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Hurry! Today Is The Last Day To Enter For $7,000.00 A Week For Life!!!

ATTENTION, PCH FANS! Do you want the opportunity to win a life-changing prize? If your answer is yes, then I have a very important bit of information for you. Today is the LAST DAY to enter for our super-exciting $7,000 A Week For Life prize! That’s right, today is the absolute last chance to get in ALL of your entries before the Prize Patrol hits the road on December 21st. We’re going to take a Special Early Look to see if the matching winning number has been returned – and even if it hasn’t we’ll hold a second chance random drawing from among all timely eligible entries and aware a HUGE guaranteed $1 Million prize to a lucky winner!

Now, the real question is, have you taken advantage of all of the ways that you can enter? If you haven’t already gotten serious about making sure you are getting in all of your entries each and every day, now is the time to buckle down and get moving. Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss out on this life changing opportunity.

So, what if you’ve been entering all along?

Well, first off awesome job, because entering for any of the amazing prizes that Publishers Clearing House has to offer is always super-easy, 100% free and of course fun. You really have no excuses for why you haven’t submitted your entries!

We’ve had such an amazing year of winners here at PCH and it’s not over yet!

In just days we’re going to be adding another winner to our growing circle and it could very well be YOU! Remember, all it takes is one entry and your life could be changed forever. So, don’t miss out. This is your very last chance to enter for $7,000.00 A Week For Life. Time is running out!

It only takes a few minutes, so hope on right now and make sure ALL of your entries are in. A few minutes of time can turn into a life changing moment so don’t delay!

Best Of Luck!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative



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