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How Can I Get To The Top Of The Token Leaderboard?

Attention All PCH Game Players! Do you ever feel like you play and play and play but can’t get to the top of the Token Leaderboard? Believe me, you’re not alone. That’s why I’m going to give you a few tips on how to earn tokens and help answer the burning question: “How Can I Get to The Top of the Token Leaderboard?”

Being at the top of the Token Leaderboard isn’t just about bragging rights – it’s also about WINNING MONEY! If you’re declared our Daily Token Leader, you can win HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. And if you’re really hungry, and you manage to get to the top every day (by the daily 11:59 PM, ET deadline), just imagine what that could add up to! But first things first – if you want to be at the top of the Token Leaderboard, you’ll need to earn lots of tokens. Here are some tips:

  • Go for BIG Sweepstakes Opportunities: Get 1,000 Tokens for your SuperPrize Entry PLUS 150 Tokens for all additional entries!
  • Play Instant Win Scratch-Offs & Games: Get up to 10,000 Tokens per play!
  • Watch Winning Moments on The Winners Page: Get 100 Tokens per video each day!
  • Unlock The $10,000.00 & $20,000.00 Bonus Games: Get up to 10,000 Tokens per game!

    It’s also important to Elevate Your Status: Make sure you advance to the next level of rewards. Each time you reach a new level, exclusive benefits are unlocked – including MORE TOKENS!

Lastly, DON’T FORGET: You can play all games on both desktop and mobile – hence you can earn tokens all day, every day on any device (so convenient). This will maximize your chances at taking the top spot!

So, there you go – some great tips that help answer the question, “How Can I Get to The Top of the Token Leaderboard?” I hope you picked up a tip or two – and by all means – if you have any thoughts or advice on the topic, please share in the comments section below!

Good luck!!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. I play for years now, every game pch has and I never been on the leaderboard it is appearing like I have zero tokens but in my pch account I have over 11 million?

    1. Hello Wilfred, Thank you for contacting PCH. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical difficulties on our website. Please reach out to our Digital Assistant where representatives are ready to assist with your concern. Please click the link here: for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.