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Who Are You Entering the “Forever” Prize Sweepstakes For?

Hello PCH friends! It’s less than two weeks away from the August 31st “Forever” Prize Event!  Of course, we here at Publishers Clearing House aren’t allowed to enter, so we always get a thrill from reading the blog comments and hearing what our readers are saying!

We’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about the Prize Event, but what I love hearing about the most is whom people would plan on leaving their legacy to! You see, with the “Forever” Prize, not only would the winner receive $5,000 a Week for Life, but then, after that, a beneficiary of the winner’s choosing would start receiving the same weekly prize payouts for the rest of their life, too!


I know we have many faithful sweepstakes lovers, and some enter multiple times a day (yes, I’m looking at you)! There’s lots of ways to play, so who can blame them for taking advantage! But with all of these ways to be “in it to win it,” there’s got to be a motivating factor that keeps people going. Because just “trying to get rich” can’t be all there is, right? Don’t we all have someone whom we’re playing for, beside ourselves?

Are you hoping to help your children?

This is the perfect motivation for trying to win the “Forever” prize. I think about recent “Forever” prize winner Tamar Howard, and how she chose one of her daughters as her beneficiary. As soon as she won, her thoughts were about her kids. In fact, last we heard, she was in the planning stages of building a new home for her and her children!


Do you have your parents in mind when you enter the sweepstakes?

We owe so much to our parents, don’t we? They sacrificed so much for us as we were growing up, and I can’t think of a better way to use an incredible SuperPrize payout than to spend it on making our parents’ lives just a little bit better, at any age!

Are you thinking about your friends?

When you enter online or through the mail (or rack up those tokens, or play instant win games, and so much more), do you have a special friend in mind? Is there someone you would love to treat to a nice present or a thoughtful gift that only winning from Publishers Clearing House would make possible? If you won the SuperPrize, you could even take them on a vacation!

How about a local charity?

When I think about past winners and charities, of course Leroy Faulks comes to mind. This wonderful winner has made it a habit to give some of his winnings out to local charities when he visits places on vacation. Does the same generous spirit push you to enter as often as possible so that you can truly do some good?

Or maybe it’s just as simple as the person reading this right now — yes, YOU!  We all need to catch a break sometimes, and sometimes that’s all the motivation we need to shoot for the stars and “go for the gold”!

Whatever your reasons for entering, I wish you the best of luck, especially on August 31st!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Well of course I’m going to ask – whom are you entering for? Tell us in the comments section below!

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