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Top 5 Reasons to Play Keno!

Are you playing PCHkeno yet? If you are, good! Enjoy it, and go play now so you don’t miss the next live drawing. If you’re not, I’m here to tell you the Top 5 Reasons to play PCHkeno.

Don’t risk missing out big! We’ve recently launched this new site for anyone who is a fan of fast-paced casino games and who wants to win cash. But if you still need some convincing, here are the Top 5 Reasons to play Keno:

1) It’s Free To Play

That’s right – ABSOLUTELY FREE! Spend as much time playing at PCHkeno as you’d like; it won’t cost you a dime!

2) You Could Win Cash Instantly

That’s worth keeping in mind while you’re at PCHkeno. In between each keno card you’ll receive an Instant Win scratch game. Plus, if you become the Daily Token Leader you’ll win cash!

3) Live Drawing Every 20 Minutes

You’ll want to make sure you complete all 5 of your keno cards before the next drawing. If you don’t, no worries. We have a new live drawing every 20 minutes! And we’ve made it easy for you to play these casino games so you’ll get them done ASAP. You can play your favorite numbers or simply QUICK PICK numbers and hit SUBMIT.

4) Win Up To A Million Tokens

Let’s discuss what you could win in these drawings. Any time outside of 2 – 5 PM (ET), you could score up to 1,000,000 Tokens! You can use Tokens for incredible winning opportunities. And if you’re selected the winner of a drawing outside of that timeframe, your Token account would get a big boost!

5) Win Up To $1,000,000

Best of all? You could win $1,000,000! You read correctly – ONE MILLION DOLLARS! In between the hours of 2 – 5 PM (ET), you could win up to $1 Million with each drawing. That’s a pretty good substitute for a Tokens windfall during that timeframe, don’t you think?

PCHKeno is the perfect place to play fun, quick, and easy casino games. If this list hasn’t convinced you to add “play keno” to your daily PCH schedule, then check it out for yourself and find your own reason to play. And let other fans know how great it is, too in the comments section below!!


Joe W
PCH Creative

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