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Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The _____ Of My Life!

Wouldn’t you love to win a PCH SuperPrize? How do you think you would feel if the Prize Patrol delivered a “Big Check” to your home? We have a few ideas about how you could describe winning a SuperPrize … take a look here! Then, tell us how you would feel if you won PCH Sweepstakes!

“Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The RIDE Of My Life!”
Would winning feel like you’re driving around in a brand new car on a beautiful summer’s day? It could be the ride of your life if you win PCH Sweepstakes!

“Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The EXCITEMENT Of My Life!”
Think about the time in your life when you were the most excited about something … then, imagine winning PCH Sweepstakes! Wouldn’t that be so exciting? It could happen to you!

“Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The THRILL Of My Life!”
What gives you a sense of thrill? For me, it’s watching a really good movie. For you, it could be winning a life-changing prize in the form of a “Big Check”!

“Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The DREAM Of My Life!”
Do you ever have some pretty awesome dreams when you’re asleep at night? Do you ever dream of waking up and having a ton of money? If you do, guess what … you could be living your dream life if you win a “Big Check”!

The best way to ensure that you could experience the best ride, excitement, thrill, and dream of your life is by entering to win PCH Sweepstakes and making sure you’re in to win BIG. We award so many prizes every year, and you could become the winner of one of them… and all it takes is ENTERING… AND IT’S FREE! So, go ahead and grab your shots to win at PCH!

And please, fill in the blank by commenting below: “Winning a PCH SuperPrize Would Be The _ Of My Life!”

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. I am still here and not going anywhere until I can help my church and Family. I have never been there before but I’m not going to quit now. My family never gave up on me and now I know why. I hope that I can help my family and my church.

  2. I want to win PCH! It would be great for my family of 8 children, 23 grandchildren, and 4 great grand children!
    I would love to help them have a wonderful life of things they need! Thank you PCH!

  3. with all the bad luck I have had the last 2 years & deaths in the family, wining PCH would be nice. It would give me a chance to recoup some of the bad unfortunate things in my life and family.

  4. Winning the super prize granted it would become a life changing event. But it would become so much more to my well-being. It would give me a quality life.
    Also Life and Hope for some, for those I could help by given them a hand-up and not a hand-out.