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$1 Million Winner Is Super Thankful For His Second Chance Prize!


“I was speechless! I had nothing to say.”

That sums up Robb Gonzales’ reaction when the Prize Patrol showed up at his door with a $1 Million SuperPrize – a second chance prize PCH decided to give away when there was no winning number returned! While there weren’t many words coming out of his mouth, there is one quote that I thought of when I heard Robb’s story —“life always finds a way!” That quote comes from the summer blockbuster Jurassic Park, but fake-dinos are no match for a REAL life-changing $1 Million! You see, it seems that life found a way for Robb, because that $1 Million really was a “second chance” that came at just the right time.

But before we get into his story, I asked him how he was feeling now that a month has passed:

“Honestly, it still hasn’t hit me. I actually have an appointment tomorrow to speak with a financial planner. I think when I make some important decisions, then it will finally feel real.”

Robb had recently moved his home, but the transition was an expensive one due to his two pets. He had gotten behind on some bills and needed some money pretty soon!

“It felt like any other day. I work from home, so I got up and did what I was supposed to do. My neighbor who used to live near me called and said there was a package. Maybe it was a certified letter [with bad news]? But then she said they were ‘UPS People.’ That’s when I thought something was up, because she’s not a very good liar!”

The Prize Patrol had arrived at Robb’s old address, but because he had recently moved, they didn’t know where to find him!  Watch the video to see what happened next!


As I mentioned before, Robb won the $1 Million Second Chance Prize from a Special Early Look prize event. When Contest Officials took a special early look for our August 31st prize, there was no matching winning number. But that was GOOD NEWS for him because we still gave away a $1,000,000! Amazing, right? Robb certainly thinks so and is more than happy with how this turned out. The funny thing is, he was initially aiming for a LOT less!

“All I wanted was a $500 gift card! Just to buy some groceries or whatever. But when I saw the balloons outside and the people coming to my door…well, you saw the video!

“I don’t remember it afterwards at all. I tried to go back to work, but that didn’t go well at all. I lost balance a little bit there too, I got a little lightheaded. Danielle had to pull me up a little bit! It would have been bad if I passed out!”

Robb had been entering for several years, following in the tradition of his grandma before him. But it was in the past year that he got really serious, and he told me he still plays PCHlotto all the time!

“It’s definitely a part of my weekend routine. So I’ll do that for a little while, then I’ll find myself browsing travel websites. I have no clue where to go on vacation. Maybe Ireland? I’m not one for luxurious things. I’m not going to start wearing a fur coat or diamond rings or get a diamond grill! That’s not for me. But I will travel soon, I know that for sure. I haven’t had a vacation in five or six years!”


Although he doesn’t have a firm plan yet for the money, he knows he wants to help out his family with some bills (“especially my parents for being such a demon teenager!”), and maybe do something fun for his nieces while they’re still young.

Robb’s energy is infectious, and he even reports he’s having an influence on his coworkers and clients!

“More and more people I know are playing PCH! They know it’s real now. Clients have sent me congratulations cards, and they all say, ‘I guess I should start entering!’”

And Robb would want to pass along that energy to you as well! Life, luck or whatever stepped in and helped Robb out in a BIG WAY with this $1 Million SuperPrize. But he was entering to make it happen. So if there’s something you need a big financial boost for, make sure you’re doing the same!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you won $1 Million Dollars from one of our Second Chance prizes, would you be thankful for it, too? Comment below and let us know!

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