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Did you receive a Postcard from PCH?

Hi, guys! Let me get right to the point: CHECK YOUR  MAIL for a special postcard packet from Publishers Clearing House … and if you get one, be sure to OPEN IT UP!

www.pch.com_actnow postcard

When you do …. postcard

NOW IF YOU ACT REALLY FAST and follow the two simple steps below,  you’ll be in the running to win an exciting  Cash Prize from our FAST 50 SWEEPSTAKES!

Step 1: Type the URL found on your postcard packet — — into your web browser. activation code

STEP 2: When you get to the landing page, type the activation code (5-digit code found on the bottom right of your postcard) into the white box that says “enter code here” and click the button that says “SUBMIT CODE”.

Activation Code

Once you complete STEP 2, you’ll arrive at a new page that asks a few registration questions.  Answer them and  click “CONTINUE”. That’s all you need to do to get entered to win a FAST 50 SWEEPSTAKES CASH PRIZE!

That could be the easiest way yet to get in on some cool cash – but you’ve got to open your Postcard and ACT FAST to go for this Limited Time opportunity!

I’m telling you … you could really win!

Your pal,

PCH Creative

P.S. Please note: Your activation code is to be entered on the URL only. You do not need to paste it in the comments below. Also, please be careful not to enter any spaces when entering your code.

P.P.S. Didn’t get a postcard packet from PCH but still want to win? Not to worry, we’ve got so many other prizes you can go for! For starters, there’s our amazing Real Bucks Go! App, which you can find out more about on the Play&Win Blog. And don’t forget, we give away prizes every single day at PCHSearch&Win. Log in and search for your chance to win!

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