NFL® Playing Cards From PCH Are A Real Touchdown!

I’ve been writing blogs for Publishers Clearing House for a while, and occasionally I’ve seen some comments from the fans asking if we ever sell merchandise for GUYS. Well, here’s your answer: YES! Of course we do! Today, I wanted to talk about one deal that is just perfect for all you guys out there (AND the gals too!), but first an introduction…

Maybe it’s because I was born on the Sunday of the annual “Big Game,” but there’s just something I love about Football!  The quick plays, the long throws, the leaps into the end zone – I love it all!

Thankfully, I don’t have to share my birthday with the Big Game every year. In the years I celebrate at my home, I like to do it with my friends.  There’s nothing like hanging around the house and playing games with the people who matter most, right?

Well one of my favorite games to play is cards! From Poker to Blackjack, if it involves suits, numbers or royalty, I love it.  So this year for my birthday, I thought I’d give a try to combining my love of football AND my love of cards by using the NFL® Playing Cards from Publishers Clearing House!


You can choose your favorite team (mine’s the Raiders, thanks to my good ol’ dad!) and start playing away!


Each deck of cards prominently features the team’s name and logo.  There’s no better way to tell your friends the “house rules” than with your team’s emblem to remind them where they are!

Not an Oakland Raiders fans like me? Here are the other teams you can choose from:

New York Giants
Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears
Pittsburgh Steelers


The NFL® Playing Cards from Publishers Clearing House are a real TOUCHDOWN, and I know you’ll love them as much as I do! So if you’re looking for a little half-time fun, check them out for yourself now. Not a football fan? No worries! You can find DOZENS of other items at our Publishers Clearing House Merchandise Center — and they’re all backed by our hassle-free guarantee, send no money now policy, and easy 4-part payment plan! Just remember, if you haven’t registered already, you’ll need to fill in your information before you can see all our exciting offers. (Believe me, you’ll be glad you did!)

See you in the end zone!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What is your favorite card game to play with your family or friends?

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