September Month In Winning at PCHPlay&Win!

September is rocking and the prize winning keeps rolling! We’re sure you’d like to see who became a PCHPlay&Win prizewinner during the month of September… and we’d like to tell you! Get ready, you came to the right place to learn more about PCH prizewinners! Find out who took home some dough by playing at PCHPlay&Win!

I love September! Don’t you?! The leaves start to change, the sweaters, thick socks, and scarves are added into the outfit rotation … and best of all, pumpkin spice flavored goods are sold in abundance! I love pumpkin spice flavored sweets! Whether it’s coffee, cake, pie, even ice cream … I think pumpkin spice flavoring is simply delicious! That’s why I look forward to this time of year, a time where EVERYTHING is pumpkin spice flavored! Do you enjoy this festive flavor? Do you love September? I find it very “sweet”!

You know what else is “sweet”? There were many PCH fans in the month of September that enjoyed our PCHPlay&Win sites and racked up tokens for a chance to win incredible prizes! These PCH fans enjoyed PCHlotto, PCHkeno, and PCHFrontpage  – they played their Lotto cards, entered tournaments, entered to win on the PCHApp by iPhone or Android …. or maybe a little bit of it all!

Speaking of “sweet” things, there were so many PCH prizewinners in September that took home “SWEET” prizes! Take a look now at the list of all of the September Play&Win Month in Winning prizewinners!

Antoinette S.North Chesterfield, VA$150.00
Gene W.Kingman, AZ$150.00
Linda S.Puyallup, WA$125.00
Brenda W.Goodlettsville, TN$125.00
John K.Greensburg PA$100.00
Roger H.Barlett, IL$150.00
William I.North Oxford, MA$150.00
Jennifer G.Lincoln Park, MI$40.00
Charles H.Ballwin, MO$20.00
Pamela W.Toms River, NJ$20.00
Maureen B.Buffalo, NY$20.00
Maria R.Bollingbook, IL$10.00
Michael K.Dallas, TX$40.00
Donald D.Raleigh, NC$550.00
Janet Y.Aiken, SC$550.00
Paul L.Pepperell, MA$550.00
Lydia H.Clinton, MD$500.00
Dan S.Fort Wayne, IN$500.00
Mickael A.Pocahontas, IL$500.00
Rosemarie E.Oneonta, NY$400.00
Judy Ann H.Etowah, TN $100.00
Michelle M.Fort Myers, FL$100.00
Bobbie W. Bald Knob, AR$100.00
Rickey B.St. Martinville, LA$100.00
Cherail G.Charlotte, NC$139.00
Juan H.Perrysburg, OH$175.00
Jeanette A.Markham, IL$100.00
Tammy R.Peoria, AZ$100.00
John D. E.Portland, OR$100.00
Gail D.Akron, OH$100.00
Justin P.Kaneohe, HI$100.00
Jay W.Ludlow, MA$100.00
Alma M.Riverside, RI$100.00

These PCH fans found out just how many amazing prizes PCHPlay&Win awards! Month after month, we award more and more prizewinners simply for enjoying playing at PCH. Talk about a win/win!

This means that you could also win a big prize next month by staying in it to win it! Yep, just keep having a great time at PCH and it could lead to a prize win! There are awesome gift cards you can go for by redeeming your tokens right at the PCH Redemption Center.

Keep playing at PCHPlay&Win and you could have a prize win in October! Yes, I repeat…  YOU COULD BECOME A PCH PRIZE WINNER NEXT MONTH! Just stay in to win at PCHPlay&Win and your name could be on next month’s winners list!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Sylvia Townsend
    October is a beautiful time of
    An a time to win me on a prize winner
    $2,500.00 a week “Forever”.
    It would be nice to share my
    children and my grandchildren.

    Love you guys “PCH”!
    Your friend

  2. Where do I find a list of current and past daily winners of the token redemption winners. I have searched everywhere for the list to see who won the daily token prizes. I wished PCH would simplify the issue notifying the daily winners.

    1. Thank you for contacting PCH. Please give our technical support representatives a call at 1-800-476-4724, we are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I hope I win enough to get off disibility and mabey get me a house and open me up my own business I play alot thanks pch from Billy mcclanaham

  4. How do I become one of the paid actors who “win big?” Who do I contact? I could use the job-besides, a trailer park resident “winning”l big” would convince more of the gullible masses.
    FACT-“Big winners” are paid actors; an overwhelming majority of players are poor, yet 100% of “big winners” are well-off enough to live in nice neighbourhoods with nice homes already?! (Nice try with the really nice apartment complex resident btw!)
    Blatantly obvious, really-simple math. Also, where are the “big winners” in local news? (afterwards, since PCH covers the “winning.”

    1. Crappy, atrocious-looking homes aren’t good enough for their promotions, and PCH assumes these inhabitants cannot afford the taxes on grand prize winnings anyway. It would be nice to see someone like me (or you) to win, though. And despite my home’s appearance, I CAN afford to pay taxes on a grand prize and would be overjoyed to do so. Wow, I never thought I’d say I’d be overjoyed about paying taxes!

    2. The taxes become easy, since unlike game show winnings, you supoosedly receive the money, and THEN must pay the taxes.
      It’s all a trick to get the foolish to buy their magazines-watch their commercials, often their previous “winners” are EXTRAS there!

  5. I’m still in it to win it because I have ran out of options plus,I don’t want to do anything that’s wrong to provide for my day I’m going to win and all them naysayers going to stop laughing at me for saying that I’m going to win