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WOW! Tonight’s Lotto PowerPrize Jackpot is worth over $4.6 MILLION DOLLARS! And just think – TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT that this amazing jackpot drawing will be held – and it all ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. So, if you haven’t claimed your PowerPrize numbers yet…what are you waiting for?

Just go to PCHLotto and the PowerPrize card is right there, waiting to be filled out! Use your favorite “lucky” numbers (Grandma’s birthday, the day you got your dog, your anniversary – you get the idea), or let us make it easy for you. Just hit the “Quick Pick” button and your card will be filled in a flash. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Imagine all of the really amazing things you could do should you be declared the PowerPrize winner! How far could $4,660,194.17 take you? Think about it: you could travel to Italy to see the Sistine Chapel or to Paris to see sunflowers in bloom on a summer’s day. Or, you could finally buy the house of your dreams, pay off all your debt, donate money to your favorite charities, leave a legacy for your family … the possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re a longtime or brand-new player, we want to point out that the PowerPrize Jackpot is the BIGGEST drawing at PCHLotto. It’s bigger than the $2.5 Million MegaPrize and the $1,OOO,OOO Life is Rich prize (and once you’re done claiming your PowerPrize and Power numbers, you should get in to WIN these two other incredible prizes as well).

When you pick your PowerPrize numbers, you’re not only going for millions! Picking your Power number will also get you in to WIN OVER 100 DAILY CASH PRIZES. It’s fast, free, and easy to enter! Play every single day and maybe you’ll land on the List of Winners Page, where more Lotto Winners, Instant Winners, and Power Number Winners are added all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to add your name to the mix?

The hours and minutes are winding down, so don’t wait another second! Go right to PCHLotto to claim your PowerPrize numbers and your Power number (this is something you should do every single day so that you get in to win the jackpot each week!) But most of all, if you haven’t done so yet, claim your numbers NOW – before the 4.6+ MILLION DOLLAR JACKPOT deadline passes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

When you’re through with all of today’s fun at PCHlotto, don’t forget: there are so many other great ways to get in to WIN at PCH! Dedicated PCH fans know to enter every day and every way, play games as often as possible, get your news and entertainment at PCHfrontpage and enjoy PCHkeno where you can shoot for big cash prizes. It’s so easy – and PCH is always FREE to enter and FREE to WIN!

Good luck,

Maria S.
PCH Creative

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  1. I want to claim my power prize also twice cause I really really did get them correct I believe I was first
    number 19 and next was 18.did I win the jackpot or no.