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WOW! PCH Has Had 100 Millionaires!

Hey, gang … how about that? Just a few weeks back, our Power Prize winner, Carli Steffes  became the 100th member of the Publishers Clearing House “Millionaires Club.”  Congratulations, Carli!  Our Prize Patrol tracked her down in snowy Sioux Falls, South Dakota … but her smile was pure Florida sunshine.

Across the Midwest to Constantine, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois … out East to Dolgeville, New York and Randolph, Massachusetts … South to Morristown, Tennessee and St. Petersburg Florida … traveling West to Buchanan Dam, Texas and Newalla, Oklahoma — the Prize Patrol has made millionaire-making deliveries to every corner of the map.  36 states and counting!

100 PCH Millionaires … and we’re just getting started.

Seems that lately, our Prize Patrol can barely catch a breath between big prize deliveries … and they’re gearing up again, set to award $7,000 A Week For Life on April 27th  in PCH’s Special Early Look prize event. Where could they be delivering the Big Check this time?  To California, Maryland, Texas, Maine or Wisconsin — or any state in between (no, we’re not forgetting Hawaii and Alaska either)?

Now I’ve only been talking about the $1 Million-And-Over prizes PCH has given away over the years. There are loads of other prizes flying out the door all the time, ranging from welcome cash windfalls and gift cards to brand name merchandise and Big Checks for $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and more. To date PCH has awarded over $385 Million in prizes.

Wouldn’t you like to become Millionaire #101?

Consider this your special invitation to try. Follow the example of the 100 PCH Millionaires before you and enter right now and every day.  We’ll only be accepting entries for our imminent $7,000 A Week For Life prize event a little while longer — don’t miss out on the chance to “join the Club.”

Here’s wishing you luck and maybe even a visit from our Prize Patrol on April 27th.

Your PCH friend,

P.S. Even if the winning number for a $7,0000 A Week For Life prize isn’t returned in time, we’ll insist on going to a second chance drawing — and award $1,000,000 — to our 101st Publishers Clearing House millionaire.

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