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7 Tips For Getting Higher Scores When You Play Jigsaw Puzzles

Playing online jigsaw puzzles can be just as fun as traditional puzzles, but with a couple of important benefits. First, when you play jigsaw puzzles online with PCHgames, you know every puzzle, every day, is 100 percent free. Plus, there’s no chance that you’ll lose an important piece, so you know you can complete every puzzle! And any time you want to try a new puzzle, you can find it waiting for you with just a click or two.

As with traditional jigsaw puzzles, the objective of PCH’s online jigsaw puzzles is pretty straightforward – put the pieces together as fast as possible. The quicker you complete the picture, the higher your score will be.

Brain Games

Other than being fun, free, and giving you a chance to win cash when PCH’s online jigsaw puzzles are the featured game of the day, you might be surprised to know just how much they can do for you. When  you play jigsaw puzzles it’s more than just a fun way to spend the day. They actually help keep your brain sharp by challenging your dexterity, spatial reasoning and logic.

Solving The Puzzles

When you begin, you’ll only get a brief glimpse of the completed image, so try to get as good a look as possible. Of course, if you want the image as a guide, you can find by clicking the “main menu” puzzle piece in the lower left-hand corner of the puzzle frame. That will give you several options to help you complete the puzzle.

PCHgames’ online jigsaw puzzles typically contain approximately 72 pieces, so you don’t need an advanced degree to solve them, but they will challenge you!

When the game begins, many of the puzzle pieces will overlap each other so it’s a pretty good idea to start spreading them out a bit. And when you find two pieces that fit together, they’ll “snap” into place and then move as one unit.

Following these tips and tricks will help you become a puzzle master in no time!

Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Score

  1. Find the corner pieces and place them where they belong
  2. Assemble the rest of the border (hint: all border pieces will have at least one straight edge)
  3. Sort by color, and begin grouping pieces those pieces in a single section of the puzzle board
  4. Find special pieces – lines, text, a color that only appears in one part of the puzzle, etc. are good indicators that these pieces will fit each other
  5. Look at shapes – puzzle pieces have “knobs,” “holes,” and sometimes both. Once you begin grouping similar pieces, it’ll become much easier to find pieces that fit each other.
  6. Work on small sections at a time
  7. Don’t give up!

Want to know more about PCH’s online jigsaw puzzles? Check out Joe’s recent blog! And for tips & tricks on scoring better on other PCHgames, just search “tips & tricks” right here on the PCHblog home page.

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