Did I Win from PCH or Am I Being Scammed?

Greetings, fans and friends,

Picture this scene. You’re on your PC, your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone. Suddenly, you get an email. It’s from PCH!!! Excitedly, you open the email, and find that you are – yes, indeed – a winner! But then you wonder – as well you should –
“Did I win from PCH or am I being scammed?

It’s only natural to wonder if your email is from an impostor pretending to be from the real PCH. After all, you’re a smart cookie! You’ve been reading this blog and you know that there are some sly folks out there who think they can rob you of your hard-earned money by fraudulently pretending to be from the real Publishers Clearing House.

I myself was curious as to how PCH sends emails to winners, so I went to an expert who works right down the hall from me – our Contest Analyst John G.

Responsible for what we call Prize Fulfillment, John sends out hundreds of emails, as well as hundreds of checks to small prize winners every year.

John was so helpful in explaining the difference between a real winner notification email and a scam email, and I could not wait to share it with you:

Debbie: If someone wins a major prize from PCH, he or she gets a visit from the world-famous PCH Prize Patrol. What prize amounts are email notifications sent out for?

John: The prize amounts that are in winner notification emails can vary, with the majority being $1,000.00 and lower. There are rare occurrences where an email could be sent for a prize amount above $1,000.00, but it is extremely rare.

Debbie: For which programs, for example, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, Blog Prizes, might a person receive a PCH winning notification email?

John: PCH winning notifications can be sent from many different online programs including Blog Prizes, Lotto, Frontpage, Search & Win, Slots, PCH.com, Games, Casino, Bingo, Blackjack, and Cash Slots.

Debbie: How might our PCH fans and blog readers know if a PCH email is from a scammer?

John: One surefire way to distinguish between a real PCH email and one from a scammer is the type of information requested! Many scammers try to collect information such as social security numbers, bank information and credit card numbers. PCH will never ask for this type of information in an email, a phone call or letter! Beware of any notifications that require you to pay any money or fee to claim a prize. If the prize is not free, it is not legitimate and certainly not from the real Publishers Clearing House. In most PCH winner notifications we do not ask for any information from the winner.  When in doubt, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team for verification!  

Debbie: John, your information has been so valuable! One more question …  What other advice about PCH winner notification emails would you like to offer?

John: The best advice would be to identify what type of information is being asked for in the email and the prize amount being shown. Since we do not ask for any money or sensitive financial information in emails, requesting this information is a red flag that the email is coming from a scammer. We also won’t send a notification email to a major prize winner so if you receive an email claiming you’ve won a major prize – that is another red flag! If you think you’ve been scammed, please complete our new online scam form to report the incident.

So, there you have it, fans and friends! If you’re ever wondering “Did I Win from PCH or Am I Being Scammed,” please follow this great advice from my coworker John!

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so enter as much as you can … and who knows … maybe John will be sending you a check real soon! That is, of course, if the PCH Prize Patrol doesn’t come to your door with the awesome news that you’re our next SuperPrize winner!!!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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