PCH Merchandise Makes Spring Cleanup Seem Easy!

Happy Spring, Blog Readers!

As Senior Product Manager of Horticulture here at PCH, I just got the “fever” to spring into action and write my very first blog and share my love of the sunshine, yard gardens, good times and Spring cleanup with you!

Did I just say that I LOVE Spring cleanup?  You bet I did!  It’s that time of year again, and I’m more ready than ever to take on the weeds in my yard gardens, overgrown shrubs and storm-beaten branches like never before!  But I just can’t “beat around the bush” for a moment longer, blog readers.  My green thumb has been twiddling all winter and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to remind you that…

Spring Cleanup Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated!

I just hate seeing people spend so much time on Spring cleanup that they miss out on all the fun in the sunshine of Springtime!  That’s why I needed to reach out to you on the blog today – to try to save you a little bit of effort by telling you about a tool of the trade that can help you spruce up your landscape and yard gardens with ease!

The Black & Decker® Bypass Lopper we sell here at PCH!


I absolutely love this product!  With heat-treated super sharp blades that cut through branches and vines like paper, it’s a must-have for getting your yard in tip-top shape.  I use my Black & Decker® Bypass Lopper to trim back hedges, cut tree branches and even to prune some of my more unruly vines without getting on a stepstool.  It’s the ultimate Spring Cleanup time-saver and with the FREE Bypass Pruner that PCH is offering when you order the Bypass Lopper, it really is an incredible value!

3_26_Black & Decker Bypass Pruner

But enough about Spring cleanup – let’s talk about all the good stuff that Spring brings – like beautiful flowers in your yard gardens that have your neighbors turning their heads. We’ve got them here at PCH, too. Check out the Purple Passion Buttercups with deep hues that really pop off vibrant green stems. They’re easy to grow – even if you don’t have a green thumb – and with a spectacular Buy 20 Bulbs Get 20 Bulbs FREE offer, they really are just too good to pass up!

3_26_Purple Persian Buttercups

So, make your yard garden and landscape look absolutely fantastic with my two top blog picks for Spring. If you haven’t registered already, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all our exciting PCH merchandise: Black & Decker® Bypass Lopper (toward the top of page 2) and Purple Passion Buttercups (in the middle of page 3). And tell me all about your Spring cleanup challenges below — I’d love to know how we can help make them easier!

All this writing sure makes my green thumb want to be out in the garden so for now…

Happy Planting,

Kim Gardiner
PCH Senior Product Manager, Horticulture

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