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Fun Facts Quiz: Use PCHSearch&Win to Find the Answers!

Quick! How many Presidents were born in April? Anyone know? Can you name them all?

Give up? We’ve had 4 Presidents who were born in April: 3rd President Thomas Jefferson, 5th President James Monroe, 15th President James Buchanan and 18th President Ulysses S. Grant.

Now I admit, I love to read about history. Yet without PCHSearch&Win , I wouldn’t have been able to answer those questions.

It seems like no matter how much you learn, you can still learn new Fun Facts everyday. And the fastest, easiest way to do that is to search the Internet for topics you like. But there’s only one search engine that gives you unique opportunities to win instant prizes while you search: PCHSearch&Win !

It’s the easiest way to add PCH into your daily routine. How often throughout the day do you find yourself quickly looking something up online? Whether it’s directions, recipes, show times or headlines, the Internet is a great way to get information instantly. But why would you ever use a search engine that doesn’t give you chances to win instant prizes?

Just to prove to you how simple it is to rack up Tokens, get Instant Win opportunities, plus all the knowledge you want, I’m going to give you a pop quiz. I want you to see how easy it is to use PCHSearch&Win, so please look up anything you don’t know HERE!

How many of these Fun Facts can you answer?

  1. Who was the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize?
  1. Which President was the only one never to marry?
  1. There was a while when our Presidents were still born British subjects … Who was the first born a United States citizen?
  1. Which President won the Most Nearly Perfect Male Figure Award in 1940 from the University of California?
  1. Which Founding Father also founded the University of Virginia?
  1. Who was the first President ever to be photographed at his Inauguration? (Wait until you find out who else was there!)

BONUS QUESTION: Which President was an only child?

There are dozens of search engines, but how many of those could win you prizes just by searching? Not to mention, your first search every day gives you entry into the ongoing SuperPrize, so your first search today could win you $7,000.00 A Week For Life on April 28th!

So head to PCHSearch&Win now to learn about what you love, to help make your day easier, or to just search for anything that comes to mind!

Joe W
PCH Creative

P.S. Be sure to come back to the PCHblog tomorrow to see if your answers are correct!

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  1. More than once your quiz answers say bald eagles live in all states except Alaska
    Perhaps you mean Hawaii???
    Alaska has Many bald eagles- more than any other state actually.