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Hi Everybody. I hope everyone is healthy and safe, tucked away in their homes. These are some crazy times – we can’t ignore it – and the days may not always seem so happy. But here’s one light at the end of the tunnel. It’s is the PCHRewards Token Prize Disbursement Event. Win today for a brighter tomorrow!

We could all use a little something to look forward to, right? In the PCHRewards Token Prize Disbursement event, over $20,000.00 in Event-Exclusive prizes are Guaranteed to be Awarded! More so, there will be more than 300 Winners! Now that’s great news.

More amazing news – prizes include CASH Gift Cards, big retailer Gift Cards such as Walmart®, Target®, and,® and more! I bet all of those can come in pretty handy right about now.

Here’s how it works. From 4/11 – 4/22, we’ll be encouraging our fans across multiple PCH properties to play some new Event-Exclusive Scratch-Cards (shown above) to earn as many tokens as possible. Then we’re sending them to the PCHRewards Token Exchange where they can trade those tokens for entries to win some awesome Event-Exclusive Prizes!

So, what do ya say? Give it a whirl. Keep an eye out in your emails and all over PCH. com for those scratch cards, and then head over to the PCHRewards Token Exchange to get your entries in. Who knows? With the PCHRewards Prize Disbursement event, you might win today and have a brighter tomorrow! Best of luck, stay safe, and let’s all keep our heads up.

Tina P.
Online Creative

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  1. $5 a Week for life gwy #19500 bonus entries gwy no. 19500 ready for release to winners Selection 12/30/ 2023 special Early look Event/which I thank I’m fully eligible to claim all my entries for this Prize Giveaway.

  2. PCH: disbursement account #$$$$$$:
    By executive order, of payments authorized for SuperPrize assigned prize numbers fully eligible 10/28/2022 – 12/28/2022, fully eligible through the timeframe.
    $5,000 a week for life gwy. #19500, bonus entries gwy. #19500, ready for release to winners selection.
    12/30/2022, Special Early look event.
    (Name) Juan M$$$$$$
    (address) $$$ $$$$$ St. S$$$$$$ TX $$$$$