PCHSearch&Win Search Suggestions

Greetings, fans and friends,

When I read your blog comments, I occasionally see comments about how to use PCHSearch&Win – what to search for, how to search, what words to use to search, etc.

But first, for those not in the know, let me give you a brief description of what PCHSearch&Win is – just in case you haven’t stumbled upon this fun, informative and easy way to enter to win PCH prizes!

For 10 years now, PCHSearch&Win has been both an incredible search engine and a great place to go if you want to win cash. With your first search of the day (after you log on) you’ll gain entry into the life-changing PCH SuperPrize. Plus, every time you search, you could get in to win instant cash, gift cards, token windfalls and more.

So, now that you know what PCHSearch&Win is, here’s my advice to you: When you search, be specific! You’ll get better search results if you search using a phrase rather than just one word.

For example, this afternoon I wanted to go to lunch with my PCH friends. We’re always looking for new restaurants to visit, so I went to PCHSearch&Win to find a good place to eat.

I typed the words “Chinese food” in the search bar …

But my results, as you can see, were not that great:

I didn’t want a book about “the food of China” … I was hungry for some Chinese food! So, I typed something more specific into the search bar:

Of course, after all this, we ended up going out for Japanese food – but my point is, be specific when you search!

  • Don’t just search for “weather” … search for “10-day weather forecast for Miami, Florida”.
  • Don’t just search for “dinner ideas” … search for “dinner recipes using potato chips”.
  • Don’t just search for “yellow sweater” … search for “lemon yellow crewneck sweater”.
  • Don’t just search for “bugs” … search for “What is a natural way to get rid of silverfish?”
  • Don’t just search for “PCH” … search for “Are PCH winners real?”

The more specific you are, the better your search results will be. Don’t just type in a phrase into the PCHSearch&Win search bar … type in a descriptive phrase!

Remember, with your first search of the day after logging on, you’ll be entered into the PCH SuperPrize – which is now our $7,000.00 A Week For Life prize event. So, don’t delay … search today … and good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

PS Come back to the blog this afternoon to check out Tina’s calendar listing all the great PCH sweepstakes to enter in November!


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    1. I would like to remind you that a purchase is never necessary to enter or to win. In fact, most of our major prize winners won as a result of a non-order entry. We really mean it when we say that it’s free to enter and free to win. I encourage you to keep trying and don’t give up. There are multiple ways to enter and every entry has the same fair chance of winning. To see them all, click here: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!

  1. Check out everyday the items you sell. Did you ever think about genealogy magazines and etc. and music recordings of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I keep trying for years but someday I am going to win something!

  2. PCHsearch&win yes yes yes on 21/12 my dream could come true because the prize patrol may deliver to me personally a $1Million check. Wow!

  3. Dear Debbie,

    I really would like to thank you for sending me a winning check of $10. Its so amazing how I won something. I have always believed in PCH and one day I will win god willing and help out the poor and my family. Thank you so much truly appreciate it.

    Saheda Akhter <3

  4. Yippie! Hooray!! Yay!!

    I, Shannon Almond, hereby CLAIM and Accept my $50,000.00 VIP Elite Exclusive Award monies from (Giveaway No. 10424).
    Thank you for the winning opportunities.

  5. Thank you for all the Great Tips. I enter everyday. It takes up most of my day, but I enjoy it so much. I want to wish everyone who enters Good Luck, but I want to Win too. I watched some of the videos of the recent winners and their reactions. They seem to be so startled and happy. A dream come true….I’ve been entering since the 70’s through the mail and now on my computer and tablet. I’m hoping someday my turn will come.
    So…Wish Luck to the Lady…
    Thanks again,
    Rosalie Kenyon