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What Prize Will PCH Award On June 30th? Special Early Look Results!

Hi there, blog readers!

It’s the Dave, Todd and Danielle from the PCH Prize Patrol!

We wanted to jump on the blog today and write to you all because we’re getting SO excited about our upcoming prize event on June 30th. It’s just a few days away, and we can’t wait to start finalizing our plans and find out who our big winner is! (And we’re sure YOU all feel the same exact way.)

A lot of people have been asking if we took the Special Early Look yet, and what prize we will award on June 30th. Well we’re happy to say that we can finally report this news to you. Yes, the results are in!

But before we get into the results, we wanted to let you all know a little more about how the process works. (In the past, our blog readers have asked some questions after we announce the results of the Special Early Look, so we’re hoping this information will be helpful!)

Did you know that Publishers Clearing House purchases risk coverage for each of our major SuperPrizes? It’s true! We do this to ensure that if there is a match to the winning number, the money to fund the full prize payout (in this case $2,000,000 plus $10,000 a month for life plus a brand new car) will definitely be there. Since drawings are based on random chance, the outcome is up to the luck of the draw. Just like you, we don’t know until the drawing takes place what prize will be awarded, but of course we’re always hoping there will be a matching winning number! An independent 3rd party auditor is there to verify the validity of the drawing, so everyone can be assured it was unbiased!

Now, back to the results for June 30th…this time there was no matching winning number. BUT, the good news is, a second chance drawing went into effect, so we will still be awarding a HUGE prize! How huge? $1,000,000.00 – Yes, One Million Dollars! We’re sure you’ll all agree…there’s nothing disappointing about winning a million dollars, right? We just know that will change someone’s life forever…and we can’t wait to watch the magic happen on Tuesday.

Special Early

So fans, tell us…who out there still wants to win on June 30th? How would you feel if we showed up with a Big Check made out in YOUR name for a $1,000,000.00 prize award? Would you be speechless…jump up and down…cry tears of joy…or have a reaction we’ve never ever seen before??? Comment below and let us know.

And from all of us to all of you…GOOD LUCK! We’ll be wishing on our lucky stars for you.

The PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team
Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane & Danielle Lam

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