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It’s Halloween at PCH — and our Prize Patrol’s ready to roll!

So it’s Halloween, and I’m writing my blog
It ain’t a fit night for man, ghost or dog
But the Prize Patrol did from their van arise
And suddenly NOT to my surprise

They put a big BIG Check in their Prize Patrol van
Cause nothing stops their delivery plan
Though werewolves and witches may fly through the air
When our gang’s on a mission, they just don’t care!

From their Prize Patrol digs in Jericho NY,
To every town on the map, every gal and guy,
Todd and Howie set out on the long dark road
With Danielle and Dave in Sweepstakes mode.

Now, there’s a “Turn Back Time” prize* we want to pay
In our Special Early Look Event weeks away.
The Prize Patrol gang is set on deliverin’
Despite goblins and ghouls that would have us all shiverin’!

‘Cause our Patrol has a Halloween safety plan
Like spraying wolf’s bane in the Prize Patrol Van.
And Danielle’s hanging garlic from the side and rear mirrors
So should vampires show up, then none will come near her.

But the scariest thing I can think up for YOU?
Missing out on a chance to make dreams come true
Like not entering NOW to win mountains of CASH
Fresh from our PCH Sweepstakes stash.

Here’s my Halloween tip, and it’s straight from the heart
If you want to win big, you must do your part
And send in your entries every way that you can
Here’s a link to them all — go on, make a plan.

Be brave like our Prize Patrol who drives through the night
Though peril surrounds them, they will not take fright.
‘Cause they’ve got a Big Prize delivery due
And don’t be surprised if they make it to YOU!

Have a spooktacular day!
Your friend, Marybeth

*In our Turn Back Time prize event, a winner would receive win-for-life back payments for the past 10 years – that’s $2.6 Million at once – PLUS $5,000.0 A Week For Life!

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