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Remember November As Changing Leaves, Turkey Eating — and Token Winning!

Don’t you just love the month of November? It’s such a wonderful time of year, when the leaves are changing, families are gathering for Thanksgiving … and lucky token exchange winners are racking up prizes at PCH!  It truly was an amazing month of winning, in many ways.

Yep, November is a joyous month of celebration. For starters, the leaves continue to change from green to red, yellow, and orange … and everyone is cheerful about all of the beauty that nature has to offer. Along with the leaves changing color, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for families to express what they are thankful for. That’s not all. This past month, PCH token exchange winners celebrated winning prizes … all right before the holiday season began! That’s right, a lot of leaves turned during November … both literally and figuratively!

Take a look, right here, at the list of the November Token Exchange Winners…

Please keep in mind that November isn’t the only month with token exchange winners. Every month, PCH awards prizes to plenty of folks who score tokens while having lots of fun at  PCHlotto, PCHslots, PCHBlackjack, and more.  They redeem those tokens for chances to win exciting prizes at the PCH Rewards Token Exchange — and win! That’s how your name, too, could appear on our monthly winners list!

Yes, you could be celebrating the month of December by becoming a token exchange winner at PCH! Why not start playing today, so you can start racking up those tokens, and start going for chances to win. Who knows? You could see your name when we post a list of our December winners at the end of this month! Best of luck!

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