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Time Is Running Out for the Lotto “Set for Life” Prize!

Greetings, fans and friends,

How would you like to be set for life?

That’s right … set for life. No worries about how to pay the rent, how to deal with those mounting bills, how to take care of your family’s everyday needs. And maybe have a little extra spending money on the side for a festive meal, a special birthday present for a loved one, or a much-needed trip to the mountains because sitting at home watching nature shows just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It’s totally possible, friends … because PCHlotto is getting ready to award $500.00 A Week For Life from its Set For Life scratch card, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! But time is running out! The last day to enter is May 27th and the award date is May 30th! That leaves you with only a few more days to head over to PCHlotto to play your Set For Life card!

By entering to win this FREE contest there’s nothing to lose and so much you could gain: You could win $500.00 A Week For Life or take a $1 Million prize! You could also win up to $10,000.00 instantly! Even more exciting is that a winner is guaranteed! Need I say more!

Again, the last date to enter to win this fabulous fortune is May 27th, which is right around the corner! So, get ready … because you could become “Set for Life” in just days, thanks to PCHlotto!

Thank you, all, for making PCH part of your day! As always, please stay happy, healthy and safe!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative


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