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PCH Take Your Child To Work Day = So Much Fun For All!


This past April, we had a fun filled day here at Publishers Clearing House! PCH’s Take Your Child To Work Day was an amazing and entertaining learning experience for all! Over 30 kids arrived at PCH’s Port Washington Office to learn what a workday for their parents is like! Joy and laughter filled the halls as these kids made their way up the stairs, down the halls, and along to the conference rooms of PCH Headquarters to begin their PCH adventure!

And what an amazing adventure it was! The kids journeyed over to many marvelous PCH spots where they learned, played games, and enjoyed all sorts of awesomely amusing activities! Read on to learn what this delightful day included!…

PCH’s Take Your Child To Work Day began with a yummy breakfast and a video made by the Prize Patrol! Both The kids and the parents had super-cool starts to their mornings!

Next up on the day’s fun-filled agenda, the #PCHKidsAtWork played PCH games on laptops and mobile devices! After the kids played these entertaining PCH games, they attended a presentation from the Product Strategy & Merchandising department… there, they learned all about how to choose products for customers! How fascinating! Soon after that, they made their way to PCH Bingo with the Domestic/Canadian Marketing department! Games, Presentations, Bingo… talk about fun, fun, FUN!

The PCH adventure continued with yet another yummy meal! The afternoon kicked off with an amazing lunch – best yet, the kids and parents got to eat together again during the work day! Yay! Soon after that, the kids watched another informative presentation… this time, they learned all about how PCH uses social media platforms!

After the excellently educational social media talk, the kids continued their PCH adventure at the PCH photo studio! There, they had their photos taken, achieved the Mannequin Challenge, and learned what it’s like to work as a team in a real-life studio!

And throughout the day, the kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt, where they found emojis! They ALSO collected tokens at EACH EVENT! Then, at the end of the day, they were able to redeem their tokens for PRIZES! HOORAY!

And what an amazing PCH adventure it was! #PCHKidsAtWork was a fun time for all! Both the kids and their parents had a great time at the PCH Bring Your Child To Work Day!

When you were a kid, did you ever wonder what a work day was like for your parents? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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