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The Prize Patrol Looks Back On Recent Winner Mike Shields!

This past June 30th, the Prize Patrol traveled to Michigan to deliver $1 Million to Mike Shields. What they didn’t know was just how close they came to missing Mike entirely—he had returned home from the hospital just the day before!

Mike Shields

“Yes, I had a severe infection, but I just got home yesterday,” Mike said.

“When I was in the hospital a friend was praying for me and said, ‘good things always happen. Just keep the faith.’ And while we were talking about my health…well, [winning this prize] is going to help me feel a whole lot healthier!”

Video streaming the entire event from the PCH Prize Patrol Facebook Fan Page, Danielle, Howie and Dave snuck up to the Shields’ residence with Big Check, Balloons and Champagne in hand. And that wasn’t all they brought with them—Mike had also won a brand new car!

I know, that’s a lot right? Well if you can’t believe Mike’s good fortune, don’t worry, Mike and his wife didn’t seem to either!

“You’re kidding me!” Mike exclaimed as he stepped out of his house.

His wife’s reaction wasn’t much different: “What is this? Oh my God! No, is this a joke? Are you serious?  Really?”

Prize Patrol member Howie said this kept going on even after cameras stopped rolling!

“She was in disbelief. She was sure it had to be a joke. She couldn’t believe it. She kept asking, ‘is this s a joke?’ Maybe she thought it was a prank.”

Once Mike finally came to his senses, Dave asked him what he was going to do with the money. Mike was quick with an answer.

“I’m going to put some away for my grand kids’ college funds. I have three grand kids and I’m also taking care of my great nephew… his father passed while serving in the army.”

Obviously Mike is a kind and generous man who clearly deserves a windfall like this. The neighbors who came out to greet him were all in agreement—it couldn’t happen to a nicer family!

Speaking of neighbors, a bit of the PCH-coincidence magic happened the day before.

“We were just talking with our neighbor about meeting their financial advisors,” Mike explained. “We were having this conversation yesterday…but I guess we really NEED to now!”

After showing Mike a real live prize check, the Prize Patrol escorted him down the driveway to his fancy new wheels. Well I guess fate has a sense of humor, because Mike actually works as a manager at a car manufacturing facility 60 miles away…for a competing car company to the brand he just won from Publishers Clearing House!

“Don’t show this to my team at my car plant,” Mike laughed from behind the wheel!

As he sat in the cushy driver’s seat, Danielle brought the live feed camera over to Mike to show him all of the well wishes from his fellow PCH fans. After being stunned by the steady stream of comments, Danielle asked Mike what he could say to everyone who was watching.

prize patrol

“It can happen. It really can! You just take 10-15 minutes out of your day, and you can win.”

Mike’s advice isn’t just for the folks who were watching that day, it could be for you, too! Just like the Prize Patrol coming to Mike’s house just after he got home from the hospital, it’s all a matter of luck and timing…but you have to be in it to win it!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Mike plans to use some of his winnings to help out with his grand kids’ educations. Who would you help if you won the PCH Sweepstakes? Tell us in the comments below!

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