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Can you tell us the 15 Reasons you’d like to WIN $15,000,000 this month?

Just in case you haven’t heard, we’re looking for someone to take home an incredible $15,000,000 in our exciting Summer Prize Event! Now, we’d like YOU to tell us all the reasons you’d like to win Fifteen Million Dollars in our Special Early Look event this month!

We’ve taken our best guess on how you’d answer …. and here they are: the reasons you should enter right now and every day to win $15,000,000:

As if we had to tell you THAT!  And I’m thinking that YOU want to WIN Fifteen Million Dollars for a lot of the same reasons I’D like to win it (alas, I cannot!):

to pay off bills  … buy a new car (or two!) … buy your dream house — I’ll bet you could list MORE than 15 reasons to enter now and win in weeks! 

With a cool $15,000,000, you could pay off the mortgage in cash … write checks for a youngster’s college tuition … buy a new home for your Mom and Dad or your kids who may have been struggling to make ends meet … make all those expensive home repairs and improvements that you might have been putting off till next time. Let’s face it: most us could really use some extra money, and a big $15,000,000 prize could make all your financial worries a thing of the past!

Yes, you really do!  The fact that you’re following our blogs means you’re keeping the faith and going for our amazing prize opportunities — that is SO, so important.  This could be your chance to win a Fifteen Million Dollar PCH fortune (or a guaranteed $1,000,000 if the matching number isn’t returned in time and we go to a second chance drawing. Don’t let it get away from you.

So, I hope I’ve got you to thinking about why you should take every opportunity you can to enter to win our $15,000,000 Prize Of A Lifetime Event on August 31st. We sure would appreciate your telling us your special reasons for entering  in the Comments section below!

Good luck!

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  1. 1. Pay first fruits to two different houses of God.
    2. Pay off all my bills.
    3. Fix up my house and yard.
    4. Sell the house.
    5. Buy a large property in Missouri.
    6. Build houses for my siblings, my husband’s cousin and a guest house for my daughter.
    7. Get Chickens, turkeys, milk and beef cows, and goats.
    8. Get farm equipment: tractor, hay cutter and bailer (assuming there is a barn, if not add building a hay barn), all terrain 4 seater with bed in back for work on farm.
    9. Build in ground pool and play gym outside, adult gym inside.
    10. Adopt homeless kids and teens.
    11. Homeschool kids.
    12. Build large greenhouse for both year round vegetables and a bay for growing fruit trees indoor.
    13. Help build a communal kitchen independent of the houses for canning and processing days with a walk in freezer, a fridge, two gas stoves, two farmhouse sinks and long counters.
    14. Build a small store on property, and a place for throwing pottery with a kiln.
    15. Work to improve the property and enjoy life!

  2. I would enjoy the money to help grandchildren with college expenses. To help an ill sister with needed care. To help a 68 year old nephew, who still works, with needed retirement funds. Give my two children help with housing expenses. For myself not to worry about health, long term care and current living expenses.

  3. I have dreamt of the moment to be able to bless all the people that don’t see their own potential. I have so many goals working in my favor in life that all my purpose here is to show everyone that they are capable of anything that they want to achieve. I am a very dreamy person at 24, meaning so that I have billions of ideas constantly cooking in my head that could make the world a brighter space for those in a lower mind then others.. With 15000000 I would change Kansas city; in the most upright positive view you could ever dream of. Making something out of nothing is always been the goal and will remain the same.

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