fuel because you never have to leave the comfort ofyour home to make purchases. And, you might just win something, too! Go to PCH ShopandWin now and see what great values you can find.
  4. Remember to enter to win the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, plus the gas money, by going to, registering and entering to win.

PCH wants to hear about your special energy saving tips, too! Let us know what works for you and maybe, we’ll post your comments in a future blog. And, stop by our Facebook page anytime to leave a comment or just say, “Hi!” We always enjoy hearing from you!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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